Chargers' progress toward stadium could mean L.A. efforts are legit

Last month, the San Diego City Council authorized the expenditure of $500,000 toward a study that possibly would make a lot more than $500,000 available to assist with the construction of a new stadium for the Chargers in downtown San Diego.

Now, Scott Bair of the North County Times reports that the Chargers are “pouring their focus” into the project, which could land on a ballot by 2012.

The proposal has received an endorsement from mayor Jerry Sanders, something that Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani regards as a very good sign.

“The support of the mayor, the city council, the county board of
supervisors and other community leaders is essential to winning at
the ballot box,” Fabiani said, per Bair.  “Without that support, it doesn’t
make sense to put something on the ballot.”

The fact that folks in San Diego have gotten serious about keeping the Chargers after years of apathy also suggests that the locals realize that Los Angeles is getting closer to luring a team back to town — and that if the Chargers don’t have a new home in their long-time home, they’ll become prime candidates to return to their original home of L.A.

So this means that, in the end, California could be moving toward a net gain of one NFL team, if team that plays in L.A. comes from a city other than San Diego, San Francisco, or Oakland.

In turn, it means that there could be a net loss of one NFL team in Florida.  Or Minnesota.

34 responses to “Chargers' progress toward stadium could mean L.A. efforts are legit

  1. The Chargers have played in Diego for over 45 years.
    They played 1 year in Los Angeles.
    It makes no sense to move up North, when the TV Market already shows the Chargers in Los Angeles.
    Plus—-Raider fans in L.A. would destroy any home field advantage.
    Bring the Vikes.
    NFC Game on in Los Angeles, would be the Vikings.
    AFC Game on in Los Angeles would be the Chargers.

  2. It won’t be Jacksonville (Orlando wants the Jaguars plus Jax won’t let them leave) or Minnesota (Vikings will get new stadium because MN won’t let them go, either). LA will stay without a team because they don’t deserve one.

  3. So before a speck of dirt has been shoveled, you figure a 500K study already equates to a new stadium?
    great logic.

  4. At the risk of bringing it up, a big thank you to Mike Florio for not putting ‘New York’ at the end of this article. It would be absurd if New York State lost it’s only football team.

  5. The Lakers did it, the 49ers did it, it would really suck if the Vikes left Minnesota. Football wouldn’t be the same again.

  6. 1)L.A. Vikings?
    2)L.A. Jaguars?
    2 is more likely, though 1 sounds a lot better.
    Maybe Favre will be hitting the waves in a few years.

  7. The vikings would only screw up a move to Los Angeles.
    They are much more likely to be the first international team. Mexico City could be where the viklings end up. Everybody would support that.

  8. More billionares crying about getting something for nothing. When it’s something that doesn’t entertain, everyone screams bloody murder.

  9. Florio, that is some paper thin reaching you’re doing there. To somehow spin a mayor endorsing a new stadium in San Diego to the Jags or Vikings moving to LA is bullshit. So does the mayor and all community leaders in Jacksonville pledging their support to the Jaguars mean they’re not moving either? The same applies to the Vikings. I hope you see the double standard. Why don’t you just report it without taking pot shots at Jacksonville or Minnesota?
    Bottom line: Oakland and Detroit had worse attendance. Jacksonville is 5,000 season tickets away from selling out the entire season. We’re staying put.

  10. SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Some California state workers are preparing to tap into their savings while others already are cutting expenses as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s minimum wage order moved one step closer to reality.
    On Friday, the Schwarzenegger administration won an appellate court ruling saying it has the authority to impose the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour on more than 200,000 state workers as California wrestles with its latest budget crisis.
    A cut to a minimum wage would mean state workers would make the equivalent of $15,000 a year. The average state worker makes $65,000 annually, according to the state Department of Personnel Administration.
    State workers already have endured 46 days of furloughs that cut their pay by 14 percent. The furloughs ended in June, with Schwarzenegger trying to persuade unions to take a 5 percent pay cut through contract negotiations.
    Sacramento-based Golden 1 Credit Union, which serves more than 56,000 state workers, has announced it will provide a loan to members who receive minimum wage or do not get paid as a result of the budget impasse. State doctors and workers will not get paid until a budget is signed because by law they cannot be paid minimum wage.
    In what has become an annual spectacle, California began its new fiscal year Thursday without a balanced budget. The budget gridlock usually affects only a few thousand workers, many whom work for lawmakers, while companies that contract with the state have to plan for payment delays.
    This year, after several previous rounds of budget cuts, Schwarzenegger and Democratic state lawmakers remain far apart on ways to close the state’s $19 billion deficit. Several workers taking their lunch breaks near the Capitol on Friday indicated they already have begun cutting back because Schwarzenegger has been threatening the minimum-wage move for months.

  11. I agree with LincolnHawk 100%! So what every community leader in Jacksonville is saying is false, but what every community leader in all other cities are saying is fact?
    Teams leave because of stadium issues. Look it up. Historically, it is the lack of a quality stadium that has led to EVERY team relocating. Attendance rises and falls with the tide (or the economy), or the results of the team. Don’t believe me? In the mid 90s, the Colts and Patriots couldn’t give tickets away. Again, look it up.
    Jacksonville does not have a stadium issue. They have an economic issue. Their unemployment rate is around 20%, or over twice that of the national average.
    However, despite all of that, there will be no blackouts this year in Jacksonville. But, I am sure nobody will ever read about that on this HACK of a website. Good news for Jacksonville is bad news for Florio.
    Florio, you are so full of crap, it is pathetic.

  12. First of all, Jacksonville is a small-market team more likely to suffer from Obamanomics (over 20% effective unemployment) than large-market teams. Secondly, NFL teams are growing tired of the NFL Commissioner’s Robinhood Act that taking money away from large-market teams to support small-market teams. After Dallas spent 1.6 billion dollars and New York spending somewhere around 1.2 billion dollars on new stadiums, does Jacksonville, Buffalo and other small-market teams have a chance to compete.

  13. Purplengold….49ers did what? They were a charter member of the All American conference.

  14. LA is bankrupt, so there will be no financial inducements forthcoming. More importantly, Los Angeles is more valuable to the NFL as a bargaining chip whenever a team wants to extort its local taxpayers. If an NFL team ever moves to LA, there goes the leverage for every greedy owner who wants to bleed his local municipality dry. There is also little demand for an NFL team here, unless the Lakers decide to put on the cleats. Besides, USC is a pretty damn good pro team whose payroll doubtlessly exceeds the Bengals’. Most NFL-bound Trojans play out their eligibility because they can’t afford the pay cut. It’s been an eternity since the NFL left LA, and it will be an eternity before it returns. But how about another franchise in Green Bay? The Green Bay Raiders has a really poetic ring to it.

  15. I’m a diehard Vikings fan
    But the cards are not falling in our favor.
    Pawlenty is eying national office, and when one party is doing nothing but spending public money on porkulus bills, its going to be awfully hard for pawlenty to sign a bill supporting the Vikes, and then turn around and claim that he’s aganst pork an dgovernment spending (which is what got us in the economic mess)
    Ziggy knows that LA will meet his wishes when it comes to a stadium, and will gladly welcome the vikes. He has said that he will not move the team, but you cant really trust the guy, nor trust that he wont sell the team to someone who will have a brand new billion+ stadium ready to pump money into the franchise, at least for a decade or so till interest in LA wanes.

  16. @ dbartdog
    The team that is now the 49ers backed out of the stadium deal before they played. It’s likely that a different name would have been chosen had the franchise located there, if so I wonder if Bud Grant would still be coach. Land at the SW intersection of what is now Hwy 100 and I-394 just west of Minneapolis was to be Candlestick Park. There used to be a candlestick drive or road there as a scar to remind us of the NFL’s jilt, I remember swimming in a construction drain pond near there in the sixties. Now it seems to be covered by freeway and Wayzata Blvd businesses.

  17. What about the return of the LA Rams? Isn’t Stan Kroenke looking to get out of that dome in St. Louis?
    Also, I agree that the Jags are also a prime candidate: they’re losing money, playing to empty seats, and competing in a small market that has taken a hit economically. To top it off, the Jags have little tradition or inertia in Jacksonville (sorry to the die-hards) There would not be much of an outcry outside Jacksonville to keep the team there. Unlike Cleveland, for example, there is not much emotional gravity pulling team toward city.

  18. LA fans have gotten very comfortable having 3 of usually the best games on TV and no blackouts. LA getting a team is a ways away, and no really cares.

  19. BigBear123 says:
    SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Some California state workers are preparing to tap into their savings while others already are cutting expenses as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s minimum wage order moved one step closer to reality.
    Probably not going to happen. The guy who’s supposed to cut the checks has informed The Governator that it would take months before the computer systems could be reprogrammed to do that and then it would take an additional 6 months after that to bring the salaries back AND pay back pay, which they would be entitled to under the law.

  20. Jacksonville will not move to L.A.
    There are more than enough Jags living there already.

  21. It is a terrible time ESPECIALLY IN CA to ask taxpayers to pay even more but the city has a decision to make….pay to keep the team OR allow them to move
    It sucks but that is the way it is in todays game
    Jacksonville has zero interest in keeping their team as their attendence shows

  22. Settle down with all the nonsence that any team will survive in LA except the 2 teams who left in 1994. If the Rams or the Raiders came back.The fans would make sure the never left again. I think the Rams would have the best chance of surviving the jaded lipstick city we call home.

  23. Lufer – nope, the new ownership of the Rams wants to stay there.
    Bious – Jacksonville attendence is better than you’re giving it credit for, plus Orlando is their “new” home, not LA.

  24. Building a billion dollar plus stadium in LA to put a 4th team in a state that is already bankrupt is why this country is swirling down the toliet.
    LA is all about image and nothing else. They need a team to fill the void and to be seen on TV some more. Minnesota and Jacksonville are getting f’d in the A on this one.

  25. minnesota isnt going anywere , pawlenty is cheap but in the end minnesota WILL have a new stadium if anyone leaves itl be jacksonville………who even likes the jaguars anyway… i mean reallly

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