JaMarcus Russell arrest was two months in the making

When word emerged that former Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell had been arrested in his home for possession of a controlled substance (codeine-laced cough syrup), we expected some interesting details to follow.

The process has begun.

The Associated Press reports that the arrest results from a two-month investigation, and that more arrests could be coming.

Per the AP, Mobile (Ala.) County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Lori Myles said that the investigation didn’t initially target Russell.  His name and home address, however, came up “several times.”

The substance taken from Russell’s home is being tested to determine the amount.  The process could take five-to-seven days.

Meanwhile, the latest AP report suggests that a trial will be held on July 20.  Sorry, but this isn’t Hollywood; it’ll be an initial court appearance, with trial to follow at a later date.

79 responses to “JaMarcus Russell arrest was two months in the making

  1. Sounds like…
    (A) Raiders narked on him hoping to recover ca$h.
    (B) Haters in his hometown narked because they were jealous of all the attention he got after coming home.

  2. Sounds like…
    (A) Jamarcus Russell is a moron junkie…
    (B) Between him an Kiffin, Al looks a whole lot smarter than you!…

  3. so there was a “sting” to crack down on cough syrup.
    Not assault weapons, or drugs from foreign lands, or even your garden variety meth lab. Codeine laced syrup.
    The good people of Mobile, and all of Alabama, should be very relieved.

  4. I have some left over from a bit of pneumonia. Got it legally, Did he? I mean, if he did, then what is the issue?

  5. Look at Florio changing things.
    “Mobile County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Lori Myles said Tuesday that the investigation WASN’T targeting the former Oakland Raiders quarterback, but his name and home address had come up several times.”
    Hey guess what all this means? I was 100% right again.

  6. Or how about the is just another hyped up piece of trash comin out of the dirty south? Ever think of that? Oakland deserves their money back.

  7. Everyone knows Russell was sippin on the syzzurp.
    It was bound to come out because he is out of Oakland and is going to get ugly real quick..

  8. Jamarcus was basking in the glory but the glory ain’t earned yet. So did the Raiders drive Jamarcus to the drank? I don’t think so.

  9. Or option (C) he has just yet again shown why is throw down scum. Not worth the air he inhales. But keep coming up with your conspiracy theories over in Pittsburgh.
    Hey I bet that girl went to the club that night with the intention to lure Big Ben in the bathroom. Probably got paid by the ravens to do it too. Moron…

  10. There is a reason Russell played so slow……Ever notice him on the sidelines he never looked at the clipboard, the photos, or talked with players he was always too lethargic.
    He didn’t even stay awake for meetings.
    IS not Russells fault though its AL.
    AL drafted him..everyone knew he was lazy..

  11. “and that more arrests could be coming”…
    … as in, more NFL players could be arrested?

  12. Only in Alabama would you see taxpayer money spent on an “undercover codeine cough syrup sting.” Seriously? This has athlete envy written all over it. Meth? Nah. Cocaine? Nah. The Bama PD decides to raid a pro-athletes home (not a very good one btw) to make sure the crime and scourge attributed to Russell and his alleged cough syrup habit don’t take over the country.
    If Russel made any mistake, it was staying in Alabama lol. If I have $30+ million in the bank, the LAST place I would live is Alabama. I mean geeze, has he heard of Malibu, South Beach, the Hamptons or Beverly Hills? And if he gives the “I want to be near family” excuse, I’ll respond, “If you have $30+ million, move your @#$@#$@# damn family!!” lol

  13. Tax dollars at work! 2 month investigation and its still not complete… over cough syrup. Really? WOW. So many other drugs the knuckle head could be doing so much better but codeine.
    That I will never understand why take a drug like that.

  14. Hopefully this will all blow over once the police run into some uncooperative witnesses.

  15. Come on now….it was a simple mistake. JaMarcus just saw something that send syrup and his bloated body wanted it…. If anything it’s his obesity that got him into trouble.

  16. Sounds like JamJam’s information [Caruso pulls sunglasses off] got intercepted.

  17. @PittsburghSteelerz …..
    or maybe Jamarcus was tired of Rapistburger getting all the attention?

  18. Honestly, I feel for the guy, but he did it ALL to himself…
    Steelerz – So you wouldn’t turn a fellow citizen in if you found out he was breaking the law in a dangerous fashion? Who knows if he had been driving with that stuff in his system.

  19. @ ChillyP says:
    July 6, 2010 5:57 PM
    Come on now….it was a simple mistake. JaMarcus just saw something that send syrup and his bloated body wanted it…. If anything it’s his obesity that got him into trouble.

  20. 2nd biggest bust ever. Leaf still first,chargers traded up to get him and past on payton manning.

  21. “obscenery says:
    July 6, 2010 5:45 PM
    “and that more arrests could be coming”…
    … as in, more NFL players could be arrested?
    Watch out, Florio is going to connect the imaginary dots and fit Michael Vick into this.

  22. aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ha ha ha haa ha ah haaa wooo wooo woo ahhh haaaaaaaaa

  23. This story is news, but just how many headlines are you pft’ers going to try and squeeze out of this one?

  24. huskylawyer says: July 6, 2010 5:48 PM
    Only in Alabama would you see taxpayer money spent on an “undercover codeine cough syrup sting.” Seriously?
    I agree, it does sound crazy, but I am sure there is more to it than that. They could have linked a codeine cough syrup connection to an illegal shot house for all we know. I am sure Purple Drank would be pretty popular in those sort of places. Illegal shot houses are popular in many southern black communities.
    Maybe some local drug store was selling their entire supply to a friend of Russell’s who was using Russell’s money to fund the deal. This would be highly illegal, and prompt an investigation as well. Who knows?
    I’m sure it’s not just some racist redneck detectives who have an agenda. Like some of the Vick and Russell “All white people are evil” supporters would like us all to believe. You can bet there was a good reason for all of this.

  25. purple drank… purple drank…
    surely an example for us all to follow. NOT.

  26. I’ve figured out why codeine!..Give him a temporarary vasectomy..so he’d avoid being a daddy, like many of his peers…No spermies, no kids…Too bad they didn’t give Travis Henry Codeine when he fathered 2 kids w/2 different women on same night…Love those 3 somes.
    So, who really, badly needs a QB here?…Jacksonville?, Pittsburgh? Seattle?..Arizona? [ maybe?]..or anyone w/a serious injury.
    If ryan Leaf bounced around…JR is bound to

  27. Two months!? What’s two months salary for a single sheriff’s deputy in Alabama? $7k?
    So they spent at least $7,000, and probably much, much more, to catch a guy drinking cough syrup. And now they have to go through the costs of litigation and enforcing probation. What a waste.
    There must not be any crime in Alabama.

  28. Am I the only one concerned about our rights within our own home?
    Unless he was dealing the drug, why would there be a “sting operation” to get a warrant to go into one drug user’s home to arrest him?
    I admit, I may be quite naive on this, but I was under the impression that once you’re in you’re in your own home you can pretty much do what you want, drug-wise…as long as you’re not bothering others, that is.

  29. invizibleskull says:July 6, 2010 5:34 PMSounds
    (A) Jamarcus
    Russell is a moron
    (B) Between him
    an Kiffin, Al looks
    a whole lot smarter
    than you!…
    Wasn’t it Kitten who said don’t draft Russell?

  30. “…the arrest results from a two-month investigation…”
    Wow, imagine if it was an actual crime.

  31. Wrong DHB,
    Manning was picked first in that draft, Leaf second.
    =J.R. is biggest bust ever.

  32. Pretty sad that JaJunk gets any of our valauble time but on a positive note dead Al extolled what a gem he found when he drafted him, stood by him and now that JaJunk has proven what a flat out loser he is, Al says nothing except maybe he listended to someone else in the Raiders front office !!. What a pathetic orginization

  33. 2010_DHB_70rec_900yds_10tds —
    Uhhhh, the Chargers did not pass on Manning.
    Way to back your opinion up with “facts”.

  34. 2010_DHB_70rec_900yds_10tds says:
    July 6, 2010 6:08 PM
    2nd biggest bust ever. Leaf still first,chargers traded up to get him and past on payton manning.
    Sorry – Manning was the #1 pick, Leaf went #2. Please put down the styrofoam cup with the ‘lean’ in it.
    Easy click for you:
    (btw – it is ‘passed’, not past)

  35. @2010 Dhb…..chargers didnt pass on Peyton…he went 1st overall….SD did trade up to get Leaf, but then the Leaf/Russell conversation will continue. But even Leaf got a couple more shots at the NFL. Something Jabustus will never get.

  36. how is this football news?.. since he isn’t on a football team any more, of course.

  37. @2010 DHB/ delusional raider fan….Peyton went first overall…Leaf 2nd…SD didnt pass on Manning. And even Cryin Leaf got another couple shots in the NFL…something Jafatass will never get.

  38. @RaiderMight
    That’s the funniest thing I have seen in a long long time.

  39. if the kid is truly hooked on opiates he is in my prayers. as a recovered opiate addict i can say from my personal experience if you run out of junk you will stop at NOTHING to find more of it. it almost seems like this whole deal with him(not caring, being totally lazy….etc) was impossible to understand. i get it now. riding the dragon never comes to a happy ending.

  40. He should of moved to Virginia. Hick cops let you get away with anything there.

  41. 2nd biggest bust ever. Leaf still first,chargers traded up to get him and past on payton manning.
    Check the record J RUss is the biggest bust ever the chARGERS DID NOT PASS ON PEYTON MANNING FOR R LEAF PEYTON WENT #1 OVERALL

  42. whats wrong with america when everyone tells on someone else. I was raised to stand on my own two feet, not throw my friends, family or even a stranger under the bus because i got caught doing something illegal. So to all you snitches out there F$$# OFF
    J. Russell you will go down as one of the True TOOLS in this world but your better than the fruit cake that snitched on you.

  43. Actually you all need to check your facts. Codeine cough syrup in it’s undiluted raw form (they dilute it with water when you get a precription) is one of the most stolen pharacuticals. I am SURE it isn’t a matter of JR having a small bottle he got when he had a cold. The raw syrup can be cooked down for injection or just a super concentrated form.
    My guess is that the authorities have been following a stolen pharacutical ring and JR was probably surveilled buying it. I am sure there are bigger fish in this.
    Jokes of Alabama aside, I am fairly certain they are not spending valuable law enforcement resources and mistameanor tickets, regardless of whether it is a nfl player.

  44. What kind of grown many drinks Purple Drank and takes Codeine…
    Low class

  45. “If Russel made any mistake, it was staying in Alabama lol. ”
    Ummm, actually if he made any mistake it would be the whole “breaking the law” thing…but don’t let that logic get in the way of your irrational hate…

  46. 2010_DHB_70rec_900yds_10tds says:
    July 6, 2010 6:08 PM
    2nd biggest bust ever. Leaf still first,chargers traded up to get him and past on payton manning.
    Actually Peyton was already off the board because the Colts had the first pick and selected him. I remember there was quite a debate at the time about both Leaf and Manning… Although your reasoning for thinking so is wrong, I do agree with your assessment… Leaf was a bigger bust. Not because of the Manning thing though… It was because the Chargers gave up 2 first round picks, a 2nd round pick and 4 time pro-bowler Eric Metcalf to move up one spot to make sure they could select either Manning or Leaf, whichever one wasn’t taken. Unfortunately for them, it turned out to be Leaf, who like Russell, had all the physical gifts, but didn’t have the mental desire to be an NFL QB. As for the people that blame Al Davis for taking him or whatever, at the time of the draft, he was considered the best franchise QB prospect that year… It was a pretty thin draft… remember Quinn was the only other 1st round QB that year, and he fell hard and far… to the point he was almost crying because he was in NY for the draft and nobody wanted him… but I digress… I hear people saying his work ethic was questionable at LSU, but I heard Jim Miller today say that coming out of college, his work ethic wasn’t in question, it was after he held out and didn’t take on the responsibility that the Raiders paid him for that his work ethic showed to be lacking. If Al was guilty of anything, it was believing too long that he would turn the corner and accept the responsibility. He finally realized that the light was never going to come on, and he picked up Jason Campbell for next to nothing. And he got rid of his unfortunate mistake. You see it happen all the time though, if you are bad enough to earn that 1st pick in the draft, most of the times, the team goes with what is supposed to be the “franchise” QB at that slot. Not always, but usually. That said, the only thing the Raiders gave up to draft Russell was 14 losses… Even though I think they are both equally worthless in the NFL, Leaf gets the biggest bust nod just because of what the Chargers gave up to get him.

  47. I’m starting to feel bad for Ol’ JaMarcus, and now he gets swept up in the Mobile, AL. Robitussin Sweep.

  48. Buck Stallion – Hahahaha! Oh mean, read our laws sometime. Possession is possession wherever it is. By your logic, you can murder someone in your own house and should get away with it, right? How about rape? I mean, its your house… Jeez…

  49. A lot of people are assuming that this investigation focused exclusively on the codeine cough syrup, and are thereby insinuating that it was a waste of taxpayer money. It’s unlikely at best that distribution networks for prescription drugs limited themselves exclusively to prescription cough syrup, and completely ignored other drugs.
    Look, I think marijuana should be legal, but abuse of prescription medication is every bit as illegal as abuse of marijuana.

  50. JaMarcus has been addicted a LOOONG time. There have been rumors going around for quite a while about this.
    I hope for his sake he gets his life around.

  51. Good point. Everyone knows that when you’re grown up, only high class drugs such as cocaine should be used.
    Chiefs2010 says: July 6, 2010 8:07 PM
    What kind of grown many drinks Purple Drank and takes Codeine…
    Low class

  52. 2 month investigation for a bottle of codeine?
    Thats at least $2million down the drain, I have an illegal bottle of pills in the next room as well. Wheres my 2 mil investigation

  53. Bubba would bet that JaMarcus never had a cough, but when he broke wind it was a “PURPLE HAZE”

  54. Purple Drank. Millionaire. Those words just don’t fit. Jamarcus hooked on Purple Drank. Cripes. For the little itty bit of mind-numbing drugs (which explains his NFL “performance”) you get a whole bottleful of toxic purple crap. Jamarcus, if you’re gonna be a junkie, do something besides Drank.
    Drank. Jamarcus is on Drank. That’s what unhappy 14-yr-olds use. Jamarcus, please. Drank. Nasty stuff.

  55. Hey DcNinerFan,
    I may be ignorant of the law, but your analogy is poor. Rape is a violent assault on another person. Taking an illegal drug in your home, & just staying there chillin, hurts no one.
    I have seriously never heard of anyone being arrested in their own home simply for taking drugs. No if someone is freeking out & causing a disturbance, & the police are called, & they find drugs, that’s another story.
    Can you give me another example of an arrest similar to J. Russell’s?…Where the police come in to one’s home with a warrant, looking for that person’s drugs? And I’m not talking about a dealer.
    I’m not saying I’m correct, I have just never heard of an arrest like this.

  56. To all you guys saying “what’s the big deal?”
    Will you still be asking that when it comes out that the moron invited kids he didn’t even know into his house to drink this shit?

  57. Footnote: Johnny Jolly, Packers STARTING defensive end last season on the #2 ranked defense is going to trial this month for ALLEGEDLY ‘DRANKING’ this stuff.
    But I am a bit concerned about Russell’s arrest. Was there a search warrant? Was there probable cause? A two-month investigation…isn’t there a difference between “use” and “distribution”.
    Ask yourself this: an alcoholic can sit at home and do this without legal problem, but a person using this stuff at home is busted? It’s a prescription med. Pretty fine line and a bit of hypocrisy. Alcohol is the most abused drug in the country. After the bust, I bet some of the cops went somewhere to down a few…no?
    Law enforcement in this country has slowly crept forward to more resemble the Soviet Union than the United States.

  58. Drats says “Drank. Jamarcus is on Drank. That’s what unhappy 14-yr-olds use. Jamarcus, please. Drank. Nasty stuff.”
    There is a big misconception here that this stuff is just cough medicine. A pint of this stuff can cost $500 to $700, so I doubt any “unhappy 14 year olds” are drinking it. ESPN did a special on it on Outside the Lines. I would suggest watching it to see how this drug is being used. It is very dangerous and highly addictive- more so than heroin and cocaine. The sting probably involves doctors who are giving out prescriptions to dealers who are then distributing it. JaMarcus was not the focus, he just got caught up in it having purchased it on several occasions. The doctors themselves are probably the main focus on the investigation.

  59. @ radioboy
    I think it’s pretty obvious that the police were investigating a case of distribution, or something of that nature, and not just a case of somebody having a swig of Purple Drank in their own home. If it was a two month investigation, more than likely they were using a search warrant as well.
    @ Buck
    I know someone who had the police knock on their door to ask the ma few questions about a disturbance down the street from their house. From the front door they smelled pot and saw some sitting out on the coffee table. It gave them probable cause to enter the residence, and they were busted for possession.
    I also know someone who was staying at an efficiency hotel for a few months. He enjoyed a puff or two off a joint and put it out. Just so happened, the cops were doing a drug search with dogs over a complaint about another room being used. The dog made a hit on his door, and the police searched his room without a warrant. In this case he didn’t have to let them in, but he was dumb enough to do so. He was arrested for possession.
    Yes, people can get arrested for enjoying themselves in their own home if they’re not taking the proper precautions.

  60. Jesus, codeine cough syrup IS NOT more addictive than heroin. Thats dumber than JaMarcus getting busted for this crap. Codeine is one of the weakest opiates that are prescribed. Don’t say you watched a special on ESPN and then assume to know what you are talking about. Heroin is the Big Boy of the opiate family, Codeine is the little ginger 2nd cousin.

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