Ganther's BAC comes in close to legal limit

The good news for Seahawks running back Quinton Ganther is that, per a league source, his blood-alcohol concentration was measured close to the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

The potentially bad news comes from the fact that we don’t yet know whether he was close on the good side, or close on the bad side.

The legal limit in every state currently is 0.08 percent (the federal government used the carrot of highway dollars several years ago to persuade state governments to drop the maximum from what was in most state 0.10 percent).  Many if not most (if not all) states permit prosecution even if the measured amount is under 0.08 percent, but it’s typically much harder to get a conviction absent the legal presumption that anyone measured by science to have a BAC of 0.08 or greater is legally intoxicated, even if he or she shows no signs of intoxication.

Still, even if Ganther’s result ends up being close on the good side, NFL players need to realize that, if they’ve been drinking, there are other ways to get home, including the league’s “safe ride” program.  Most players likely assume that they’ll be able to make it home without incident, which makes us wonder how many NFL players have driven drunk without being caught — and how many will continue to do so.

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  1. “Most players”, no most people are doing this. We need to stop acting like NFL players are the only people who make dumb ass decisions daily. This line implies this decision is limited to NFL players, when we all know you may have had a drink or two last night and drove home yourself. Be careful demonizing everything. A .08 alcohol level in itself can be argured that he did not think he was impaired. No one is ordering a cab if they only had a beer or 1 drink or something,. Don’t be so judgemental all the time…

  2. A .08 alcohol level in itself can be argured that he did not think he was impaired. No one is ordering a cab if they only had a beer or 1 drink or something
    Dont be so ignorant.
    Quinton Ganther | Running Back
    HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’9′ / 214
    Body weight DRINKS
    1 2 3 4 5
    210 lb. .019 .038 .056 .075 .094
    220 lb. .018 .036 .053 .071 .090
    Subtract from this number the percent of alcohol “burned up” during the time elapsed since your first drink. This figure is .015% per hour. (Example: 180 lb. man – 8 drinks in 4 hours / .167% minus (.015×4) = .107 %

  3. Agree with flsnupe’s comment. What are we, hall monitors or something?
    Teacher! Teacher! Johnny’s teasing me!
    Who hasn’t driven after a cocktail? That’s what I’d like to know. Look, when we ride guys hard for this kind of thing it diminishes our credibility when calling out rapists, violent felons, and members of the Vick family…

  4. Hey flsnupe, I agree with the sentiment that this is not strictly an NFL phenomenon. Regular people do this all the time.
    But unless one weighs 90 lbs, 1 drink is not gonna equate to 0.08 alcohol level. A 210 lb man like Ganther would need at least 2 or 3 drinks to aproach 0.08.
    If you’re gonna drink, get a ride or call a cab. If you’re not willing to do that, then don’t drink.

  5. And so freakin what if he did have two or three. The only thing I respect about the law is its the law. But its completely asinine in my opinion. You should have the right to go home after work have a drink or two and than drive your car without a hard ass cop shoving a piece of equipment in your face. So many of these prescription drugs that half the country is on Im sure impairs a man more than a couple of beers. I know so many cops that have their particular hang out (fish and game club) and go there after work to blow off some steam, they responsibly have a few drinks and go home. Big freakin deal and they know it as well.

  6. People get so high and mighty about this kinda shit. Its not the guy that is having a couple of drinks and driving home after work that is killing people on the road because of his ‘impairment’. Its the people that are getting smashed, completely irresponsible and have absolutely no common sense that are the problem. Guess what? you aint never gonna solve that.

  7. Yeah Lufer,
    Mike Vick killed dogs!!! Why hasn’t he been executed yet!?
    I mean that’s far worse than drunk drivers that only kill people.
    Cuz we all know they don’t kill people on purpose…so that makes it OK.

  8. 1 drink? 2 drinks? How stupid are you guys? For a man Ganther’s size, it would likely take 4 drinks within a 1 hour span to get him above .08. Still, if he was close to .08, I’d hardly call him impaired, but whenever Florio can stroke his ego by taking the faux high road he will so I’d expect nothing less.

  9. It won’t matter if it’s .06,.07 or .08. Time lapse and weight, etc. etc. play a role, but the issue is “was he impaired while driving?” Very subjective interpretation by the arresting officer. Did he cross the “fog line” or center line numerous times? Slurred speech? Watery eyes? HGN test failure, heel/toe, etc.
    You CAN prove DUI cases on blood tests/intoxilizer blow tests under .08 and it is not rare to do it.

  10. “close to the legal limit” means UNDER. Otherwise it would have been reported as OVER. Isn’t that common sense?

  11. Disclosure Request
    Mike Florio should disclose a description of his alcohol consumption and personal beliefs about alcohol.
    Some of the articles do seem overly judgemental. It could be a bias based upon personal/religous/moral beliefs that alcohol consumption is wrong at any level. This would explain the tone.
    It could also be that he has a few beers is careful not to drive. Or that he has defended alleged drunk drivers that didn’t learn their lesson. Or whatever. Based upon the tone that every alcohol related story has, the same level of disclosure that he often requests should be expected of him.
    Whereas most of us have at one time or another driven at an illegal level. It is a terrible decision and shouldn’t be justified.

  12. It’s articles like these which really get me excited for that PFT season preview mag!! How any idiot can read your site regularly and pay more then 2 bucks for a sponsored publication is beyond me. I come here with the understanding half the articles are completely worthless, half of the rest is pure speculation, and the remaining actually being interesting stuff. Yes, that’s 25% interesting material. Of course I can’t speak for some of the morons who laude your content.

  13. I agree with jl and lololnpnop. Also, I want the PFT magazine in the hands of all my fantasy opponents this year. ’nuff said.

  14. I’d be fascinated to learn the blood alcohol content of Gene Smith when he chose Tyson Alualu one round too early. How much tequila must you consume before you think Thursday is Friday?

  15. IF it were close and over, the headline would have read, “Ganther’s BAC was over the legal limit.” End of news.

  16. .08 isn’t really drunk though. that’s just the government’s “decision” on what consitutes drunk.

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