Jets no longer interested in JaMarcus

It likely goes without saying, but it’s still not official until someone actually says it.

The Jets no longer have any interest in free-agent quarterback JaMarcus Russell, given his arrest on Monday for possession of codeine-laced cough syrup.

Per Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, the likelihood of the Jets signing Russell stood as of last week at less than 10 percent.  Now, per Mehta, it’s at zero.

It’s unknown whether the Jets have any lingering interest in quarterback Mark Brunell, who recently filed for bankruptcy.  Under the “Final Eight Plan” contained in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Jets may sign Brunnell, who became a free agent via the expiration of his contract with the Saints, as of July 22.

Meanwhile, the Vikings also reportedly had some interest in Russell.  We assume they’ve lost interest as well — unless they can devise some creative marketing ideas in light of the team’s color scheme and Russell’s alleged propensity for “purple drank.”

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  1. Someone from the media needs to get Tom Martinez on the record after this arrest and see if he still believes JaMarcus can “overhaul is work habits”. After the way Martinez, a Bay Area product, lambasted Oakland and defended Russell, it would be an interesting read to see what Martinez thinks now.

  2. Good God, why were they interested in the first place? Is it because the circus freak can throw a football through a wall? Why don’t the jets just go get a bearded lady as a cheerleader if they’re looking for a side show to be a part of their organization….oh yeah they covered that when they got Rex “I got 75 chins” Ryan as their head coach.

  3. What does the bust say for the guys desire to become a good QB. You have just been cut as a number 1 pick and are the biggest bust in NFL history.
    You have a rep as lazy and fat, not being the sharpest tool in the shed, no work ethic and 0 leadership qualities. He is so slow that the Raiders had to cut the play book down by 2/3rds just so he could play.
    Now after telling all that will listen that he gets it and is working his way back into shape so he can sign with another NFL Team he is busted for drinking a drink full of an opium base.
    The dude is nothing but a bum, wannabe thug type. I use to feel bad for the kid because he could not see all the folks laughing at him, what a joke this guy turned out to be.

  4. J-Russ screwed any chance he had to get back in the NFL in 2010!
    Addiction to Codeine is no joke. Codeine is derived from the same plant as heroin and morphine.
    It is highly addictive and most likely will be phased out as soon as a feasible less addictive synthetic version can be created.

  5. So how is JaDumbass gonna get his crunk on now?
    I know, I know, Mike Vick and him can have a series of “purple drank” partys…(BYOS) bring your own sizzzzeruupp!!!!

  6. I didn’t realize the Jets had been officially interested.
    For the record, I am also officially not interested in giving J. Russell a job.

  7. JaMarcus wouldn’t be the only current Vikings QB that is familiar with abusing prescription pain medications.

  8. Russell moved last year like he was under the influence of something. Guess that explains why he played in slow motion. You would think a guy that banked as much cash as he did could afford a better habit.

  9. This story is just sad. It just goes to show how human these athletes are. I enjoy following the NFL as much as anybody, but I truly hope JaMarcus has people close to him that will help him through this troubling time.

  10. This guy was never interested in achieving, only getting paid.
    He’s pathetic. RaiderNation has every right to hunt this big bag of suck down and putting him out of our collective misery.

  11. Maybe he can find a job as a Biopsychological, Behavioral Neuroscientific, law enforcing intel analyst with Jon Evans.
    Or he can just go to Jon’s house and have fun Googling big words all day.

  12. shamonu jamarcus, shamonu. tom martinez must feel like a fool now for dissing the radiers. spoke too soon. shamonu tom martinez, shamonu.

  13. Just wait — someone will use this as a reason to pick up Russell, suggesting that it might explain his failure in Oakland. They’ll rationalize that it’s something that can be fixed, in which case he could be a bargain pickup. If he hadn’t started his career in Oakland, this is the point where I’d suggest Al Davis would be the first to jump on him…

  14. oh man!!!!! This is hillarious!!!!!!!!! Maybe Vick and Russell can be cell mates!!!! I wonder who will go broke first!?!?!?!?

  15. I heard he was kicked out of ookie’s white party for spilling purple drank down the front of someone’s suit…

  16. Russell might look north of the border for an opportunity in the Canadian Football League

  17. I am not a Raider’s fan, or an Al Davis fan, but if this can be used to recover some of the stupid money they spent on this idiot, they should expend all legal matters to the max even if they lose.
    The NFL has standards, and Jdrink just lowered it a bunch. How can a #1 overall expect big money in the wake of this crap. And we wonder why a lockout looms.

  18. SamHam says:
    July 6, 2010 2:10 AM
    Who names their kid JaMarcus???
    Hey, he wouldn’t have had the stupidest name on the team if he had signed with the Jets. That award stays with D’Brickashaw.

  19. @ RyanT.
    Derivatives of morphine will probably be with us for some time. We don’t understand how these compounds relieve pain or pass the blood-brain barrier, so it is unlikely an effective substitute will be developed anytime soon.

  20. Forget the TV show about the J-E-T-S Jets. Let’s just have a reality show based on JaMarcus’s life, like they did with Anna Nicole Smith. With his cash and future prospects, might end up about the same way. Stay tuned. Florio can narrate.

  21. Everyone knows how this story will end. Russell will have a hard time finding work in the NFL again. He’s going to end up burning through his multi-millions by hiring personal assistants, housekeepers, personal chefs, buying too many expensive cars, buying too many expensive homes, buying flashy jewelry, taking care of freeloading friends and family, falling for bad investment advice, etc. In a few years, he will be dead broke. Then all the free loaders will dissapear once his money is dry. He’ll father a couple of illegit kids and have to pay out of child support payments to some skanks who got impregnated when he had money and were looking for a quick buck.
    Different guy. Same story.

  22. Come on JaMarcus. Think about all the people that died from “Purple drank”, sizzurp, lean, sip, Texas Tea, Screw, whatever you want to call it. It’s stupid

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