Martellus Bennett takes down controversial new video

NFL_bennett1_250.jpgWe finally had gotten around to watching the new YouTube video in which Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett dances in a fake beard and claims to be Osama bin Laden.

We didn’t click on the video sooner because, frankly, we’ve grown numb to the attention-seeking exploits of a second-tier player whose best chance of generating a laugh would come from playing peek-a-boo with a baby.

Well, the video has been removed by Bennett.  Which means that he likely got his knuckles rapped by the team, again.

Which is funnier than anything Bennett has ever said or done.

25 responses to “Martellus Bennett takes down controversial new video

  1. You know what happened here……And I hate the Cowboys more than anyone……..But Jerry Jones got wind of this, and said to him…”Listen EMPLOYEE, take this down or i’m gonna hit you over the head with this bag of hammers, the same bag of hammers that are smarter than you”….

  2. This guy has gotten more publicity out of 18 career receptions then anyone in history. He is a homeless man’s Freddie Mitchell.

  3. What does this video have to do with the Cowboys as a team? They are one of the classier units in the league if you look at their players. And comparing him to Findley really? His ability is as much if not more but he has to beat out Jason Witten not Donald Lee….

  4. @Whatdiga
    One asshole does not make the “team”! Ask the Steelers, Bengals, etc…

  5. Maybe he’ll have a career with SNL when he finishes with football. Obama isn’t God. He can be lampooned just like anyone else.

  6. How about he starts to living up to expectations instead of playing dress up and making lame videos all the time…

  7. kornonthekolb says: July 5, 2010 9:33 PM
    “This guy has gotten more publicity out of 18 career receptions then anyone in history. He is a homeless man’s Freddie Mitchell.”
    Given, Bennett barely qualifies as a good backup TE right now, but he has 35 career receptions, with 4 TDs in 2 seasons, not the 18 career receptions you quote. Also, his stats don’t include his strong run blocking. Maybe you witnessed some of it in the 3 times we beat you last year, but want to forget? I can help jog your memory. The Cowboys ran for 179 yards in the season closer to win the division, and then 198 the next week in the playoff game against the Eagles. Bennett was a part of that.
    And, the guy’s only 23 years old. Obviously, he has a lot of growing up to do, but he hasn’t done anything seriously bad (i.e. involving cops and arrests and lawyers. How’s the Michael Vick signing working out for you guys?) Bennett’s just sort of a goofball. If/when the guy matures, he has a chance to be an above average starting TE. He’s big, strong, fast and has good hands.

  8. why can’t football players make jokes too ??i want him to improve in real life , on madden,, he’s a touchdown asassin !!!

  9. cowboyjesc says:
    July 6, 2010 2:46 AM
    why can’t football players make jokes too ??
    Because he’s making jokes about a guy who orchestrated the murder of 5k+ Americans….and doing it on the 4th of July? The only thing worse would be if he did it on Sept 11th. Either way, though, you don’t make light of the situation until we kill the guy. After he’s dead, by all means, let the Osama jokes begin.

  10. What a moron. What he doesn’t realize is, he isn’t good enough to put up with the crap. If he doesn’t produce this year he may find himself playing in the UFL.

  11. The mystery has been solved about how such a big, athletic tight end can be so unproductive. He’s an idiot. I am, however, really looking forward to his Christmas video when he pays homage to Judas.

  12. He’s “second tier” only because he plays for the Cowboys behind the best TE in the league. He’s better than all the rest of the NFCE TE’s with the possible exception of Cooley.

  13. “The mystery has been solved about how such a big, athletic tight end can be so unproductive.”
    It’s called “he plays behind the best, most durable TE in the NFL, Jason Witten”. 28 years old and only 18 catches and less than 800 yards behind Hall of Famer Kellen Winslow, Sr.

  14. “Yet another example of how”great” this team is. ”
    Maybe he should have been out getting his former friends shot up, like Ron Mexico.

  15. I wish he’d mature a bit. He has such immense talent and still acts like a 12 yr old in the public eye.

  16. I’d love to hear Vox’s defense for Bennett rather than responses to the replies.
    (hint: it will have nothing to do with Bennett, but instead will deflect to my team)

  17. I have already gotten tired of this guys and his usual idiotic antics
    It is obvious he has no interest in playing well and working hard

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