Jon Jansen straddles line between author and subject

My post-lunch, pre-fireworks search for something happening in the NFL on our nation’s birthday led me to the Detroit Free Press, where it was hard not to notice the connection between two articles published Sunday.

In one corner, there was a piece detailing the battles throughout the unsettled Lions offensive line.  Perhaps the most intriguing competition takes place at right tackle, where 2008 first-round pick Gosder Cherilus and 12-year veteran Jon Jansen, a local product, are the top candidates.

The other article was written by Jansen, in his second role as a special writer for the paper.  His subject: the difficult decisions general managers face when they choose between proven veterans and talented young players.

Jansen took pains to say he wasn’t writing about his situation, but it was hard not to draw parallels.  Jansen used a talented rookie in his article, however, and Cherlius enters his third season.

The Lions must decide if Cherilus’ development is worth waiting for or if they are better off cutting their losses on yet another Matt Millen draft pick, and sending him to the bench.

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  1. I’ve watched Gosder for a while and hes another example of all talent no technique/work ethic…we should have taken Jeff Otah who was taken a few spots later.

  2. Wow Cherilus must suck really bad if he hasn’t clearly beaten out Jansen who was washed up 2-3 years ago.
    Jansen couldn’t even start for the Lions last year.

  3. Ya, it’s sad that an old vet who has seen better days is beating out a 3rd year player, goes to show you that the Last rigme was horrible at drafting, alas Kevin smith, jeff Backus, clint Avril, and Domminic Raiola, all need to go away.

  4. Jansen was very, very good for a long-time but then he got injured. Then he kept getting injured. He just doesn’t have any legs left. His balance has gone, his speed has gone and his strength diminished.
    He is a proper football player, great attitude, tough, intelligent, hard working and unfortunately long past it.

  5. Millen took Kevin Smith over Jamaal Charles because Smith was “more versatile”, which turned out to be true. All Charles does is gain six yards per carry. Mayhew is doing an excellent job of acquiring talent, so Millen’s guys will soon be gone.

  6. Jansen be washed up as a player but the experience he has would make him an excellent O-Line coach.

  7. Jeff Backus gave up 3 sacks last year. Ask a statistician, Left Tackles get blamed for the attackers comming from the right side as well.

  8. Sure he only gave up 3 sacks last year, how many times was he called for holding, false starts, or let linebackers blow by him and tackle the running backs? Backus is a Bum

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