Hollis Thomas plans to play for the UFL

When the Omaha Nighthawks selected veteran defensive tackle Hollis Thomas with the first pick in the 11th round of the 2010 UFL draft, we thought it was a wasted selection.

But with Thomas facing an eight-game suspension from the NFL, it ended up being a stroke of genius.

A UFL source tells us that Thomas plans to play for Omaha.  And the move makes sense.  His eight-game suspension will run regardless of whether he’s on an NFL team.  So by the time the UFL season ends, Thomas will be able to jump back into the NFL, if he can find an interested team.

9 responses to “Hollis Thomas plans to play for the UFL

  1. I wonder if Thomas KNEW he was getting suspended and let Omaha know that so they would draft him? Seems after the Cushing thing that guys know they will be suspended months in advance. A little conspiracy theory in the UFL maybe???

  2. I assume it hurts the UFL’s chances of becoming the NFL’s inevitable minor league as long as they ignore NFL-imposed suspensions. Why don’t we have a long-winded writeup on that?

  3. So this is the loophole! Be a free agent when you get in trouble or use drugs. Get paid by another league and when the season, and your suspension is over come back to the big boys.

  4. I think you’re giving too many people way too much credit. The word “genius” should not be anywhere near this article.

  5. How does this work if he is under contract to an NFL team? Doesn’t their contract state that they can’t play football or engage in football-related activities without prior written permission from the team?

  6. Hollis is not under contract with an NFL team at this time, so he’s free to play wherever he wants.

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