Freeney froths for crack at rookie offensive tackles, Tebow

NFL_Freeney_250.jpgNine offensive tackles were picked in the first four rounds of the 2010 draft.  And Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney can’t wait to get a crack at them.

I’m licking my chops,” Freeney told Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times.  “When you have a rookie offensive tackle, I can’t wait.  Because for an offensive tackle, you’re not good until you’re in like
your eighth year.  You’ve got to get beat up for a while to learn what to
do and what not to.  It’s when you’re about in your fifth through 10th
years as an offensive tackle that you’re in your prime.

“All these rookies coming out?  They don’t know anything,” Freeney said.  “I can’t wait.”

Freeney also has a soft spot for rookie quarterbacks.

“I couldn’t wait to hit Mark Sanchez,” Freeney told Farmer.  “And I can’t wait
to hit Tim Tebow even more.”

It’s still unclear whether Freeney will get a crack at Tebow in 2010.  The Colts play the Broncos in Week 3, but it’s not likely at this point that Tebow will be the starting quarterback.

53 responses to “Freeney froths for crack at rookie offensive tackles, Tebow

  1. I guess Michael Oher wasn’t good last year either when he manhandled freeney.

  2. “When you have a rookie offensive tackle, I can’t wait. Because for an offensive tackle, you’re not good until you’re in like your eighth year
    Tell that to Joe Thomas…

  3. “And I can’t wait to hit Tim Tebow even more.”
    Good stuff.

  4. I’m pretty sure that OT’s adjust to the NFL much faster than 4-3 Ends. Joe Thomas, Ryan Clady and Jake Long all established themselves as premier offensive linemen as rookies. Other than Julius Peppers, I can’t think of a single DE that made a name for himself as a rookie.

  5. I guess Ryan Clady didn’t know anything when he shut down Freeney last season in his second year.

  6. I don’t play tackle or QB but somehow I’m a bit frightened by that statement.

  7. That’s funny…didn’t Sebastian Volmer of the Patriots shut Freeney out last year??? A rookie tackle?

  8. Last year, Freeney schooled rookie tackle Eugene Monroe in week 1. Monroe was a camp holdout and was way not ready, but the Jags made him play and take his lumps.
    In week 15, the teams met again, and Monroe schooled Freeney. The main thing I remember of that game is Freeney on the sidelines, visibly frustrated.
    Careful what you wish for, Dwight. Some tackles “get it” before year 5.

  9. This over rated douche can never get past Ryan Clady. Also Clady gave up a NFL best 1/2 sack for the entire season his second year.
    So much for ass hat Freeney’s eight year standard…

  10. Someone needs to tell Freeney that Ferguson is in his 5th year, and he didn’t hit Sanchez much last year.

  11. Week 3 of preseason. denver vs pitt and starters play until 3rd quarter. Hopefully pitt keeps starting def in when Tebow is in there so the fear of God is put into him and he craps his pants and yells, ” I thought I was playing Vandy! I quit!”

  12. Jaxuar, how did Oher blast Freeney out of the water when they dont even line up on the same side? Freeney goes at LT’s. Mathis is over the RT.
    And those saying Freeney is overrated dont know how to analyze football. He is the best pure pass rusher. EVERYONE in the league knows that

  13. Freeney is the poor man’s Jason Taylor. They both struggle against quality tackles, but look decent or great against the bottom half of the league.
    The difference is Freeney got Peyton Manning to carry his offence.
    Taylor got: a winged Marino, Damon Huard, Jay Fiedler, Feeley, Ferrotte, and a hobbled Culpepper.
    BTW Freeney, you looked great in that Monday Night game against Long last year. Is your ass still bruised?
    Mr Freeney: shut your mouth and go kiss Manning’s ass for making your D look so darn good (at times).

  14. So he can’t wait to hit two white QB’s? Probably racism.
    Right Vick supporters?

  15. “# FootballFanatic11 says: July 3, 2010 9:07 PM
    Other than Julius Peppers, I can’t think of a single DE that made a name for himself as a rookie.”
    Jevon Kearse

  16. Without Peyton…….Yanno, stupid rednecks…….a white QB, nobody would know who the hell dwight freeny is

  17. Colts 18, Do u know how to read comments? I think you’re reading these comments like Manning read the Saints defense in the Superbowl! Ha Ha!!!!

  18. He would wanna hit *Tim Tebow* …… i knew there was something up with him…….

  19. # harloeisdead says: July 3, 2010 9:57 PM
    I don’t play football, and I’d love a crack at Tim Tebow.
    He’d kick your ass, then drag you into a prayer circle.

  20. I don’t know, Tebow played at 245 last year, his Combine numbers are about the same as Freeney’s were, and he doesn’t have all his bulk roided on to the top half of his body like Dwight. I’d say no worse than a standoff for Tim.

  21. last year patriots rookie Vollmer stoned him, maybe he’ll do better this year

  22. The lengths some ballers go to prove they aren’t gay.
    Sit down and shut-up, Dwight!

  23. Sebastian Vollmer shut this guy down and he’s talking about wanting to go after rookie OTs???
    LOL. He’s washed up.

  24. and then, cse, he could pull a marxine waters , and say “i am here today because my mother, couldnt, make that, didnt, get an abortion. either.”
    dwight, there is nothing like massive overconfidence. now a whole lot of people have bulletin board material.

  25. Freeny – you lost the Super Bowl last year! Frustrated tough guy? Shut up!

  26. Alot of DT’s want a shot @ Sanchez…who as a rookie ‘chirped’ more than Manning, Brady & Brees combined in their first years.
    Sanchez has made himself a target…along w/everyone else wearing a jet uniform…too much talk for so little done.
    Freeney…didn’t that rookie Vollmer shut you out last season on sunday night game????…Was all announcers talked about all night…zero tackles.

  27. David Gibbs says:
    July 3, 2010 9:37 PM
    That’s funny…didn’t Sebastian Volmer of the Patriots shut Freeney out last year??? A rookie tackle?
    haha…yep…a rookie of German descent that continually put Freeney on his ass…Volmer is a beast!

  28. Open Mouth, insert foot – just bulletin board material coming from an old fart. Colts play Dallas in Week 13 this season, keep your eye on four-year/first-year starter Doug Free replacing Flozell Adams. I do not believe it will take 8 seasons for Doug Free to contribute to the Cowboy offensive line play. He did a standup job against Jared Allen in last year’s playoff loss to the Vikings holding him to 0 sacks, 0 tackles and 0 pressures.

  29. Vollmer kicked your ass Freeney.
    Long kicked your ass.
    Clady will kick your ass.

  30. He loves it even more because they aren’t black. Obvious racist undertones.

  31. I dunno bout that Dwighty.
    Tebow trucked a lot of linebackers in his day, seen it.
    You ain’t much bigger.
    I say he trucks you. Tebow will truck you.

  32. Baby Jesus is gonna get schooled. I can’t stand the Gators. Nothing but a dumb-jock, kegger college. Too many crackers in the state of Florida.
    Tebow is a right-wing, Bible thumping mama’s boy. I hope he receives a career-ending injury from one of the brothers during his first NFL game. That would be “Heaven”….HA!

  33. This is the equivalent of a collegiate player wanting to beat up on a middle school player.
    Nothing shows dominance more than beating up on someone 8 years younger than you!

  34. Freeney is a good pass rusher, who is a terrible FOOTBALL player, who disappears more often than he shows up (ie he’s overrated).

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