Chris Johnson works out at Titans facility

nfl_johnson.jpgAfter boycotting all offseason workouts in Tennessee for the entire 2010 offseason, a league source tells us that running back Chris Johnson was spotted twice this past week working out at the team’s facility.

We’re told that Johnson was in town for a marketing event.  Despite his decision to boycott all offseason workouts and practices, he has full access to the team’s weight room and other fitness facilities.

The meaning, if any, of Johnson’s presence at the team’s facility isn’t currently known. 

Johnson has three years left on his rookie contract.  Due to earn a base salary of only $550,000 in 2010, he has said that he can’t play for that amount.

It’s widely believed that he’ll report to the team no later than August 10, since failure to do so would prevent him from earning a year of credit toward free agency.

8 responses to “Chris Johnson works out at Titans facility

  1. Very simple. Chris Johnson is on a personal workout schedule. Today was a weight lifting day. Why should he pay money to weightlift at an unknown quality strange facility with possibly unfamiliar machines along with a bevy of gawkers, when the team has a great facility that has exactly the machines he is used to using and wants to use and is free for him and is private.
    This is a no-brainer. Nothing more than that. Don’t make more of it than it is.

  2. Look at the size of that boy’s head! How does he move so fast with a pumpkin like that?

  3. I’d like to know what incentives were included in his contract. Clearly he is worth more than $550,000, but he had to have some performance based incentives…

  4. I very rarely support the player in contract disputes….. but Johnson has earned a raise. The Titans need to give him a band-aid contract like the Eagles did for Kolb and get this get kid back in the fold.

  5. Just give him a raise already to make him happy, he’s clearly earned it. He’s one of the best players in the league. They don’t have to give him some giant extension, but I’m sure they could get him into camp if they at least up his salary. He’s getting paid much less than many teams backup running backs and he’s going to be expected to touch the ball 300+ times this season, at least if the Titans want to win some football games.
    Most of the time players that hold out are just greedy but I’m on CJ’s side on this one. One injury could end his career and he needs to do what he’s got to do to get some financial security for himself and his family. Hell Mike Vick is going to make 10x what CJ would make this year and that is a damn shame.

  6. I think PriorKnowledge nailed it. Why go to a nasty smelling public club and chip off a chunk of that paltry salary when the Titans have the best equipment in town?

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