Tom Martinez says Raiders ruined Russell

Tom Martinez is a nationally renowned quarterbacks coach, and has been the personal tutor for Tom Brady since Brady’s teen years.  He worked closely with eventual No. 1 overall pick JaMarcus Russell prior to the 2007 NFL Draft, and believes Russell’s career is salvageable.

Martinez says Russell didn’t ruin himself.  The Raiders did it.
“He was never wanted there by any of the coaches,” Martinez told Kristian R. Dyer of the New York Times.  “The only one who wanted him there was Al Davis. … Al Davis told them to draft him.  He was the epitome of an Al Davis quarterback.”
Martinez also noted that, during contract negotiations, the Raiders spoiled Russell by paying him $4 million more than Russell was asking for rather than meeting in the middle.
As for Russell’s sssslow development, Martinez blames the supporting cast Davis assembled.  Martinez pointed to weak offensive linemen, “receivers who don’t know how to get open, who don’t know how to separate,” and misuse of running backs in the passing game.
Martinez admits that Russell will never capitalize on his talent if he doesn’t overhaul his work habits, but sees the New York Jets as a good fit for the 24-year-old, saying it would be a “brilliant move from a talent standpoint.”
“I think they’re positioned to give him the right environment,” Martinez said.  “It could potentially be a good fit for JaMarcus. … With the Jets, they run the ball and that will help him, it will open up the passing game.  If he gets that and actually has receivers who can get open, then the Jets will have a steal.  “

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  1. I’ve been saying this for the longest. He needs to come to New Orleans and learn from Drew Brees.

  2. Wow, what a load of bull.
    Russel couldn’t get the ball within 10 yards of a receiver… what difference does it make if he is open or not.

  3. “Tom Martinez says Raiders ruined Russell”
    I am prepared to blame the Raiders for just about every ill on planet Earth, but not for 1) global warming; or 2) “ruining” that fat, lazy turd of a former quarterback, JaMarcus Russell.

  4. Problem is: He probably won’t go for a low salary and unless the Jets are mindnumbing idiots, thy won’t pay him more than the vet minimum.

  5. Horsecrap! Jamarcus ruined himself. There is one to blame.
    Besides If the Raiders gave him 4 mil more than he wanted why did he hold out then?
    Nobody wanted him because he was a slug.

  6. Is this guy for real? Russell ruined Russell, because Russell is a lazy fat piece a shit. He was outplayed by Bruce Gradkowski and Charlie Frye for God’s sake. He has no desire to work hard because he’s packed it in knowing he’s got millions in the bank. I’d be surprised if he even wants to play football again. It would take time away from his trips to vegas and sitting on the coach playing video games.

  7. Jets, take his advise! Ron Brace can take a 15 yard penalty and fine with an unintentional (wink,wink) on Sanchez that will sideline him for the season. Incomes JaMarcus = Pats win AFC!!!!!

  8. You have got to be kidding me………….maybe the franchise was dysfunctional but to say it is the Raiders fault, that is total BS. His own teammates said he did not put in the time to make himself a better QB. There were also quite a few experienced coaches on the offensive side of the ball providing him guidance and direction. I am so tired of everyone apologizing for athletes that just don’t get it. Martinez cant turned chicken shit into chicken salad with every QB. Russell just did not have the intestinal fortitude it takes to get it done, regardless of the talent he was blessed with.

  9. Pretty funny how journeyman Bruce Gradkowski seemed to have a pretty decent amount of success with that same supporting cast…..

  10. the phins will sign him. oh wait he hasn’t been arrested yet.

  11. The Jets?
    Are you serious, Mr. Martinez?
    The just spent 60 million on a young QB, it would be dumb to spend another 20 on a young, but worse QB.
    Russell needs someone to tutor him, a team where he can sit and develop. Behind a good and experienced QB, where he can learn the proper mechanics, where he can learn to understand the game of football.
    So, get his ass to New England or Indianapolis, because Brady and Manning won’t be playing forever and if you tutor the big baby, he might develop into a good QB.
    But I guess his work ethic will not help him getting signed by teams, who are known for their perfection, but Belichick might teach him that too…

  12. To say the Raiders ruined Russell is laughable. The only defense Russell was interested in reading was the Krispy Kreme defense. That’s not to say the Raiders have clean hands with Russell, but RUINED him? Give me a break.

  13. “Martinez admits that Russell will never capitalize on his talent if he doesn’t overhaul his work habits.”
    The Raiders didn’t ruin Russell. The guy is a quitter plain and simple. He has NO football instincts or intangibles to win at the NFL level.
    You could put him under center with the Colts and he would be thinking of the buffet down the street instead of completing the pass.
    It’s been documented he was the last one to show up at practice and the first one to leave.

  14. As much as i bash on the Raiders and their 1st round draft busts…….This entire story is freakin ridiculous…….Simply ridiculous……The Raiders spoiled him by giving him 4 extra million?…….Is this for real? It’s the Raiders fault they gave him a huge contract, keys to the franchise, and expected him to be a man and do his job?……I have heard some lame ass excuses in my day, but this tops all………..He simply is a fat lazy overated 1st round pick, it happens……..He got paid, and then didn’t put in the time to be decent, much less great…..I mean C’mon……..How in the hell can the Raiders be at fault, excuse wise, this is as bad as it gets…..

  15. Laughable-Martinez thinks he can say anything because he “helps,” Tom Brady-Sorry Pal, Russell ruined himself-and is doubtful to get another meaningful chance once he eats his way to 350lbs sitting at HOME this season.

  16. I wasn’t aware the Raiders were capable shoving lead weights into his belly.
    When it comes to your body you have no one to blame, but yourself.

  17. What a load of crap.
    If Russell got more money than he was asking for then why didn’t he arrive until the middle of September?
    And what does it say about Russell as a person that the extra $4 mill ruined him?
    I guess it is Al Davis’ fault that JaMarcus blamed everyone else and showed up late, right Martinez?
    Just admit it already, he is a waste of space.

  18. JaMarcus Russell is a grown man. And the main responsibility for Russell’s downfall is Russell. The Raiders were probably not the best team for Russell, but he should have put in the effort and been self motivated like the other QBs on the roster.
    Nnamdi Asomugha, had first hand experience with Russell, says JaMarcus couldn’t pick up the MENTAL part of the game. Is that the Raiders fault too?
    PFT will put out any dribble that will put down the Raiders. Hey Silva, Florio and Co, Stop your obsession with the Oakland Raiders.

  19. i completely agree with him, oakland is wat MOSTLY ruined him. teams shuld pick him up. just not my niners!!!!

  20. I’m not privy to what went on during Russell’s contract negotiation, but I am aware of the fact he held out for the entire preseason.
    Is this guy suggesting that he held out because the Raiders wanted to pay him more money than what he was asking for?? I’m struggling to find another way to interpret his statement.
    Perhaps it has something to do with the fact you helped mentor him, and you’d rather pin blame on someone else so it doesn’t reflect as poorly on you.

  21. So paying him too much made him not work hard?
    I remember seeing a stat towards the end of the season that the Raiders were something like 9 of 23 scoring touchdowns in the red zone, and Gradkowski was 7 of 8 out of those red zone trips. So at that point Russell was 2 of 15. Raiders ruined Russell? Sounds like the other way around to me.

  22. Did the Chargers DESTROY Ryan Leaf?
    It’s hard to believe that he won’t make a NFL roster this year as third string QB and evaluate the guy. There’s not a whole lot of risk in this notion.

  23. his comments make it sound like if russell went to the jets he’d be an immediate starter or something.

  24. The Jets have nothing to gain from signing Russell…they already have Sanchez, and they have a solid back-up in Clemens and another on the way in Brunell. Idiotic.

  25. Wow. Is this guy ever out to lunch. No team would ever give a guy 4 million more than he was asking for, not even the Raiders.
    I realize these were not Russell’s words, but is it always somebody elses fault?

  26. Who else has the wunderkind developed?
    More accurately, Tom Brady made Tom Martinez.

  27. They gave him $4 million more than he was asking for, so you can’t blame him for having a bad attitude?
    What kind of garbled logic is that?
    Holy cow.

  28. This Martinez guy is a joke. Sure the Raiders offered 4 mil more and Jamarcus still held out? He’s just trying to get him a job. Go back to tutoring qbs.

  29. So you’re telling me the same man that claims the RAIDERs ruined Russell acknowledges Russell needs to ‘overhaul his work habits’?
    What is wrong with that picture?
    And like someone mentioned, if they actually paid him $4 million more than he asked for, how did he end up holding out? Someone needs a lesson in contract negotiations 101.

  30. Silva, you ignorant slut.
    By this story’s account, Davis is guilty for paying the guy too much. I agree, this was a crime, but then again you probably would blame Davis for the hold-out in the first place. Which is it? Both?
    Kiffin is the HC that refused to take the groceries and cook with them. Kiffin pitched a childish fit a certainly helped to stunt Russell’s development. Davis had the good sense to fire the brat for cause before he made a very bad team worse. Blame Kiffin – not Davis.
    Russell refused to work. He was paid well and the team deserved to have him show up with a furrowed brow, ready to work. He did not. QBs that are picked #1 overall are OFTEN selected by teams with serious deficiencies – the good ones rise to the occassion – Russell ate Suzy Q’s instead. He refused to work, he refused to lead.
    Al Davis can be blamed for a lot of things, but in this situation he hired two men that both had tremendous talent, but both have shallow character which has shown itself to be true over time. He was wise to hire both of them for the reasons he did, he was more wise to let them go for completely different reasons.

  31. I can’t believe all the dumb comments defending the Raiders. They’ve been one of the worost franchises in all of pro sports for several years now, and that wasn’t Russell’s fault. You don’t get the #1 overall draft pick unless you stink to begin with. And Russell is hardly the only draft pick to bomb in Oakland. They’ve been so bad for so long, they should have turned the corner by now with all the high draft picks they’ve picked up along the way. If the guy who mentored Brady says the Raiders ruined Russell, there’s plenty of evidence to believe him. They’ve ruined plenty of other players, too.

  32. If I had a good running game and receivers who could get open then I would be a Hall of Famer also.
    While we’re at it send me someone who can sit in at work for me so I can get a raise at the end of the year.
    What an idiot. Both of them.

  33. Yeah sure. It was the RAIDERS who didn’t show up for meetings and workouts and stuff.
    Although, since those meetings and workouts were being conducted by the Raiders, not attending them is probably more productive than attending them.

  34. So whose fault is it that the Fat One carried the ball on his hip in the pocket and fumbled continuously? Or the fact he had ZERO pocket awareness. Or, threw directly to defenders with no receiver around? Or, showed showed up late, and if he did show up wasn’t mentally awake? Or, who couldn’t even throw a screen pass accurately? Or, ate himself into the Michelin Man. Or, cut out on his team to go to Vegas.
    Or,or, or. It goes on and on.
    This “coach” clown obviously is trying to get the Fat One to play for peanuts for him or he’s delusional or simply retarded. No offense to the mentally handicapped intended as MOST of them are much smarter than this idiot.
    Perhaps this “coach” should look at what a journeyman named Gradkowski did with the same team under the same coaches. So what’s the Fat One’s excuse now?

  35. He’s got to atleast be better than Jim Sorgi or Curtis Painter. Right!?!?They are the two worst QB’s I’ve ever seen. LOL!

  36. All that said, I think it’s a no-brainer for some team to pick him up and see if he’s ready to try – and for a team like the Jets, with a decent OL and WR’s, if he’d actually try to learn the plays, work on his technique and work on his leadership skills he could be great. He’s got everything but the desire and, until he proves otherwise, the accumen.

  37. You know what is worst then this article … is someone actually posting it.
    What a joke … JaMarcus the first player refusing to come to camp because he is over paid. Asomugha was right JaMarcus does not have a brain.

  38. They won with Gradkowski..they lost with Russell… YOU CANT TEACH ACCURACY AND WORK ETHIC. This is a joke.

  39. The only way we’ll know for sure is if he gets another shot. If he’s smart, he’ll sign a minimu contract with incentives, then work his ass off to make a roster. Maybe a UFL stint would do him good. So would Nutrisystem and a Personal Trainer…

  40. You know this has got to be garbage when even Raiderhaters are saying it’s a bunch of BS!
    Best point: Gradkowski comes in and leads the Raiders, and looks fairly good doing it, with the same players that Martinez said “can’t get open’ “don’t know how to seperate”.
    I will put money on JaMarcus throwing an INT or fumbling the ball on his next pass attempt in the NFL, should some crazy/desperate team give him a chance…

  41. All you fools once again hating on a black quarterback – what a shocker………. 🙂
    I think Martinez knows a lot more than you losers 🙂
    I guess Jamarcus is a thug too 🙂

  42. The Colts would be a great place for Russell to go and learn from the best the game has to offer. Watching and attempting to replicate Manning would be perfect.
    Manning has around 6 years left at the minimum and if in that time he could rub off on Russell, then the Colts might finally have a favorable backup in case Manning should have an injury. As it stands now with Curtis I blow chunks Painter, if he’s forced to start then the Colts are in trouble.
    For the record, I would take Russell over Vick , just because Russell isn’t dumb. Someone could work him into better study habits, but you just can’t fix stupid in Vick.

  43. NO, I didn’t read every single comment above mine, but ….the JETS?
    What is he talking about? They HAVE Sanchez, so what this thee hell would that even work, unless he is just a backup. I am the first to say that I didn’t think he was all that, but like the guy said (which I agree with) his career may be salvageable. I would love him in Cincinnati….maybe then they would drop his brother Jordan and JT O’Sullivan and only carry 2 QB’s. yeah, I went there. But really, the Jets?

  44. What rock did Martinez just crawl out from under? The Raiders ruined him by “paying him too much, LMFAO!!
    Russell ruined himself becuz he couldn’t back away from the buffett table, didn’t want to practice, can’t hit the broad side of a barn with a pass much less a wr, he has absolutley no work ethic, can’t accept responsibility, can’t understand reality, etc. etc. etc………what a grandaddy of an apologist Martinex is, wonder how much Russell had to pay him for that b.s.

  45. Yeah, If he was that great I am sure he would be signed by now. I believe Hugh Jackson is with the Raiders now as there QB coach and offensive Coordinator. He did a good job in B-More. He probably told Davis that this guy is a BUM and to take his losses and cut him.

  46. “Ray Guy says: July 3, 2010 7:13 PM
    So whose fault is it that the Fat One carried the ball on his hip in the pocket and fumbled continuously? Or the fact he had ZERO pocket awareness. Or, threw directly to defenders with no receiver around? Or, showed showed up late, and if he did show up wasn’t mentally awake? Or, who couldn’t even throw a screen pass accurately? Or, ate himself into the Michelin Man. Or, cut out on his team to go to Vegas.
    Or,or, or. It goes on and on.”
    Umm….the people who are supposed to coach him to be better in those areas?
    I forget the technical name for the people who do the coaching of the individual who is being coached.

  47. Ya, you know how the Raiders were in a secret partnership with Burger King….Russell’s contract included an eat 20 cheese burgers a day clause…This was clearly the Raiders fault…

  48. Tom,
    I got ya! (wink, nod, index finger on nose) The Jets……….should get right on that hot tip.

  49. StupidRednecks says:
    July 3, 2010 7:25 PM
    All you fools once again hating on a black quarterback – what a shocker………. 🙂
    Well that explains everything … thanks for pointing that out. So I guess Ryan Leaf was black too.

  50. Martinez is full of garbage. A poor cook blames the ingredients. The raiders were and probably are not the ideal fir for him but that dude was a mess. to say that he would have been fine if it weren’t for the raiders is ridiculous. They brought in Hackett, one of the most respected qb coaches in the league, and tollner to install an offence that would fit his talent. The fact is that dude was given A LOT to work with and he still took a dump. Bite me Martinez. The qb was over 3 bills. was that because of the o line or the receivers?

  51. Maybe the guy that ruined JR was the guy who coached him before the 2007 draft ……. Who was that guy ?

  52. @STUPIDREDNECKS in the dark days, blacks couldn’t be quarterbacks. now , there is eqality. that means taking heat for failure, like everyone else. its people like you that make blacks look bad. many of my black friends would like to kick your ass. your ansesters would also spit on you. they were tough, they had no choice.

  53. i have a friend that played on the team during JRUSS times….in the lockeroom they gave him the nickname RADIO….like the movie.
    Trust me JRUSS doesnt care about football

  54. “Raiderguy says: July 3, 2010 8:27 PM
    Martinez is full of garbage. A poor cook blames the ingredients.”
    That’s a stupid saying.
    “Sorry the food tasted awful. The meat was rancid and had maggots in it.”
    “Well you’re just a lousy cook is all.”

  55. Russell did screw up by not taking his job more seriously but the guy had a point. The team did NOTHING to help him. They had a young QB that needed a firm and EXPERIENCED hand and they give him a young QB coach, whose experience was at FCS Fordham and Columbia. The irony is that he was hired as an assistant (get that Oakland) QB coach for the Jets and then they let him go after one year.
    The OL was bad and both Gradkowski and Frye were hurt because they weren’t able to do their job. The WR sucked for most of the year and it wasn’t until they FINALLY got Heyward-Bey out of the lineup, Murphy finally started catching passes and Schilens came back that they finally were able to turn it around. Russell had his problems with his passes but it didn’t help that he had to throw to two rookie WRs and one of them was the worst WR ever taken in the first (2nd, 3rd, 4th…) round.
    Oh and for the Gradkowski and Frye ass kissers — if these guys were all that great, why is Jason Campbell in Oakland? Yes, he’s there as a result of the trade for McNabb in Washington but they were also bidding for McNabb so it appears that neither were as impressive as you think.
    Russell could have helped himself more but let’s not forget that he wasn’t as useless as people make him out to be; he just didn’t live up to the progress that he made as a 2nd year QB. People compare him to Ryan Leaf but he was better over his first 3 years than that boob.

  56. This Tom Martinez is an ignoramous.
    He held out for 2 months. The Raiders did not give him more than he asked for.
    Did they tell Russell to be the last one to practice & the first one out? Did they advise him not to study film or the playbook? Did they ask him to put on an extra 40 lbs of flab?

  57. ya and tony sporano greased up ted ginns gloves b4 every game and brett farve had a bad season with the jets cuz he was allergic to their shade of green oh and Doc brown told Belichick to go for it 🙂

  58. What a surprise….everyone here thinks they know more than Tom Brady’s personal quarterback coach.
    You know, I bet the reason why Tom Brady got so good is actually because his personal coach has no idea what he’s talking about. Reverse psychology….or something like that. Brilliant!
    Here’s another idea: we should let all the commenters on PFT coach Tom Brady, since they all know everything there is to know about football. Brilliant!

  59. Not the only QB the Raiders wrecked.
    Didn’t the Patriots pick up a Raiders QB on waivers, only to cut him later?
    “Every time he took a snap you could see six different things he did wrong,” was the quote.
    Too big a project to undertake.

  60. I can relate. A company fired my brother for sleeping on the job. But it wasn’t his fault. The desks had these really comfortable office chairs.
    Put him in a less comfortable office environment and I’m sure he’ll be president to the company one day.

  61. I can relate. A company fired my brother for sleeping on the job. But it wasn’t his fault. The desks had these really comfortable office chairs.
    Put him in a less comfortable office environment and I’m sure he’ll be president to the company one day.

  62. rovibe aka Mr.,
    Your quotes from this ‘site:
    “I can’t believe all the dumb comments defending the Raiders. They’ve been one of the worost franchises in all of pro sports for several years now, and that wasn’t Russell’s fault. You don’t get the #1 overall draft pick unless you stink to begin with. And Russell is hardly the only draft pick to bomb in Oakland. They’ve been so bad for so long, they should have turned the corner by now with all the high draft picks they’ve picked up along the way. If the guy who mentored Brady says the Raiders ruined Russell, there’s plenty of evidence to believe him. They’ve ruined plenty of other players, too.”
    Your quotes from an entirely different ‘site (yeah, we know how to google also, damn-it):
    “Coaches TEACH players how to be good. They don’t make people WANT to be good. That comes from the players. At your job, if your boss needed to motivate you to show up, to do what you were hired to do, to get along with your co-workers, etc., how long do you think he would keep you around? Now, consider the fact that they also make millions of dollars more than I’m guessing you or any of the rest of us make, and you can start to imagine the high premium that is put on athletes who not only have talent, but who also prove they have DESIRE.”
    ‘Look familiar?
    I believe it is you who need “Tread with caution on HEADCASE” J. Russell.
    You as well as ‘Martinez take your Mickey Mouse Bull-Shit elsewhere.
    P.S. Specifically to San Mateo Hall of Famer Tom Martinez who single handedly forged one Thomas Edward Brady Jr. from the midst of Junípero Serra High School and the grasps of the Montreal Expos into the stellar NFL stud that we all know today……..
    I say to you; make it your personal agenda to back-up your ridiculous claims and prove the organization (hell – the whole world, for that matter) wrong, by dedicating your own time to mentor this aforementioned “talent” yourself.
    Good luck with that.
    Shot out ‘Lakers, Keep diggin’ ‘Dodgers, ‘Raiders way to host the 2010-2011 AFC Playoffs (yeah that’s right – PLAYOFFS), and USA – I feel your pain man, I feel your pain.
    I’m out!

  63. Hey Legend,
    That’s a whole lotta “ifs” and “ands.”
    Good luck with that.

  64. “HAHA” what a good joke Mr. Martinez, Russell was a big giant turd, who won’t even make in the UFL lol, they guy had a career QB rating below 35 I watched enough Raiders games to notice an untalented puke, it was all his fault just cause the coaches may not want you, doesn’t mean you don’t play hard, try and improve. Just look as anybody even tried to pike this puke up? nobody not even as 5th string water buffalo.

  65. JaMarcus Russell started 15 games in 2008. Let’s take a look at his stats:
    Completion Percentage: 53.8% (Not great, but I’ve seen worse.)
    Passing Yards: 2,423 yards (Decent)
    TD’s: 13
    INT’s: 8
    His 2009 stats are sad, but the Raiders didn’t improve at all from 2008 to 2009. They got worse in my opinion. Russell was dealing with a stuff full of people who didn’t want him. He deserved to be a #1 overall pick off of his pure skills. It’s obvious he was more suited to be a 3rd round pick and develop behind a veteran QB, then step in with some decent talent and good O-Line. I think it’s pretty difficult to have a desire to play well when you’re playing for a team that doesn’t want you and you’re rich. Not only are you not wanted, but it makes you think “What do I care? I’m paid.” Like I said, I’d love to see him come sit the bench for the Saints for a while, learn from an elite QB like Drew Brees, and then go on to be successful. I don’t know how you can compare him to Ryan Leaf. You people don’t know football well. Jamarcus has more TD’s and less INT’s then Leaf.

  66. Ska4life.
    Reading is fundamental. The difference between Brady and Russell is work ethic among other things. Now that you know that, maybe you can understand why everyone days this article and Martinez is full of shit.
    Russell didn’t care or try. Plain and simple.

  67. It was the Raiders fault, JeCarcas deserved a better fate than Oakland. The Jets would be wise to see if his career can be salvaged just in case Sanchize fails to deliver.

  68. I would like to take this time to make a DHB joke.
    But, they make themselves.
    JRuss is a bust to be sure, but he will be on a NFL roster by week one. Most likely a play-off caliber team; Colts, Saints, Patriots, or Jets.Wait never mind the Jets, you cant make the playoffs with 7 wins, but people seem to think the real NFL is like Madden 2006, so they are a Favorite. I do think his best chance is on the Jets though. They have a young Qb who never really looked good last year, and their back-up was never half as good as Chad Pennington. With their O-Line (I won’t deny it has potential to be the best in the NFL,) and Qb who is far from proven, I certainly can see where Martinez is coming from.

  69. Tell Martinez to let the Pats sign him. After all, Tom has a wife and kiddies now, so he may not play but a little while longer. His legacy and bust in Canton is secure and JaForkus can learn from the best. May even become another Matt Cassel

  70. That’s just…insane. The very FACT that Oakland looked much more respectiable with journeyman like Frye and Gradkoski counters this entire argument.
    Plus, I watched a fair amount of Oakland games (I’m a Dolphin’s fan, but I have a Raider friend and our games were often at different times). There were times when Russell had amble time to find a receiver or throw the ball away…and he just curled up and fumbled at the first sign of contact. He could barely complete a pass from the pocket, and was useless when trying to throw on the run. He often missed seeing open receivers, and his anticipation of the pass rush was abysmal.
    He not only sucked…and sucked VERY Bad…but his suckiness hurt a lot of other players. Yes, the Raider line was subpar, but, from what I saw, it was MOSTLY bad on power running. A decent QB had plenty of time to operate. Until they benched Russell, the Raiders simply did not have a decent QB back there. Meanwhile, DH Bay had his rookie season utterly derailed by almost never having a catchable pass thrown to him in the first 2/3’s of the year.
    Anyone blaming the Raiders for drafting Russell has plenty of ammo…but someone claiming it was OAKLAND’s fault he sucked is just insane.

  71. Oakland looked a lot better whenever Russell wasn’t in the lineup last year. He showed a few signs of life towards the end of 08, but flat-out sucked last season. They were still a bad team, but the effort level was there when JaMarcus was riding pine. Martinez is either getting paid by Russell to spout that nonsense, or he’s an idiot.

  72. The raiders ruined russell, like the chargers ruined leaf, and the browns ruined couch, who else? akili smith? A 300 lb qb, that skips team meetings and stares down one receiver and studies no film…I wonder why nobody has picked him up he’s such a wasted “talent.”

  73. Why is there no access to Silva’s email? Florio posts his, but why not Rosenthal and Silva? It would be nice to be able to contact the byline.

  74. Of course its the perfect enviroment. They’re the only team that has interest.

  75. Paul Hackett has been praised for his work and role in player development as a position coach and coordinator by SEVERAL QB’s and offensive standouts over a long and largely successful career in the NCAA and NFL:
    Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark, Marcus Allen, Herschel Walker, Brian Sipe, Danny White, Andre Rison, Tony Dorsett, Steve Bartkowski, Charles White, Herschel Walker, Vince Evans, Chad Pennington, Jeff Garcia, Bruce Gradkowski…
    One of them was a 1987 4th round pick for the Patriots that was told he needed to convert to a DB. After being traded from NE to Minnesota, he signed as a backup to Elvis Grbac in KC.
    Under Hackett’s tutelage, Rich Gannon began to develop into a starting caliber QB and after KC chose to let him walk in favor of Grbac, Hackett’s recommendation helped Gannon find his coveted starting job in Oakland.
    He was a multiple Pro Bowl QB and eventually the 2002 NFL MVP. Not bad for a 4th round “DB.”
    “Nationally renowned” aka “ESPN says so because Tom Brady says so, so it must be true” “Coach” Tom Martinez is credited for his work with ONE good QB and coached at the COMMUNITY College of San Mateo for 32 years.
    Tell me again how it is the Raiders and Paul Hackett’s fault that JaMarcus Russell failed to TRY to earn his contract?
    How did Paul Hackett get the most out of “questionable character” guys like Andre Rison and make bums like Rich Gannon and Bruce Gradkowski look good, but destroy the career of the upstanding, hard working supernova of talent that is JaMarcus Russell?
    If Hackett is so incompetent, why is he getting shout-outs in HOF speeches from multiple players and coaching in the NFL while Martinez works for peanuts and makes excuses for failures?
    Dysfunctional or not, the Raiders did not fail Russell. He was drafted #1 and paid that money to at least TRY HIS BEST to turnaround a bad team. Even if the 3 Stooges were his coaches, his JOB is to COMPETE and GIVE HIS BEST.

  76. Really?
    Its funny how the recievers were able to get open when Bruce was chuckin the ball

  77. My dye-in-the-wool Jets fan of a brother is praying, and praying hard, that the Jets don’t sign Russell.
    I saw Russell against the G-Men last October at Giants Stadium. He was sacked four times and was knocked down five or six times. I actually saw his standing there with three Giant linemen bearing down on him. He didn’t even make a move to try and get out of the way. He just stood there and let himself be sacked.
    The Raiders do hold some of the blame for this “Bust of the Decade”, but later I read quotes from Raider assistants that Russell never seemed to have made even an honest effort to learn his play book. At one point the Raiders offensive coaches had to break the game down to an almost high school level for Russell in order to understand what he was supposed to do.
    Seven touchdowns in three seasons?!!? That stinks even beyond high heaven.
    Woody, have some mercy upon my brother, and no doubt a ton of Jets fans, and put some serious distance between your team and this loser.
    GO GIANTS!!!

  78. It’s nice of the guy (Martinez) to defend Russell, he can’t be all bad. The glaring fact in my eyes is the momumental regression that took place between ’08 and ’09. It was plain to see that he didn’t grasp the opportunity to be an NFL QB, he didn’t care, he thought he could cruise by on his physical ability. That, is nothing to do with the Raiders who did have some stand out performers.
    Truth be told, 1st round pick who doesn’t become a superstar is hardly a shocker. Very few will put in the work to achieve greatness. It’s wonderful to watch the one’s that will.

  79. So just to be clear… Brady’s QB coach is giving the JETS QB advice.

  80. Makes sense to me. The wets are stupid enough to think they walk on water and have NEVER had a decent QB in their losing history.
    This would be just another in a long line of desperate moves that will fail. After all, we’re talking about the wets here. SIGN HIM to a LARGE CONTRACT!

  81. NO, I didn’t read every single comment above mine, but ….the JETS?
    What is he talking about? They HAVE Sanchez….
    is this the 12-20 pick Sanchoke you’re talking about? His bottom of the league numbers were only s l i g h t l y better than Russell. This kid has BUST written all over him. Yes, the wetnaps STILL need a pro QB.
    Can’t wait to see the house of cards fall and Wrecks crying again. Priceless!

  82. kiffin didnt want him but he did try to coach him, even after being fired.
    radio. hilarious. and sure davis overpaid his bad pick. but $1 would have been too much.
    the raiders got production out of gradkowski. at least till the gamblers come calling.
    campbell may be better than bruce or charlie but that’s it. he never led anyone anywhere. take away the first half of 08 and he is like 14-35 as a starting qb. those skins playoff teams werent anything he contributed to. the most recent one was qb’d by collins.

  83. Horse hockey. How can he be a QB at 300lbs? It’s more of a DT or OL. He can’t move, he fumbles the ball, he can’t pass. The only thing Russell can do is EAT

  84. I suppose it was the Raiders fault that JaMarcus showed up 15 lbs overweight to the biggest job interview of his life, the NFL Combine. His gut and manboobs alone were enough evidence for me, and perhaps some NFL teams to cross him off their draft list due to poor work habits and laziness. Then he held out despite being offered $4 million more than he was asking for? Again, the Raiders fault?
    I do blame the Raiders for selecting him at the top of the draft when he was clearly a lazy non-worker in college and leading up to the combine. Those traits have been his downpoint since coming into the NFL. Some QBs make take the notion that, “Nobody wants them” to make them work harder… but not Russell. It wasn’t the Raiders fault that Russell didn’t have a hunger to succeed and more often gave into a hunger of a different kind. Manning and Brady turned around franchises that had lengthier histories of losing and they did it because they worked hard.

  85. Let me submit this one again….. Apparently someone there does not want this message conveyed.
    “All you fools once again hating on a black quarterback – what a shocker………. 🙂
    I think Martinez knows a lot more than you losers 🙂
    I guess Jamarcus is a thug too :)”
    I’m about as black as they get. You seem to be about as ignorant as they get. Funny….. You had absolutely no contact with the ‘Raiders. What’s your excuse?
    Think before you drink and drive or TYPE!
    ‘Happy 4th’

  86. who is this guy? you never hear about him and then 2 stories in as many days… first its something about slamming the PATS about Brady and now it is the RAIDERS on Russell…so far the only link to any problems with these QB’s is him! hopefully he didn’t coach Tebow or hes going to start crapping on the BRONCOS!

  87. Shanahan’s Rat Teeth says:
    Paul Hackett has been praised for his work
    Hackett was a Johnny-Come-Lately to the party in Oakland and was the kind of guy that they should have hired right off the bat instead of DeFilippo.

  88. WOW, TOM MARTINEZ, what are you smoking? (Puff, Puff Give)….
    Was it the Raiders fault that JaWalrus weighs 300 pounds?
    Was it the Raiders fault that JaWalrus couldn’t hit the side of the barn?
    Or was it a the $25k gift certificate to KFC, as part of his signing bonus?
    Or was it the sleeping pills during meetings? (The raiders gave him those too, right?).
    Or was it that he lied about watching game tape? The Raiders gave him ample opportunity to succeed, JaWalrus failed and wasted 3 years of the Raiders. JETS, DO NOT TAKE HIM. This guy cannot make the simplest throw, a 5 yard pass.
    JaWalrus is a plaque, a big,fat, stupid, Lazy plague.
    Tom Martinez, you are a joke.

  89. Screw Martinez, Russell does not have the mental capacity or the motivation to be a great NFL quarterback. Give a guy 30+ million dollars and he shits on the team… This is a character issue, not a coaching problem!

  90. Only racists and idiots have this type of “blame everyone except the guy who’s really responsible” mentality.
    Russell is fat, stupid and lazy. Problem is, NOBODY would call him on it for fear of being labeled a racist…
    BTW, as far as Russell backing up Brees, that has to be the single dumbest football related idea I’ve heard in years.
    Brees is the most cerebral QB in the game, playing in an incredibly complicated system.
    Russell couldn’t learn HALF of the Raiders dumbed down playbook, so to believe Russell could ”get it” under Payton and behind Brees is laughable..

  91. i personally know an nfl scout that told a group of us that russell was the most physically talented qb he ever saw. of course if you don`t have a mind that really does not matter. the nfl has always been desirous of having a successful black qb. who really, besides McNabb, has been good?none. none more black. its like a black mirror. where is pam oliver and why isn`t she calling me?i wish she would. go bills!

  92. who really, besides McNabb, has been good?none.
    I’m pretty sure Doug Williams won a Superbowl…..

  93. Sounds to me like Mr Martinez wants to get his hands on some of that $39 million ‘coaching’ Russell, before he blows it on bling, buffet, craps and purple drank

  94. Absolutely crazy! You can teach a man how to throw a ball, but you can’t teach him how to have a heart. He didn’t have heart, nor did he have work ethic, two things needed to be successful in the NFL.

  95. it’s still startling to me to see the amount of hate toward the jets. the pats are easy to hate because they’ve been so good for so long, but the jets? anyway i think those hoping the jets get 7 wins are going to be pretty disappointed. those that point to the jets somewhat snakebitten past (over and over and over…) are going to be by definition quieter as the jets move toward sustained success. the pats are still good and the dolphins are getting better; would love to see the bills turn the corner too. there’s YEARS of really fun competitive football ahead and the jets should be in the thick of it all the way. can’t wait!
    go jets!

  96. Hey Martinez, how much money did you return to Jamcarcus for the lousy job you did? Everyone said he had lousy mechanics, so you got the big bucks to fix them, what happened? Maybe your not a good teacher if you don’t have q/b’s with Brady or Bree ability. Raider Hater Silva, you forgot to write about the Raiders ruined Plunkett and Gannon once they arrived in Oakland. Jamarcus has problems only he can fix and if he doesn’t have the desire to put in the work, then the problems will not get fixed. I hope Jamarcus signs with the Jets (or any team) then we can evaluate Martinez ability to teach. Has PFT management become the current Raider Hater site?

  97. How do you ruin someone who was to lazy to put the work in. I’m sure it wasn’t the Raiders who showed him how to fall asleep in meetings

  98. Has Martinez even WATCHED a Raiders game?? Dude couldn’t hit an open receiver. Raiders did better with Gradkowski or Frye in the game. Seriously, Martinez is an idiot.

  99. Hey Martinez,
    I guess it’s the Raiders fault that he just got busted for a narcotic. The rumor around Oakland is, he’s been doing it for years.
    MR. TOM MARTINEZ, I say that YOU started him on that stuff. It is your fault that he’s ruined. You did train him, he can’t throw a five yard pass and he’s a crack head.

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