Commish gave Pereira blessing to point out mistakes

bill-parcells-mike-pereira.jpgLast week, word emerged that former NFL V.P. of officiating Mike Pereira had taken a job with FOX.  We wondered whether the prospect of a broadcast partner pointing out the periodic ruh-rohs of the refs would make the league office nervous. 

Apparently, it won’t.

Deep in an interview with Milton Kent of AOL’s lurks news that Commissioner Roger Goodell gave Pereira during a recent breaking of the bread blessing to bust the balls of the men in black, and white.

“I’m never one to say that officials are perfect and it’s clear that
they do make mistakes, just like everyone else who’s involved with the
game makes mistakes,” Pereira told Kent.  “But I really do think that I’ll
have the opportunity to have the platform to explain what they’re doing,
what the rules are and, ultimately, it will improve the perception of
officiating. . . .

“I think [Goodell] realizes that the fan, our fan, the NFL fan, has
become a very sophisticated fan,” Pereira said.  “For him, to have a
program that is basically open and will address situations, he thinks
it’s good and for me to have the opportunity to have the platforms to
teach rules to fans and to announcers and to anyone who wants to listen,
he thinks that’s a good thing.”

So do we.  Though we’ve paid not much attention to the World Cup, it appears that FIFA’s approach to officiating blunders is simply to cry out, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”  The NFL, on the other hand, realizes that the best way to deal with the presence on the carpet of a pile of something that plopped out of a poodle is to deal with it, not ignore it.

And that’s another reason why the NFL continues to be the best sports league on the planet.

25 responses to “Commish gave Pereira blessing to point out mistakes

  1. never thought I’d say this, but FIFA could take some pointers from the NFL.
    Although I wouldn’t want replay in soccer, ever. Part of what makes that game so great is the fact there are no commercial breaks or stoppages. That drives me nuts in the NFL, games take over 4 hours now.

  2. Goodell doesn’t care that Pereiera will be pointing out officiating mistakes because in Goodell’s NFL monarchy, he answers to no one. He’ll continue to ignore those officiating mistakes as long as he pleases, just like he’ll continue to subjectively dole out suspensions based on his own perceptions of closed-door meetings without any regard for uniformity of rule enforcement or punishment.
    Who needs any of that when we’ve got way more important things to worry about, like putting a team in London?

  3. Goodell isn’t an idiot. He knows that fans will not continue to accept the blunders, and at times blatantly biased calls, that have plagued the league lately.
    They simply have to at least admit they make mistakes if they want to continue to be successful. I wouldn’t expect them to cop to outright taking bribes as they have the past five years or so, but this is still a step in the right direction.

  4. This is a great idea and I welcome any comments that critcize officiating.
    David Stern

  5. Bad calls will still get spun by Pereira. These officials are still the same out of shape, over-weight, out of position, near-sighted bunch that Pereira wouldn’t hold accountable when he was head of officiating.
    Nothing is gonna change until they bring guys in fulltime. Have them work ota’s and minicamps, passing schools, the whole off-season program. Lifting and running to stay in shape.
    I know officials try their best, but there’s no medals for trying.

  6. The NFL game is to cheat til you get caught. On any play, there are infractions on both sides of the ball. The officials know that they only call a low % of the infractions to keep the game in balance. Officials have to decide in a split second whether an infraction is important enough to deserve a flag. That is why there are so many delayed flags: yeah or nay decisions to call this foul but ignore that one. Players are aware of ‘payback’ calls to compensate for an earlier flag. I wonder how many coaches are warned by the refs that they will start calling penalties on certain players if the fouls don’t stop.

  7. Mike Pereira is a PR machine for the NFL. His little segment on NFLN was a joke. He will continue to be a joke on FOX. He sometimes admits to small mistakes, but he constantly dodged or glossed over glaring errors that changed the outcome of games.
    I would never trust 1 word that came out of his mouth. His job is to prop up the officials and take the heat off the NFL.
    Admitting the fact that the officiating is horrible hurts the credibility of the game and drives down ratings and betting. Sponsors and Gambling are the biggest revenue machines in the NFL and both must be satisfied.

  8. “And that’s another reason why the NFL continues to be the best sports league on the planet.”
    hear, hear

  9. “best sports league on the planet”
    I love NFL football, but no, no way. Tell me that again during the lockout in 2011.

  10. “BEST SPORTS LEAGUE ON THE PLANET”??? B.S. B.S. B.S. The NFL is the least fan friendly league on the planet. They need to take some serious lessons from MLB. Major League Baseball makes all of it’s games available to fans on any cable system or computer, but with the NFL, only fans who have DirectTV can get their Sunday Ticket. MLB also has a MLB network station available to fans on a “sports package”, but the NFL wants every cable subscriber in the nation to pay for their NFL Network. The NBA and NHL also have the same thing as MLB, but not the NFL, they think they are above all that, and that is what makes them very non-friendly to fans.

  11. Mike, you realize that soccer is the biggest and most popular sport in the world, right? I prefer football, too, but come on. You will never see the type of national pride in football that you do with soccer. Never. Even if the NFL spreads overseas, it will never catch on. Consider the money involved. People in third world countries won’t be able to afford the pads, helmets, etc. that are required to play football. Because all you need for soccer is a ball, it’s naturally the biggest worldwide sport. Rugby is also more popular for similar reasons. While I prefer football, I understand why other people like soccer. You should learn to understand, too. Although you’re right, the officiating in FIFA is bad. There is a lot of politics involved.

  12. Replay in soccer is a must. It doesn’t have to follow the NFL Model. Just follow the NHL model where each goal is replayed immediately and if there is a doubt, play is stopped to review the goal in more detail. And the on ice ref doesnt have to go to a stupid enclosure to check the replay. There is a central command that does it with better views. This is why NHL replays are faster than NFL ones. Soccer can emulate that. One or two minutes wont kill the flow of the game. What kills the flow of soccer is blatant delay tactics employed by almost every team with a lead. That is why I cheered when Germany just kept scoring goals against Argentina instead of sitting on their lead.

  13. Goodell dipped his hands in Gatorade, sprinkled some on Perriera’s back, made the signs of offside, pass interference, and repeat the down, then bade him go forth and multiply and hyperbolize any perceived errors by the officials.

  14. The NFL is definitely the most popular game in the USA. The baby boomers were turned onto the game in the late 50’s and early 60’s because TV brought it into their living rooms. The Boomers have now passed that love of the game onto their children and grandchildren
    Soccer simply doesn’t have that deep rooted history with the American family structure.
    Just because it’s the most popular game in Buttheadistan doesn’t mean it’s going to catch on here.

  15. “You will never see the type of national pride in football that you do with soccer. Never.”
    I think we already see the type of national pride in football that you do with soccer. Just because it is only one nation doesn’t mean we’re not just as proud of the sport as other countries are of their futbol clubs.
    The NFL IS America’s soccer and we’re just as proud of it as any nation is of their soccer team.

  16. @TheDPR
    When has our entire nation bonded to reach a common goal in sports? Countries in the world cup have the “us vs. the world” mentality and every country wants the World Cup so badly. The World Cup is similar to the Olympics in that regard. You never see this in America. It’s just the way American sports are.

  17. Great picture of Parcells and Pereira.
    Florio….you need to have a “caption this picture” contest.

  18. Good teams overcome the officiating mistakes.
    The red flags have always been a good idea.
    In the long run each team generally has as many “bad” calls go in their favor as against them.
    Heard a good joke today.
    How many viking fans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    At least 4. 1 to screw in the light bulb and at least 3 to complain about the officiating.

  19. Paul, what are you talking about? The NFL is the only league in the world that makes sure its games are on over the air television.
    K-Rock, I watched Periera’s segments on NFL Total Access and for the most part his explanations made sense.

  20. Hey, Bob Nelson.
    Just a little reminder. The NFL itself criticized the officiating in the NFC title game and fined 2 Saints players for blatant infractions that were missed by the officials.
    But you can just continue to blithely ignore the facts and reality. As you always do.

  21. Hey, Boob Nelson:
    1) When you said “Good teams overcome the officiating mistakes.” did you mean like when Hochuli blew the call that lost the Chargers a game? Just wondering.
    2) The league admitted that the officials blew several major calls (all against the Vikings) in the NFC title game. It fined 2 Saints players for non-called dirty hits. But you can continue to blindly ignore the facts and reality, Boob. As you always do.

  22. This will give the Goodell NFL a much-needed thrust into a world very similar to WWE wrestling.

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