Seahawks acknowledge Ganther arrest

Mike Florio, via Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times, brought to you early this afternoon news that Seahawks running back Quinton Ganther was arrested Saturday on suspicion of driving under the influence.

The Seahawks have knowledge of Ganther’s arrest, acknowledging it Saturday afternoon by way of a two-sentence statement: 
We are aware of the situation, and in the process of gathering information.  No further comment at this time.”
Ganther does not have a history of off-the-field trouble, so he may avoid the short suspension arrests such as this often bring.  The alleged crime figures to affect him, though.  Ganther is in a fight for a roster spot behind presumptive Seahawks starter Julius Jones, change-of-pace complement Justin Forsett, and return specialist/possible third-down back Leon Washington.
The Seahawks are also dealing with legal trouble regarding linebacker Leroy Hill, who is expected to be suspended to open the season.  The franchise released running back LenDale White just before word broke of his four-game ban.  Rookie receiver Golden Tate was cited by police last month for a drunken donut-shop rampage.
On the other hand, the Seahawks signed safety Kevin Ellison after his May arrest for suspicion of possessing a controlled substance.
Time will tell how Ganther’s DUI will impact his 2010 outlook, but it’s certainly not a good sign for a fourth-string running back whose primary NFL contributions have come on special teams.

9 responses to “Seahawks acknowledge Ganther arrest

  1. Also, according to Florio’s last post, he also texted the chick that killed Steve McNair.

  2. Even the teams comments are taken from the Steelers notes on personal conduct.
    Seahawks = West Coast Steelers.
    Nice to see Carrol brought his lax attitude from USC.

  3. Character is so 2008 for the 2010 Seattle Seahawks, led by character-filled Pete Carroll. Thanks, Paul Allen.
    It’s not bad enough that the fans of Seattle have had to endure multiple losing seasons. At least (in the past,) we could point to the fact that our players were people you’d actually want to live in your neighborhood. Not anymore.

  4. Yeah, Julieinduvall, we all remember the time when Koren Robinson and Jerramy Stevens ran that daycare center….
    Reminds me of the good old days that never were…

  5. 28 % of all arrests of NFL players are for DUI . I’d say that probably doesn’t exceed the national average for people driving drunk . Depending on what he blew ( .08 % in Washington to be legally DUI ) my guess is this won’t cause any long term harm to his football career .
    The guy is a short yardage , special teams kind of back and nothing that hurts the team if he’s discarded . It’s not like Quinton Ganther can’t be replaced . But I’m guessing everything will work itself out on this one and he makes the final 53 .

  6. “change-of-pace complement Justin Forsett”
    Any savvy Fantasy Footballer worth his weight in gravy knows that ‘Forsett is light-years ahead of any ‘back on this squad (that goes even double, now that ‘White is gone).
    He will get selected as my 3rd or 4th RB on Sept 10th at this years WCOFF in Atlantic City, NJ. There is no doubt he produces like a #1 or #2.
    That $5,500 league first prize is mine. That $300K overall grand prize sounds even nicer.

  7. Wow, still trying equate this to the stealers. Even they can’t beat the thug mill in O-town.
    The Seahawks are a murderer, rapist, and two wife beaters short of the Steelers. Maybe a few jaywalkers too (sons of bitches).
    Do agree that the scales of moral balance are tipping the other way, but as holier than thou that the Ruskell family was, they are coming close to the balance point.

  8. Quinton kept his not clean while he was a Titan with very few, if any, off field issues (that were publicized).
    He had some really good pre season runs and was always viewed as a team player and hard worker. I always hoped he would stick with some team and get some playing time.

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