The other Steve Smith makes a bad decision, Facebook style

Last week, Panthers receiver Steve Smith made a bad decision to play flag football with adults.

This week, Giants receiver Steve Smith made a bad decision to play funny man regarding adultery.

In the wake of news that Tiger Woods will pay his ex-wife hundreds of millions in a divorce settlement, Smith (the New York one) had this to say on his Facebook page:  “Big up to Tigers wife all she had to do is open her legs and say ‘I Do’ and now she’s one of the richest people in the world lol.”

For starters, his comment isn’t humorous.  The bigger problem?  Smith is suggesting that she somehow trapped Tiger in the hopes of cashing in.  But she’s not the one who repeatedly and brazenly violated the marital vows; he did.

Tiger’s not the victim here.  If he didn’t think he could honor his promises to his wife, he never should have gotten married.  Especially when he knew that failure to do so would result in giving her a large chunk of his financial empire.

UPDATE: Smith has since deleted the post and wants to change the subject: “I was just joking around jeeeez!! whats everyone doin for the 4th??” 

159 responses to “The other Steve Smith makes a bad decision, Facebook style

  1. I’d be willing to bet that she got $10 million for the emotional heartache, $50 million or so to take care of the kids, and the other $690 million for treatment for the litany of STDs she now has.

  2. Athletes should be seen, not heard (or read).
    Turns out Tiger was taking hGH the whole time too — cheating on his wife and sport all at the same time. What a complete embarrassment…

  3. Really!!!!!!! C’MON mofos do worst than what he wrote and its NEWS!!!!

    Literally nobody cares. A lot of people do it, a lot of people have done it and guess what? A lot of people will do it.
    Get over it. They have.

  5. Awesome, a lecture on marital fidelity! PFT is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for all my personal development needs.

  6. Florio, did you write this article for the sole purpose of giving us your opinion of Tiger Woods on a football website?

  7. i do find it funny…stop being a little b!tch Florio…he can say what he wants…who doesnt cheat on their wives and vice versa these days

  8. Classless. I’ve lost a lot of respect for him. He was one of the “good” guys in the league. He shows his true colors with this comment.
    – Shamed Giants Fan

  9. The Best Comedy comes from the worst tragedy.
    Funnny joke by Smith, but it’s true.
    I can’t wait to see Laron Landry level this smurf tho.

  10. Wow, stupid to say in a public forum, brazenly idiotic move. That said, it’s ridiculous to make a big deal of that, so he’s a big mouth dummy, he’s in great company in the NFL.

  11. his comment may not be humorous but its true. she doesnt really deserve a dime. how many majors has she won?

  12. i love this new site…
    now get out there folks and repent.

  13. Well, that was quick. It has been deleted. Next, Steve Smith will say that his account was hacked.

  14. Florio, leave your personal comments to yourself you douchebag…nobody cares what you think or about your own personal morals…what an idiot…

  15. At least Tiger Woods was man enough and moral enough to marry his woman…unlike the Antonio Cromartie’s and Steve Snith’s of the NFL who just make illegitimate babies and see nothing wrong with that.
    Must be a “ethnic” thing.

  16. Um.. i think every other guy in the world has said this exact same thing, other then you that is, Florio.

  17. It’s money to keep her trap shut. Now that’s highly ethical on her part isn’t it Florio??

  18. No piece of ass is worth that much money. Tiger is stupid..With that said, she does not deserve all that money. I do think the comment was funny, have been reading comments like that all day on twitter

  19. Slow week in the NFL. At what point does the Carolina Steve Smith become “The other Steve Smith”. The Steve Smith mentioned in this article is an up and coming WR coming off of a Pro Bowl season. Carolina’s Steve Smith is on the downside of his career, though still a good player. good God that was confusing to type….

  20. how is this relevant to football?
    oh i’m sorry, i forgot i was on
    they’re called jokes – if you can make ’em at Tiger’s expense, I think the $750 million the scorned bride will receive buys her the ability to shrug off any jokes

  21. I thought it was kinda funny!!!! U honestly think that if he was tiger woods “the Mechanic” or Tiger Woods “the postman” or Tiger woods “the construction worker” that this broad would’ve given him the time of day???????? Cmon now, what Tiger did was moraly wrong but what females do on a daily basis for $$$ that society has deemed “ok” because of how they look is just as bad… Im with ya Tiger and i Hear ya “Other” Steve Smith! p.s. TWO DAT!

  22. I love how sanctimonious Florio gets sometimes.
    While Tiger is an idiot for doing what he did, there is no way in he!! she deserves 750M.

  23. I’m with Steve Smith on this one. First of all, what kind of a wife is unaware that her husband cheated on her with at least 17 women? Are you kidding me? She turned a blind eye to this until she either had admissible evidence or it went public and she was embarrassed by the public humiliation. I don’t care what a husband does to his wife, there is no woman in this world that deserves $750 million in a divorce settlement. None. Not one.

  24. This is PFT “reporting” at it’s best. Notice how no sources are given or how it’s not some players regeritated twitter feed.
    Florio didn’t cut-n-paste or playdurise anyone else’s work and this is the content you get.
    Facebook updates
    Why is Florio facebook stalking another grown man, anyhow?

  25. How dare he have an opinion? He never said she trapped him, just that she did nothing and made a fortune. I think it points more to the faults of the system than to Elin/Tiger.
    How is one marriage worth $70M? How is one child worth $25M in child support, yet another is worth $80 a week? The system is flawed.

  26. And what’s inaccurate about the nanny? Love it when lawyer Florio goes all righteous on this gossip site. You do know Mike that your sky daddy abhors gossip right?

  27. that comment was hilarious cause its true sometimes people dont like hearing the truth but his comment was funny… the male to female ratio is 5:1 meaning for every 1 male there are 5 women worth marrying.. its up to us men to figure out which one is right for us but it is easy to be manipulated… im not taking tigers side or any sides but do any of you know what she did to get tiger to that point.. what did she do to make him happy? pop out a couple of kids sit around and complain.. she dosent deserve all that money the kids do

  28. Really? Who cares?! He can write whatever he wants. While you may not agree with him, that doesn’t make it a “bad decision.”

  29. jknock625 says:
    July 1, 2010 4:29 PM
    So it’s come to this, eh Mike? Damn it must be a slow day.
    Or maybe this is what he has to do to get some extra lovin’ from Mrs. Florio?

  30. who is the idiot….good guys. yeah hes pretty good at sucker punching teammates. I find his post very funnyand true

  31. She’s gotta be happier than a pig in mud. She didn’t like giving Tiger golden showers so he went elsewhere to find them.

  32. Every marriage has its problems and yeah a few affairs as well, but Tiger got to the point it was just embarassing. I know he’s Tiger, but wow, save some for later.

  33. I’ve never been a huge fan, Florio, but you just earned a lot of respect from me for this post. As a GIANTS fan, I’m embarrassed by what Steve Smith said. I would have expected a lot more than that sort of regressive thinking from him, so I’m definitely disappointed.
    Thanks for contributing this, sir.

  34. Get off your moral high horse, Florio. A $750 mil. divorce settlement is absurd!! I don’t care what he did. Maybe she didn’t marry him to cash in but she sure as hell did when the chance came.
    What are her monthly expenses? Cleaning up the Gulf Oil Spill and financing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? He could have went OJ on her and a jury probably wouldn’t have awarded her family that much in a wrongful death suit.
    This settlement is an f***ing joke. I’m with Steve Smith on this one.

  35. I agree with Florio’s comments, but I think he misses Steve Smith’s comment.
    It is ridiculous that she can get 3/4 of a billion dollars for divorcing him.
    She didn’t earn any of it. I think she should get SOME, but cap it at $10 million or something. Current laws make it a money grab for women to marry rich men whether they really love them or not.

  36. i can’t believe your reporting on what players say on Facebook….with all the FB and Twitter coverage you have, you should prolly just hire some 11 yr old girls to do your jobs

  37. Thanks for being the morality police. Maybe you and my mom could team up and write a post about what a sin it is for my fiance and I to be living together.

  38. A lot of these athletes have a hard [no pun intended] time keeping it in their pants.
    Anyone who doesn’t get a pre-nup is his own worst enemy.
    And if Tiger isn’t smart enough to do it, what the hell chance do these NFL Einsteins have?

  39. I agree with you Florio that Tiger is not the victim, but she doesn’t deserve even close to that. She didn’t make him what he is, but now he made her what she is. My friends wife was cheating on him, but because of Pennsylvania law, she’s the one who is going to make out. It’s pathetic that the law sees women as being so entitled. I mean really, her and the kids couldn’t have lived off of $50 Million?

  40. He’s not suggesting he’s stating a fact. She married Tiger, had 2 kids and got $750 mil plus a $80 mil house for being cheated on. I’d say she came out ahead in this deal, agreed?

  41. I’m appalled to think that Steve smith thinks that a woman would “open her legs and say I do” just for financial security.

  42. Wow, what a joke of a story. Glad to know your opinion Florio. 750mil is outrageous!!

  43. How much more money did he make with a marketable wife and kids? You can bet it was TONS. She isn’t getting the cash simply for punitive reasons, she’s getting cash that Tiger earned while selling himself as a family man and providing the occasional picture of her and her children.

  44. COOL STORY BRO! I wish I could get paid to quote athletes. I guess Kawika Mitchell’s KY comment on twitter will be the next article you write. Why dont you report on something worth reporting on? OH and for the poor redskin fan who made the Laron Landry comment, Brandon Jacobs still has a piece of Landry’s shoulder stuck in his pads from when he leveled him. Women get cheated on daily as do men, it doesnt warrant a $750 million settlement. The funny thing is what Smith said is 100% TRUE wether he was joking or not.

  45. I think the comment is great and Florio need to get the stick removed. When all is said an done i’m sure tons of ladies would trade spots with her.

  46. i actually found that funny. yeah tiger’s not the victim of adultery, but he is a victim of a broken system. she definitely doesnt deserve 750 mill. no man/woman in a marriage gone wrong does, unless he/she makes it him/herself.

  47. He’s spot on…..I’m sure she’ll be using hundred dollar bills to dry her crying eye. I’m sure she’s a wreck. Stupid adultery.

  48. how f’in noble of you florio? Yes she deserves all that money for being cheated on…

  49. This section is called….
    “News & Rumors”
    Why does this count as news exactly? Florio seems to be grasping at straws yet again.

  50. not only is it hilarious, but its also true
    shes rich ONLY because she spread her legs for Tiger Woods…if she spread her legs for you Florio, she’d be a broke inbred

  51. So… a website that features a police blotter on the home page is surprised that some players are morons? Look, unless this is going to stop him from catching balls, I don’t see how him being a dick makes a lick of difference.

  52. Florio-
    I think you are looking at it from the wrong perspective. I don’t think he’s saying that Tiger is the victim, I think he’s more or less commenting on the fact that she’s about to become one of the richest women in the world for basically getting married to a sleezebag.

  53. Damn there is a lot of chest thumping and knuckle dragging in these post. Good job Florio someone needs to stand up for women in these situations. Guys what if it was your mom or better yet your daugher. Tiger entered into a contract the day he married her so honor your contract and for once in your life be a man. As for Smith’s comments what do you expect from the B1tches and Ho’s culture that is on the rise. Here’s the question though ask Smith what if she was your mom bet his response would be different.

  54. What Steve Smith wrote is definitely funny. Maybe a little more reporting and a little less editorializing PFT?

  55. Dockett is going on a rant over this too on his Twitter page:
    She not even worth 700millon, damn tiger if that was me she wouldn’t have gotten that!! She didn’t do nothing to help him get 1dollar!

  56. Just more proof that Facebook is full of idiots. Thanks Steve Smith Lite

  57. Florio, give us something substantial about football! I don’t care what Steve Smith said on HIS Facebook. He is entitled to his opinion. Are you his FB friend? If so, you won’t be for long.
    Seriously, when I first started reading your site 6 yrs ago; it was decent. You gave good opinions, and you usually beat Mort or Schefter to the the latest breaking news, because you had some inside resources. Now you just reword every other journalists story; something I just read on ESPN or Or maybe it’s just you have pissed off so many people, your resources don’t tell you anything anymore? Your blog is going downhill slowly. Let Rosenthal or MDS do the journalistic work. Go back to being a lawyer; if your any good!

  58. I agree that the comment is a little over the line, especially when SS 2.0 has a lot of young fans and followers on his fb/twitter accounts.
    My bigger problem is Florio using his site to provide judgement on anything humorous. You have the worst jokes and humor of any blogger I’ve ever read. I respect your reporting and legal opinion on many of the player/league issues…but let’s be honest…your jokes suck.

  59. You do realize that tiger’s ex was wealthy before he met her? She was a top European model. Tiger is an idiot for cheating on her, not her for not knowing.
    As Gary Busey said in DC Cab, “Divorce isn’t fair. She get’s half the money, and all the pussy.”

  60. Wow, I just posted the truth, but it has to be reviewed by Florio before it can be posted. Florio couldn’t handle the truth of my opinion.

  61. If microsoft informed bill gates that all money left in his office overnight was fair game and then he proceeds to leave his office unlocked and put an ad in the paper announcing it. Not only do i not feel sorry for gates for losing 1 hundred million I would laugh about it.
    Basically thats what happened to woods.

  62. Florio must have a story quota that he has to deliver daily for NBC. Leave it to PFT to make non-stories seem somehow relevant. Can’t wait to see the “Final word on the Steve Smith story” headline. I wish there was a rolls eyes icon on here.

  63. Typical BS reporting by this site. There are only rumors – not news – of a divorce settlelment.

  64. Get your panties out of a bunch…no one cares what Steve Smith Jr. thinks. Get over your righteous indignation…

  65. Stop the PC stuff, Florio. Are you trying to get on the good side of the Mrs?

  66. i thought that was absolutely hilarious. you guys should take the stick out of you know where

  67. I thought it was crude, but funny. I think Florio needs to get off the pulpit.

  68. Steve Smith wrote that (which was funny btw) like a no-name third string receiver. Things are different now as a Pro-bowler. Surprised he doesn’t understand that.

  69. There’s another Steve Smith?
    What’s it say about your playing career when this tweet is the only reason why we know you’re in the league.

  70. lol i think the facebook comments were pretty funny actually. and even if it wasnt funny my god who cares its a dumb comment. no reason to make a big deal out if nothing

  71. I normally love your humor Florio and the fact that you are such a big advocate of Seinfeld and The Office adds to my appreciation of your writing and humor,
    Getting all righteous on SS’s sarcastic humor, GMAFB!
    You must have been stored away in WV for too long, because the concept of sarcasm surely hasn’t reached your neck of the woods.
    On that note,
    What is the difference between Santa and Tiger Woods?
    Santa stops a three “Ho’s”

  72. @ Erikinhell
    I guess European models aren’t makin as much as they used to considering she was a NANNY when Tiger met her. Tiger is being punished for cheating on his white wife. If she was black she would not have gotten 100 mill.
    I hate this country.

  73. Steve Smith’s both funny and correct. Adultery has a pricetag, like EVERYTHING, and it’s much less than $750 million, especially when Elin had no hand in earning any of it. Tiger’s mistake wasn’t just cheating–it was not signing a pre-nup.

  74. I like Florio, but geez – who cares! Everyone I know makes jokes about Tiger Woods. And it’s hard to feel sorry for anyone who gets paid $750M for doing absolutely nothing (except what Smith said she did, which is accurate).

  75. steve smith is a hater. id bet he take it up the a$$ from tiger for $750mil. once a f@g, always a f@g = typical NY giants.

  76. Pretty ignorant thing to say. I’m sure he would be pretty upset if he came home and saw the woman he loves getting plowed through by a bunch of dudes.
    Tiger is the biggest idiot on the planet. He gave up half of his empire for some bar whores and his kids will probably hate him now too. That sucks for him because now they don’t even have to suck up to him to get their inheritance, their mom has them all taken care of.
    Tiger could have stayed single and had as many bitches as he wanted, but he chose to get married and then brought kids into the world. He has a responsibility to them and he blew it. I don’t feel sorry for him at all.

  77. See a fool, use a fool! I don’t feel sorry for Tiger…….sucka for love!!

  78. I thought it was funny, and would have said the same on my own FB. Dont try to pretend this isnt watercooler talk , cause it is.

  79. It’s very simple sow your wild oats,then get married….another dumb ass jock who got it backwards!!

  80. thats pretty funny, u sound like a feminist in menapause, lighten up would ya?

  81. he knew it could happen. or should have. who cares if she was already rich. he could have stayed single. the same people who make excuses for vick make excuses for tigger… and the other steve smith.
    she put up with him till it became too bloody obvious. the media and pga covered for his ass. especially the media.
    especially the media. they always cover for the duskies. till it just cant be done anymore. witness… the media’s slobbering love affair with osamabama.
    of course, there were strippers etc who wouldnt be with him. they said he was ugly. i think most women would agree.
    the only women who want to go with tigger are in it for the money. he was foolish enough to not realize that.

  82. The comment was extremely funny.
    Elin has some serious dirt on Tiger. She had a prenup that entitled her to only $5 million. Yet when she asked for almost a billion, he couldn’t agree fast enough, providing she does not tell her story or write a book. That is some serious dirt. $745 million dirt.
    I wonder is she gets one of those giant fake cardboard checks like the golfers get when they win.

  83. Florio – do you have b@lls?? I mean, what man thinks any divorce is worth 750 M???
    Steve Smith was right. You can’t relate since no women would ever touch you.

  84. coach is on to it.
    he paid up because she confronted him with lots of info. she had investigators and lawyers do a lot of homework.
    he wouldnt have known cause he was too busy horndogging to realize how she was spending money. hell he’s lucky she let him live. or maybe not.
    if he isnt “ruined” yet… she could have made sure of it.
    she probly has audio (and video) tapes of all kinds of stuff he said or did.
    enough stuff to chase off all remaining tigger golf fans. and dent the crap out of some other golden calves.
    think about it. just become some of yall dont have any standards doesnt mean some others (who have $) also dont have any standards.

  85. How stupid can you (journalists) be? In the US, we have liberty of speech, Smith used this liberty, period.
    He, and all other football players are human, and humans do human things. He is not a slave of Goodell and his policy.

  86. I initially thought it would be a great thing if some of the real men on here gave their sign-on to their girlfriends or wives, just so the females in their lives could read for themselves how little some of you think of them. Then again, I feel fairly positive that some of you haven’t ever met a woman, let alone managed to attract one.
    I’m sure any woman involved with Smith was less than amused by his comments.
    In the meantime, brainiacs, Woods had a pre-nup. You might want to consider the fact Nordegren walked away with full custody of both kids, too. It begs the question: What’s he hiding? If her condition for receiving a staggering payout and custody of both kids is that she will be silent on what she knows about him, it must be incredibly damaging.
    It’s a matter of time before the other shoe drops.

  87. # burntorangehorn says: July 1, 2010 4:25 PM
    Awesome, a lecture on marital fidelity! PFT is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for all my personal development needs.
    Best comment.

  88. This is ridiculous!!! Facebook is for people to have fun not be taken seriously…
    He was obviously joking and is disturbed as I am that she gets millions of dollars in a divorce where she did nothing!!!! Don’t give me the raising the kids crap either… She is on record of having numerous Nannies take care of the kids while she shopped!!!!
    Tiger’s the best thing ever to happen to her, and she was deep inside waiting for this to happen. Now she can have her freedom with all that cash!!! Most to ALL men who are rich and powerful cheat… you know that going into the marriage unless your a very gullible person!!!

  89. By taking hundreds of millions of dollars that she did nothing to earn simply because she happened to be married to Tiger, she is proving that she is in fact no better than he is.

  90. There is nothing wrong with Steve Smith making dumb comments on his Facebook.
    However the fact that so many of you find what he says humorous just confirms A) what lame, hack material passes for comedy these days and B) that you all need to get out more.
    Bravo Leno fans. Way to continue to make the rest of us face palm in embarrassment.

  91. “For starters, his comment isn’t humorous. ”
    Wrong. Hysterical
    “The bigger problem? Smith is suggesting that she somehow trapped Tiger in the hopes of cashing in.”
    Um, no. He’s suggesting that she didn’t earn the damn money – he did. Cheater or not, he’s the one who EARNED the money. She got her money for ‘Opening her legs and saying I do’.

  92. @AlwaysSunnyinPhilthadelphia
    I hate to make you look stupid (secretly I love it) but $750 million is not 3/4 of a billion. A billion is a thousand million dollars. So, 750 million is not even close to a billion. Do you understand how that works?
    If you get married, don’t plan on cheating. I don’t feel sorry for anyone who cheats on their spouse and has to pay up when they get caught. If you don’t want to pay up don’t cheat. If you want to sleep with other woman, get a divorce. There is no gray area.

  93. I hate to make you look stupid (secretly I love it) but $750 million is not 3/4 of a billion. A billion is a thousand million dollars. So, 750 million is not even close to a billion. Do you understand how that works?
    So if a billion is 1,000 million dollars (that’s what you said, right?) and 750 million dollars is not 3/4 of 1,000 million dollars (that’s what you said, right?) — then what is 750 into 1000 ?

  94. what in the hell Bobby?
    class sucks, you really need to go back to school. 750 mil is exactly 3/4 (or 75%) of a billion dollars(1000 mil). wow, you still don’t understand do you?

  95. this class sucks says: July 1, 2010 9:25 PM
    @AlwaysSunnyinPhi lthadelphia
    I hate to make you look stupid (secretly I love it) but $750 million is not 3/4 of a billion. A billion is a thousand million dollars. So, 750 million is not even close to a billion. Do you understand how that works?
    Ummm…what? No, seriously…what? I don’t do drugs and I only drink on the weekends, so unless I was taught math by Brad Childress, I’m gonna need help interpreting your mathematical skills. And please…show your work.

  96. How could anyone claim his joke isn’t humorous? By doing so, you refuse to accept the following:
    1) That gold-digging spouses exist
    2) That Tiger Woods’s spouse was NOT a gold-digger
    The joke is calling her a gold-digger, ironically. This is a pretty basic premise. It still manages to be funny because of Smith’s word choice immediately after it.
    Maybe those individuals in the family wouldn’t find it funny, but that’s because it’s mocking something that happened to their family in a way that isn’t meant to be derogatory towards anyone but Tiger Woods, who is, in fact, the person who brought the trouble on the family in the first place.

  97. All she had to do is open her legs & say I do & then find out Tiger was boning porn stars with no condom. Not to mention all the hookers & Denny’s waitresses.
    Why did he marry her then Smith? That’s Tiger’s mistake you ignant clown.

  98. this class sucks says:
    July 1, 2010 9:25 PM
    I think he was refering to math class when picking his name

  99. this class sucks says: July 1, 2010 9:25 PM
    @AlwaysSunnyinPhi lthadelphia
    I hate to make you look stupid (secretly I love it) but $750 million is not 3/4 of a billion. A billion is a thousand million dollars. So, 750 million is not even close to a billion. Do you understand how that works?
    Ummm…what? No, seriously…what? I don’t do drugs and I only drink on the weekends, so unless I was taught math by Brad Childress, I’m gonna need help interpreting your mathematical skills. And please…show your work.

  100. Thank you Mr. Florio,
    I can not believe there have been so many bad responses. I have enjoyed your site now for many years (and will be purchasing your magazine shortly to show my support). I am very grateful that you have stated some good moral standards, and have highly recommended your site to others. After this article, I will continue to do the same. I appreciate that you try to keep back the bad language as well (since I also have a few youngsters that I am trying to teach about life, and football). Thank you again, and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  101. This Class Sucks should take the next short bus back to school, and this time stay awake in math class…. Seriously man, are you retarded? I hope that after that comment you either never post again or change your name..

  102. It was a stupid joke, but of course he can post what he wants, just like Florio can on his own website. I just recently joined facebook myself, and am appalled at some of the things people post. Doesn’t anyone realize that prospective employers look at these things? Just because people have a forum doesn’t always mean that people should say anything. I like to post opinions in response to articles here, but at least it purposeful. This site has become pretty condescending since NBC bought it. I would like you to bring back the rating system, Florio.

  103. Wow! I actually thought it was pretty funny, and when did it become a problem for a guy to make a joke about a money-grubbing woman? Do we all really think she needs $750 million? Did she do anything except spread her legs to get the $750 million? Give me a break Florio…maybe she would have made millions had she continued her career as a nanny? Please remove the stick from your ass…it’s not like the guy killed dogs or anything.

  104. Florio is trying to hook up with Elin. Then when she cheats on him he can get a piece of that pie.

  105. Florio-is-a-tool: Thank you, pertinent, right on and I will be using the “sky daddy” reference as much as possible. Love the hypocrisy that typically comes with claiming to be the morality police.

  106. Are you guys stupid? 750 million is not 3/4 of a million morons. My god you guys are dumb.
    I don’t see how you guys are ripping this woman for being cheated on? Obviously she is getting paid a lot but who had the power to prevent it? Florio is a certainly a tool, and loves to be holier than thou, but that doesn’t mean he is wrong about everything. Maybe this woman doesn’t deserve to get that much money, but you can’t tell me Tiger doesn’t deserve to lose that much.

  107. Why don’t you stop pretending like Tiger Woods isn’t awesome for what he did? Any man put in the situation to have sex with many different hot girls definately would.

  108. Definetely not a equitable solution for the dissolution of a marriage. System is definetly broke.
    How much was brought in, earned, developed, and lifestyle change should be weighed but $750m b/c you basically slept, hung out and had kids is insane.
    I bet the other 35+ women or whatever feel cheated.
    Settlement was probably $250m for the divorce and $500m for the HUSH on what she knows………
    Florio who should have handled it……nice commish on that one. Shut down the site call it a day…………

  109. Good lord. Big effin’ deal. This isn’t even a story worth posting, but of course this overly-sensitive, uptight, and poltically correct era has coerced Florio into bringing this up. I’ve heard worse things said from Jerry Jones.

  110. BTW, this class sucks said:
    this class sucks says: July 1, 2010 9:25 PM
    @AlwaysSunnyinPhi lthadelphia
    I hate to make you look stupid (secretly I love it) but $750 million is not 3/4 of a billion. A billion is a thousand million dollars. So, 750 million is not even close to a billion. Do you understand how that works?
    ——————– ———-
    this class sucks,
    Say it with me “$2.50 for fries and shake + $5.00 for big burger out of $10 is “beep” “beep”,
    Class says”damn my machine don’t work”, “how much do I give you?”
    Drive-thru customer says “that would be $2.50”
    or how about this how much is $.25 + $.25 + $.25 + $.25? Thats right a $1.00.
    How much is 2 $.25? That’s right 1/2 or $.50…ot of $1.00………………..Class? Class? How much is $.75?

  111. this class sucks says:
    July 2, 2010 10:18 AM
    Are you guys stupid? 750 million is not 3/4 of a million morons. My god you guys are dumb.
    Raise your hand before you write and wait to be called on………..Please don’t blurt out you’ll ruin the others………
    In other news…….prenup was allegedly $80m……so $670m to not write a book……(extortion is right), As long as he takes care of the kids ($80 should do it) or has interaction then he can up it….maybe.
    So revenge and tell all is better than cheating? He obviously has a problem (s) to go along with his fame and fortune……The 000’s make it a story.
    Tiger decision should have been “Write the book bitch……..” “I get half of the proceeds if you sell it before…….let’s say 30 years………..bout time you worked….

  112. Ok, you guys clearly don’t understand math.
    Back to the “story,” if you guys think her “extorting” money from him is worse than cheating than all hope is lost. The prenup was $80 million (according to previous commenter). If she had cheated on him and he said “you get nothing, and if you sue I will tell everyone the worst things about you” would you guys say he is extorting money from her? You guys are ridiculous, if Tiger has done something so stupid that he is willing to pay that much for her not to tell, I would say the onus is still on himself for being in that position.

  113. AlwaysSunnyinPhilthadelphia says:
    July 1, 2010 10:35 PM
    Next time you want to try me look stupid, try not to be such a dumbass.
    Read that back to yourself.
    @this class sucks
    You should have been making fun of his grammar, not his math skills.

  114. This class sucks,
    I don’t understand your math. No child left behind I guess……..that’s another discussion.
    Everyone has a different opinion on the divorce and who did what. He basically did adultery (many, many times alledgedly) I would think most would agree on that. However loose your definition of a marriage is.
    She wants to use revenge (not to mention assault or did everyone forget that part already……..alledgedly.) to get back at him and hurt his wallet at the same time. He doesn’t want to hurt his rep anymore.
    She doesn’t deserve more than the prenup, a legal document. Using revenge and/or extortmant in order to secure more $$$ is no better/no worse than his adultery ( she is doing it in multiples…..maybe $20m an occurance)…
    Class? Wakeup? okay , so $670m divided by, let’s say $20m……$750m-$80m… roughly 33 1/2 women………
    So once again:
    $1.00 is to $.75 as $1.0B or ($1,000,000,000) is to $750M or ($750,000,000) or if you remove those pesky 0’s it would be $750m OVER $1,000m (expressed wrong, you’re 1,000 million comment…not even a real mathematical stament….it’s like a google billion……)/$1B or 75% (percentage) or as expressed as a fraction as 3/4ths. or 6/8ths or 9/12ths………..or more importantly……….
    R U there?
    ” Those would be the number of the slices of pizza you will be deliverying (12/12ths of a large you eat 3/12ths which is what % left?), after testing 25% of the pizza on the way to the customers address”….make sure you give them cheese and peppers…………

  115. @ toe to toe bird law,
    grammer smammer……..its a blog comment page……you can use some shakespeare (hence) , text (omg), correct sentence with proper structure, tweets with no structure………… can even go pager…… got his point.
    So we now have :
    thisclassucks…….math wizard.
    Always sunny…according to T2TBird as english deficient………..Are we supposed to check spelling too?
    Now accepting applications for an editor for my blog comments apply at………

  116. moolah954 says:
    July 1, 2010 4:34 PM
    ABBREVIATED… the male to female ratio is 5:1 meaning for every 1 male there are 5 women worth marrying..
    Actually moolah its close to a 1 to 1 ratio males to female births in US. Looked it up one time………..less “good” one’s than you think I guess………..
    1 to 1 =100%
    5 to 1 is 500%
    there are now 80% less good women to marry…….Moolah you must be in a fantastic place………

  117. I think a few people in this thread get what’s going on and the others think I am hopelessly lost in a sea of poor public school policies.
    At this point I would like to shift the conversation back to the actual issue. People are attacking a woman who was cheating on for screwing over the guy who cheated. Who here has been cheated on? I kinda of was once, and didn’t care for it. And it was certainly a much more mellow situation than the one Tiger put himself in.

  118. Certainly he has every right to say that on his facebook page, and I’m sure it was just a joke, but he has to realize that there are people out there (pft, etc) that will kill him for it.
    It’s not really anything that outrageous for a normal guy, or comedian to say but..he’s not a comedian. I’m sure if bill gates, or steve jobs posted that on their blog/twitter/fb page, they’d get killed too. also if he had said the same thing, but in a less vulgar way, it probably wouldn’t be as big a deal.

  119. @Toe 2 Toe Birdlaw
    I was drunk, but yes that was terrible grammar. I forgot a word. I know never to go against someone who is trained in Birdlaw. It’s impossible to win.
    Are you also a Full on Rapist?
    I’m going to go rock my duster now.
    @this class sucks
    I guess you realized your math mistake. It’s ok. I made a mistake as well. Now we can go back to being friends again.
    Also I think Tiger is a scumbag POS, but all I’m saying is no one deserves that much money for nothing. Donte Stallworth KILLED a guy, and that persons family got chump change comparatively. I think having a loved one die is a little worse than having a loved one cheat on you.

  120. “maybe she would have made millions had she continued her career as a nanny? ”
    THAT is hysterical!

  121. “I was just joking around jeeeez!!”
    – jealousy or no honor amongst thieves?
    Speaking of ‘jokes’, have you heard the one about Smith? He’s (purportedly) an NFL wr; mediocre 8 td’s 3 years suggests more football Robin Hood than misunderstood fauntleroy.
    Past tds to $ he’ll reportedly earn about $69,000 per 2010 and yet wants a raise (speaking of body contortions for profit, ‘play for pay’ would appear to be right up his alley as twere (tho considering his meager contribution ‘kettle’ is way overpaid.)
    There are the rich, the filthy rich and then there is the NFL; talk about your basic obscenity laws.
    All he had to do was open his mouth and- “hey, I was just joking around jeeeez!!”

  122. Three Quarters of a Billion Dollars is a disgusting amount of money for any one family to have. She ought to fire ass-tons of that at a worthwhile charity and there would be plenty left to look after her and her family.
    It’s a bigger issue that Tiger was able to amass that kind of wealth, absolutely incredible.

  123. That ain’t shit compared to the tell-all book she could have written.
    Looking at this chain of responses she could have sold a couple billion copies (is that more than 1,000 million?).
    I am sure Tiger covered his ass with some confidentiality clauses thrown in (unless he has Florio for a lawyer).
    Who wants sloppy seconds?

  124. Some people are just retarded… You idiots say she doesnt deserve it. Well Tiger doesnt have to agree to it. He can give her whatever the prenup states. Why hate her because he wants her to keep her mouth shut…………

  125. Like I said, she may not deserve to gain that much, but he certainly deserved to lose that much.

  126. And we all thought Paul McCartney had an expensive divorce…High-end escorts might be a cheaper way to go in the future Tiger.

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