Push begins to put Coy Bacon in Canton

1978_topps_bacon-745203.jpgPlenty of guys deserve consideration for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  But not many become the subject of an online petition pushing their candidacy.

The Ironton (Oh.) Tribune reports that such an effort has commenced on behalf of defensive end Coy Bacon, a 14-year NFL veteran who played for the Cowboys, Rams, Chargers, Bengals, and Redskins.  He was discovered by a Cowboys scout while playing for the semi-pro Charleston (W. Va.) Rockets in 1967.

A man named Glenn Robinson is pushing the effort on behalf of Bacon, who died two years ago at age 66.

“We hoping to get the NFL’s attention,” Robinson said.  “Someone said
it would be a good idea to get a petition going and I took it and ran.

“Now we’re challenging everyone, especially all Bengals’ fans, to
sign the petition before the Hall of Fame game on August 8.  We’re in the
process of getting a hard copy of the petition out there in different
places for people to sign.  We’re hoping to get between 50,000 and
100,000 signatures.”

Robinson also wants Bacon’s 26 sacks in 1976, later reduced (reportedly) to 21.5, to be regarded as the NFL’s single-season record. 

The only problem?  Sacks didn’t become an official stat until 1982.  Bacon last played in 1981.

He was a three-time Pro Bowler, but he never was an All-Pro.  (The Tribune article incorrectly states that he was a three-time All-Pro.)  Also, Bacon never appeared in a Super Bowl, ending his career a year before the Redskins won it all in 1982.

And so he’s got a long way to go to make it to Canton.  Last year’s preliminary list included 16 defensive linemen, and Bacon wasn’t among them.

Moreover, if Robinson hopes to develop some momentum via an online petition, he needs to be sure the petition actually works.  As of this posting, the link supplied by the Tribunehttp://www.ipetitions.com/coybaconforthehall — leads nowhere.

UPDATE:  Here’s the accurate link — http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/coybaconforthehall/.

40 responses to “Push begins to put Coy Bacon in Canton

  1. That headline makes me think of Chinese food.
    Damn, now I can’t get it out of my head. If I get mugged in Chinatown at 1 AM, you guys are to blame.

  2. He was a beast when he played for the Bengals. If sacks were a stat back then he would have been in more pro bowls for sure.

  3. Sure, he’s got a long way to go. On the other hand, his last name is Bacon. That’s got to be worth at least a couple of votes.

  4. Better yet, did he rescue a puppy out of a tree? Carry an old lady’s groceries to her car. lay down his jacket over a puddle for a lady? According to Florio’s criteria, doesn’t matter how you performed on the field, only if you’re a nice guy.

  5. No offense to the memory of Mr. Bacon, but if Jerry Kramer isn’t in the HOF, how can he be?

  6. Hey Trips,
    Anyone with a full brain wouldn’t sign the petition. Coy Bacon belongs in the Hall of Fame as much as I do.

  7. Bacon was a fierce pass-rusher. No doubt about that. Whether or not he deserves to be in Canton is up for debate. But of all the former Bengals who deserve a push for enshrinement, Bacon is not the most worthy. The most worthy would be Ken Anderson. Not only the best QB (and possibly best player) that has ever suited up in orange and black stripes, but one of the most unheralded quarterbacks in the history of the game. Ken Anderson deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

  8. robert ethen says:
    July 4, 2010 12:03 AM
    That headline makes me think of Chinese food.
    Damn, now I can’t get it out of my head. If I get mugged in Chinatown at 1 AM, you guys are to blame.
    Your posts piss me off sometimes but you never make it personal. Most of the time you make me laugh.

  9. This guy – If “Art the Fart” is ever enshrined in Canton – it should be in one the HOF’s toilets. He’s the biggest whore in NFL history though the Glazers, Al Davis and Dan Snyder are not far behind.

  10. Of course most of the younger posters here don’t know Coy Bacon. He was really good.
    And this prompts me to, once again, call for Green Bay Packers offensive guard Jerry Kramer to join Coy Bacon in the Hall of Fame.
    There is perhaps no larger slight by the Hall of Fame than Jerry Kramer, the key component of Vince Lombardi’s “Run To Daylight” offense that propelled the Packers to 5 NFL titles and 2 Super Bowl wins. Jerry Kramer was named as the most valuable offensive lineman in the first 50 years of football, yet is not in the Hall of Fame.
    Shame on the voters for ignoring him all these years.

  11. DirtDawg55,
    “Hey Trips,
    Anyone with a full brain wouldn’t sign the petition. Coy Bacon belongs in the Hall of Fame as much as I do.”
    Hey DirtNerd,
    What in The (with a long E) hell does this have to do with my comment?
    Get a Life! Seek attention elsewhere.

  12. Hall of Fame should have specific achievements – number of All-Pro designations to gauge the quality of a players’ performance during his career. Pro Bowl invitations, being weighted too much on fan votes and not enough on sport writer’s or coaches votes, should not be a criterea for the HOF. This could establish minimums for all new HOF candidates, otherwise, all homers will petition for average players they are familiar with (ie local NFL team) to be included in the HOF.

  13. “# Randy Inman says: July 4, 2010 10:50 AM
    Ray Guy should get in.”
    Thanks. Do you want to sign the petition 😉

  14. Coy Bacon supporters? Get your arses in the defensive lineman HOF line behind LC Greenwood, Dwight White, Charles Haley, Ed “Too Tall” Jones, Jim Marshall, Richard Dent and anyone that may have made the semifinal list recently. What a crock. Imagine if Greenwood, Jones and Marshall would have had their sacks officially recorded.
    Jerry Kramer is justified. The guy was an anchor of a 5-time World Champion offensive line. Yikes.

  15. Bacon did appear on THREE All-Pro lists…1971 (NEA-2), 1972 (PFWA-2) and 1976 (NEA-2, PFWA-2).
    The 1976 AP writers put Tommy Hart (49ers) at DE on their first-team All-Pro list. Hart recorded 16 sacks that season- way less than Bacon’s 21.5 or 26! It was Hart’s only career listing on ANY All-Pro list!
    NFL teams all kept QB sack totals during Bacon’s era. You can look at any period newspaper article and find that info. The back of many football cards also contained sack figures.
    Bacon’s 1976 NFL contract had a stipulation of a paid bonus for each QB sack accumulated, and Bacon was paid by Paul “tight wallet” Brown for 26 sacks that season.
    The NY Times is widely considered as a dependable source for accurately-reported information. On December 8, 1982, the NY Times reported that…
    “The Washington Federals of the U.S.F.L. signed 39-year-old Coy Bacon, a 14-year N.F.L. defensive end who played for Washington, Los Angeles, Cincinnati and San Diego. Bacon appeared in the Pro Bowl three times and in 1976 led the N.F.L. with 26 sacks”.
    More info on Coy Bacon…

  16. First off, it’s not the Hall of the Very Good it’s the Hall of Fame.
    Kramer and Bacon are in the first category. The only reason Kramer’s name keeps coming up is that he’s a shameless self-promoter just ask Ken Bowman the other guy that helped on the block that won the Ice Bowl.
    The guy that should be in that isn’t, is Dave Robinson.

  17. If Kurt Sausage and Frank Scrappel aren’t in the conversation along with Coy Bacon, I don’t know what we are doing here.

  18. 1970’s NFL All Decade Quarterback Ken Stabler deserves to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame…
    Stabler also had a huge part in three of the most memorable games in the 70’s with the ‘Sea of Hands’, ‘Ghost to the Post’ and the ‘Holy Roller’…and was one of the best two minute quarterbacks of that era.
    Snake Stabler should go in before anyone else from this era…

  19. Zod-
    A little research reveals regardless of what Jerry did off the field, you go into the Hall of Fame for what you did ON THE FIELD.
    Look at his pro bowls, his championships, HE EVEN KICKED FIELD GOALS FOR GOODNESS SAKE!
    The Bowman thing is small potatos. Oh, by the way, Jerry WAS part of that block, too. Perhaps among the most important plays ever in the NFL.

  20. Coy Bacon
    Harvey Martin
    Al Bubba Baker
    3 of the great pass rushers that you never hear about anymore. .
    Any of them and all of them ought to be in the hall.
    There are defensive players not any better than they are already in the HOF.

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