Third first-rounder makes an agent change

Barely two months after the draft, nearly 10 percent of the first-round class has changed agents.

The latest?  49ers tackle Anthony Davis, the 11th overall pick in the draft, has parted ways with Sanat “Sunny” Shah and hired Drew Rosenhaus.

Rosenhaus informed us of the development this morning.

Shah has one other client — 2009 first-round tackle Eugene Monroe.  So the loss of Davis cuts Shah’s practice in half.

Davis joins Redskins tackle Trent Williams (fourth overall pick) and Dolphins defensive lineman Jared Odrick (28th overall) as first-rounders who have changed agents.  Odrick also hired Rosenhaus; to date, Trent Williams has yet to replace Eugene Parker. 

Rosenhaus now has three first-round picks:  Davis, Odrick, and Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul (15th overall pick).

Given that camps open later this month, some 49ers fans may worry that the late change will result in another holdout, like the bitter dispute the team endured a year ago. 

Fear not, San Francisco.

“This won’t be a Michael Crabtree situation,” Rosenhaus said.  “I can assure you that.”

Though it’s not uncommon for players to profess a desire to sign in time for training camp, it’s rare for an agent to do so.  (Then again, Rosenhaus didn’t say there will be no holdout; he merely said it won’t be another situation that drags into the regular season.)

In the end, it could be that Davis simply doesn’t want to hold out, and that he realized Shah’s other client held out for 12 days last year.

UPDATE:  As expected, Trent Williams has hired CAA.

10 responses to “Third first-rounder makes an agent change

  1. I know that Rosenhaus and the Niners have a pretty good working relationship . . . Davis will be in camp on day one.

  2. ADogDC says:
    July 1, 2010 10:09 AM
    9.375% If you round it, it rounds to 9%….
    I’d say 9% qualifies as “nearly 10%”. Just like 99% would qualify as “almost everybody” or 1% would qualify as “practically no one” or 48% would qualify as “about half”

  3. I’m glad people are starting to move away from Eugene Parker. He has ruined some rookies’ first years by forcing them to hold out. Perfect example is last year with Craptree.

  4. I’m glad he dropped that bum Parker. I’ll never forgive him for holding Crabtree out half the season for nothing. Rosenhaus is a pecker but he gets his guys in camp on time…… for the most part

  5. People read the article if you are going to comment. Anthony Davis was never represented by Parker, that would be Trent Williams, a different player drafted to a different team. It clearly states that Shah was representing Davis up until this point.

  6. @AUBlitz
    As soon as I read that in the article I was going to post a Jerry Maguire joke, but you beat me too it.
    I am sure that guy does more in his practice then represent 2 (now 1) athletes. I wouldn’t worry about him.

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