"Leon factor" weighs on Jets

Leon Washington’s final play as a New York Jet continues to impact the franchise.

The gruesome injury, which led to Washington’s ultimate departure from the team this offseason, haunts many of the running back’s former teammates, according to Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork.com

“When something like that happens, it’s fresh in the mind, especially
since Leon and I came in together [in 2006],” center Nick Mangold said.

The “Leon Factor” is just one reason why Mangold and Darrelle Revis have aggressively gone after
long-term extensions this offseason  Washington’s old friends know better than most that a
career and a lifetime of earning potential can change in one instant.

When something like that happens, we can’t be too surprised when players start looking out for number one.

25 responses to “"Leon factor" weighs on Jets

  1. let me be the first to say “Thank you Jets for moving this guy out of the division”

  2. What about Chris Henry’s brain damage?
    I’d be more concerned about being a vegetable at age 50 than not being able to play anymore.
    I think players would be more concerned about their life after football, would totally suck to be rich and not enjoy your lifes work b/c your brain has turned to swiss cheese.

  3. Do the players also say Leon should have been less greedy and taken a more than fair offer of 4 million? Leon – 4 million is more than 1 million. Good luck in Seattle.

  4. Cromartie was thinking about it even before Leon got injured. In fact it’s all he thinks about when he plays.

  5. this was a story? or was it really just an avenue to let the Jet-hating detritus on this site out of their cages for a spell?

  6. yeah, players like revis should learn to take the $2o million they have left guaranteed on their contracts.
    i love leon, but he was an idiot for turning down the $10 million guaranteed he was offered before last season started.

  7. ingreenmts says:
    July 6, 2010 5:37 PM
    Do the players also say Leon should have been less greedy and taken a more than fair offer of 4 million? Leon – 4 million is more than 1 million. Good luck in Seattle.
    Hard to argue with this point. Jets management didn’t stall with Leon, they made him a decent offer last year before they had to. If anything Leon should teach Mangold, Revis, Harris, etc. the dangers of holding out for every last cent when there’s already tens of millions of guaranteed money on the table, ready for the taking.

  8. When you played the jets..you only feared Washington…who was one great player…jets will regret letting him leave, as well as Jones.
    jets w/no run game would depend on Sanchez…who as focal point of an offense..would need Depends.

  9. If the NFL players association thought they even remotely had a viable argument against a rookie salary cap, Jamarcus Russell and this deal need to be taken into a room.

  10. I’m a Fin Fan, and I agree.. Yes, Washington should have taken when offrd the 10mill, but to be fair- that’s why Those guys are doing it now- They see what could happen; if you don’t..

  11. bunch of PFT ass kissers!
    ask your Moms to make me a milkshake, she’ll know what I mean.

  12. Watching Rex Ryan, the Jets, and all their fans come crashing back to earth this year is something football fans everywhere can look forward to.

  13. I hope Leon is healthy again and has success in Seattle. I’ll enjoy watching him play there more than when he was in New Jersey. I also hope the Jets suck but it would be a major underachievement if they did.

  14. Who cares!
    What about the gruesome injury to my man, Braylon Edwards, hands?
    Poor boy thought he was a lock for the Hall of Fame so he tried to bronze them!
    Left him with no feeling whatsoever!
    Let’s show some compassion to “hands of stone” for his injury.

  15. “Popeye says:
    July 6, 2010 6:21 PM
    the lt factor will net 1500 total yards and 10 tds

    Dude, lay off the crack and stick to making chicken.

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