Ryan Mathews promises he won't hold out

Last year’s No. 12 overall pick, Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno, didn’t sign his rookie contract until about two weeks into training camp.  Seven days after signing, Moreno suffered a sprained MCL in Denver’s preseason opener and missed the next three weeks of practice.  

This year’s No. 12 overall pick, Chargers tailback Ryan Mathews, vows to not walk in Moreno’s footsteps.
“My main thing is to get into camp as soon as possible,” Mathews told Nick Canepa of the San Diego Union-Tribune.  “I’ve talked to my agent; I need to be there.  Too many guys hold out for all the wrong reasons and I’m not going to be one of them.”
Chargers rookies are scheduled to report July 25th.
Canepa’s piece on Mathews could be construed as something of a puff piece, entitled “Chargers’ Mathews not likely to go bad” and aimed at pumping up the 2009 NCAA rushing leader’s character.  Canepa, though, is not known for approaching his columns with rose-colored glasses.  After all, he made no bones about predicting two Januaries ago that franchise icon LaDainian Tomlinson would be released.  The Chargers and L.T. ultimately agreed to a restructured contract, but Canepa’s bold forecast — even a year too early — showed that he is not afraid to make predictions that defy popular opinion.
According to Canepa, Mathews has his “head squarely on his shoulders,” “takes everything seriously,” and “was not overwhelmed” during minicamp season.  It sounds like the Chargers have a keeper.

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  1. B.J Raji promised the same thing last year. Granted, Raji didn’t want to hold out, but often times these things are out of the players’ hands.

  2. onesweetworld says:
    July 3, 2010 3:21 PM
    Has there ever been a rookie that promised TO hold out???
    LOL!.. but yes, sadly there has.

  3. You better not hold out yr on my FF team. And when you play for The Asshats you play to win.

  4. Unsigned and holding out are two different things, though the term “hold out” is often used for draft picks that haven’t yet come to terms with the team that selected them by the time training camp starts.
    Emmitt Smith in 1993 for the first two weeks of the season — that’s a holdout. A team and a player’s agent being in a protracted negotiation seems entirely different to me.

  5. OMFG!
    An article by Evan Silva where AFC West teams are mentioned and theres no jab at the Raiders? :O

  6. So we can assume that Canepa will ultimately be right about Mathews signing his contract. Just a year early.

  7. ShimSham says:
    July 3, 2010 3:22 PM
    B.J Raji promised the same thing last year. Granted, Raji didn’t want to hold out, but often times these things are out of the players’ hands.
    ——— No they’re not. Ultimately, it’s the agent who works for the player. The player can decide at any time to sign a contract his agent might be advising against.

  8. He didn’t say he wouldn’t hold out… he said he wouldn’t be one of those players that hold out for all the wrong reasons.

  9. I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off. I’m reminded of Eugene Robinson getting the Bart Starr award for high moral character and then getting arrested for soliciting a prostitute. You can never know what these guys really are like and you can speculate all you want about how great the guy is but so many of them learn at an early age about saying the right thing that you don’t know if they really mean what they say.
    I think it’s funny that someone makes a big deal about the guy saying that he doesn’t plan on holding out when none of these guys are going to say that they’re planning on holding out. What’s next – Jake First Rounder says that he doesn’t plan on beating his girlfriend…. 🙂

  10. SwedishMurderMachine,
    Sounds like you’re playing in the SBMVP Dynasty Fantasy Football League

  11. @Trips Right…How can you call it a “nation” when the Raiders couldn’t even fill their stadium and were dead LAST in home attendance for 2009 and second to last in 2008!?!
    Puff, puff, pass loser

  12. At Sourdough,
    It’s called a nation because of the fan base, I’m curious about the team you root for…Not enough fans? it’s ok bro.

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    You’d probably be better off worrying about your ‘bolts and their wino receiver. Or is it more than one on the team?
    And you calling me “loser…….” Surely you jest. Right? On the contrary my lil’ squire.
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    The gospel according to the lexicon…… Please don’t disappoint your calling.
    Happy 4th’………CHUMP!

  14. @Trips: Why can’t you answer my simple question? Is it really that difficult to come up with an answer as to why the Raiders can’t fill a stadium? Or do you actually possess a bit of common sense that tells you the Raiders have become the laughing stock of the NFL and even their fans have acknowledged as much by choosing to not support their team? Honestly how can you call it a ‘nation’ when the Raiders can’t fill their home stadium!?! Average attendance in 2009: 44,284. Those are second tier college football attendance figures, not those of a successful NFL team. The myth of the “nation” is debunked with nothing more than a simple search on Google. I think you’ve gone bananas. You can’t fool me with your ‘nation’ talk, chimp.
    Happy Fourth of July!

  15. Sour-Bro,
    Don’t make me reveal to all just how ignorant you truly are. I’ve saved links to your tired-ass rants not only from this ‘site but from others as well. Don’t have me post them.
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    #2. I gives less than a damn about some crummy attendance with the price of tickets, the advent of NFL Sunday Ticket, and the state of this economy. I am not moved one iota by a black-out game. So what. I’ve lived in a plethora of countries, cities, states, and counties throughout a 21 year military career (Infantry – Hooah), and there is one constant with the locals (from Gelnhausen, Germany to Bosnia-Herzegovina to Dongduchon, South Korea to Fort Riley, Kansas – Junction City to Fort Hood, Texas – Killeen): The Silver & Black fan loyalty and following run far deeper than your frothy pie-hole will ever know. No….. You can’t possibly fathom this fact. And your children never will either (as they’ll be reared by your illiterate ass).
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  16. “According to Canepa, Mathews has his ‘head squarely on his shoulders,’ ‘takes everything seriously,’ and ‘was not overwhelmed’ during minicamp season. It sounds like the Chargers have a keeper.”
    Of course, he’s the next great product of the Central Valley

  17. @Trips Right… Decent post but what I want to know is how any self respecting military man such as yourself comes on here bragging about going to “Medieval Times” and then pretends to be some English fairy… Using words like “Peasant, Valiant Knights, Lad and Table Water” World of Warcraft crap is on another site Faider fan.
    “Commitment to Consistency!”
    0 – Losses by Chargers vs. Raiders in almost 7 years, since Sept. 28, 2003

  18. JoGa20,
    Yo! Corny-Ass! Who in hell was “bragging?”
    I apologize that I had just come from taking my six-year old daughter there. If you call a small venue like ‘Medivial Times’ something to brag about; then you really must not get out often.
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    P.S. If you’re that sensative; you’d get eaten-up alive at my Fire-House and Department (By our females).

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