McCloughan talks about new view of football life

Former 49ers G.M. Scot McCloughan felt himself going under, becoming overwhelmed.

When he looks back on his time running the 49ers, he sees a man that tried to have it all and failed.  A lot of colleagues that work the insane hours the NFL seems to require can probably identify.

I got spread so thin, I could never
catch up
,” McCloughan told Albert Breer of the Boston Globe, in what we
believe marks McCloughan’s first public comments since the Seahawks hired him as a
senior football executive.

“I got almost
numb,” McCloughan added. “And I had no one to blame but myself. I was losing my
family, and I sat back and had to think about that. As we know in this
business, jobs come and go. Family doesn’t. Those three kids, you’ve got
a chance to impact their lives, and I wanted to be a part of that.”

McCloughan will work out of Northern California in 2010, hitting the road to see prospects in the fall.  The Seahawks will re-visit an expanded role next year, but McCloughan will try to keep his work/life balance in perspective.

“I understand now that the job can’t consume your life.  I’m still young, and I still love football.
But it was consuming my life, and it’s just not as important as your
health or taking care of your family.”

It’s a message that likely resonates with many of you.  The type that works seven days.  That stopped counting years ago how many hours over 60 you work.  That routinely works holidays.

Which reminds me, Happy Fourth of July to everyone!  Now I better go tell my wife and my visiting in-laws.