NFL makes LenDale White suspension official

‘Tis the season for NFL suspensions.

The league made official on Thursday what was reported more than a month ago by Jason La Canfora of NFL Network.  Free agent running back LenDale White will miss the first four games of the season for violating the NFL Substance Abuse Policy. 

White could wind up missing a lot more than four games.  He seems to understand that he may not get another chance in the league anytime soon.

“My hope is to keep playing in the NFL, but I know now nothing is
,” White said last month while trashing his ex-coach Pete Carroll.  (That won’t help matters.)

Unless a desperate team needs a midseason pickup because of injuries, we suspect White won’t get his next chance until 2011.

16 responses to “NFL makes LenDale White suspension official

  1. I liked LenDale a lot better when he used his mouth for eating, not talking.

  2. Shit, I’d take him on the Broncos… He’d be better than No-show Moreno and a maybe kind of ok sidekick for the aging Buckhalter that can’t take every snap when No-show folds.

  3. Hey Lendale. There are no free rides in the NFL. Your not in college anymore. Start working your ass off if you want to be an NFL player.

  4. I agree with SATAN (which is not something I say often) in thinking LenDale might be nice up in Denver, but I think calling Moreno “No-show” is a bit of a stretch. Kid did fine for his rookie outing, will only improve. Still, Moreno, Buckhalter, and Smith are not really known for their ability to crush the goal line. Someone like White wouldn’t be a bad fit… might be a good or bad considering his Colorado history too.

  5. “No-show”? Moreno led rookie running backs in every single category last season, and finished second in OROTY balloting. What does that make every other rookie except Percy Harvin?

  6. Life is still sucking out loud since you stepped all over that Terrible Towel…… You thought you were the man that day stopping on a towel that raises money for autistic children…… You than man LenDale… or is that you the mammal Len Whale… Even Cowher thought you were a load… have fun smokin your indo and watching the NFL with the rest of us… what a jack ass

  7. He had to take those banned substances in order to fend off Roethlisberger when he fancied a large booty.

  8. @Kaplin: My sentiments exactly.. Step on the Terrible Towel, see what happens? He’s a piece of trash anyway. Remember when TJ Douchemanzedeh did it? Now he’s rotting away biatching and complaining in Seattle, NOT being a number 1 reciever.
    Who’s next?

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