Wes Welker remains ahead of schedule

In early June, there were reasons for optimism that Patriots receiver Wes Welker could be ready to play in Week One. With another month of Welker rehabilitating his surgically repaired knee behind him, that hasn’t changed.

Michael Lombardi reported Tuesday on NFL Network’s Total Access that Welker is ahead of schedule.

Lombardi reported that Welker likely won’t be a full participant when training camp opens on July 31, but that he’s making enough progress that he’ll probably be cleared for team workouts at some point during training camp.

Welker suffered a torn ACL in the regular-season finale on January 3. The Patriots’ 2010 regular-season opener is September 12.

34 responses to “Wes Welker remains ahead of schedule

  1. Let’s just hope he’s ready when the pats play the fins…. So dansby can break welkers leg

    Most people that come back by the next year (60%) from a torn ACL average about 80% of their production (or maybe it’s 80 60… I forget), so if the Patriots can get that out of Wes Welker, it will dramatically improve their WR position this year (because Moss being doubled and a bunch of rookie WRs struggling to get open = bad for Tom Brady)

  3. Lets hope he avoids the Purple Drank menace which has befallen so many of our beloved slot receivers in the past…

  4. With all the sand removed from his vag . Now he can start the healing process . Long as he doesnt remember or have flashbacks of Ryan Clark he will be ok .

  5. NJfishfan,
    You’re nothing but a low-life piece of shit.
    You’ve got two things going against you:
    1) You live in New Jersey.
    2) You’re from New Jersey.

  6. Welker is taking it nice and slow. He doesn’t want to return to the field until after November 14th – he’s got no interest in running into Ryan Clark again at Heinz Field on SpyGate payback night
    Smart man…

  7. Wes Welker= Best receiver in the league. He works the slot better than anyone. His hands are Rice like, and he is never afraid of a hit. Pats are lucky to have him. Especially with Moss likely leaving after this year.

  8. Wes is hands down in the top 3 best WRs in the league. A player ANY team would die to have. The Patriots won’t be the cute pick this year to win it all, but they have as good of a chance as anyone. The best QB and 2 of the best WRs will help a defense that will surprise many.

  9. Jerry Rice returned from his torn acl 6 months after his surgery and went on to a Pro Bowl season…Javon Walker returned from his torn acl 8 months after his surgery and went on to have the best season of his career.
    Welker will be 9 months removed from his acl surgery in week one…It’s not like Welker is a RB getting hit on every play by 250-350 lb guys…this isn’t rocket science here guys, he’ll play.

  10. Steeltownpride and ItalianArmyGuy,
    Remember when Ryan Clark got burned twice for scores in the same game in ’07.
    Good times.

  11. Ryan Clark didn’t stop Wes Welker, crappy turf did. Still, The Energizer Bunny keeps going and going ….
    There isn’t one of you bigmouths who wouldn’t give both nuts to have Welker on your team’s roster TODAY.
    You know it.

  12. Ryan Clark’s punk ass is the last thing WW is worried about.
    Even Jets fans respect Welker.
    By the way IAG… WW will be back by theneven if he is put on PUP. Your sad pathetic secondary isn’t gonna know who to cover. Polalamu can’t cover Moss, Welker, Edelman, Holt, Tate and Price by himself. The Pats have new weapons now at WR. Not to mention Gronk, Hernandez and Crumpler.
    Grow up.

  13. More shining examples of why the rest of America finds Steeler fans to be as classy as a used condom in the gutter.

  14. Ingloriousbasterd,
    Peyton Manning went to the Patriots?
    Only a Patriot homer could consider Brady the best after his past few seasons choke jobs in the playoffs. He’s NEVER been better than Manning he was only fortunate enough to be on better teams.
    Only a Patriot homer would consider Moss in ANY top 3 receiver discussion the dude only gives 100% on deep patterns.
    And Welker is awesome… but he’s not better than
    1) Andre Johnson
    2) Reggie Wayne
    3) Brandon Marshall
    4) Marques Colston
    5) Larry Fitzgerald.
    He just doesn’t catch enough TD’s to rate above ANY of those guys.
    I hope he comes back no question but he’s just not in a top 3 discussion unless you are just talking top 3 dink and dunk/bubble screen receivers.

  15. All this Ryan Clark talk… when was the last time he hit someone while a play was actually going on? Or does he just hit late?
    Rodney Harrison hit everyone, anytime, anyplace. Ryan Clark can hit late, and also, he can’t cover.

  16. sharkattack says:
    “Wes Welker……His hands are Rice like…”
    White, small and starchy?

  17. ADX, the past few Brady choke jobs? Manning’s whole career is choke jobs. Even the year his team won the SB, he threw like 3 TD’s and 7 INT’s. He tried to be “the man” this past season, and threw a game sealing INT TD return.
    Better teams? Maybe in 2004. But 2003 the Patriots had a below average offense. 2001 Patriots were hard-hitting, but mediocre all around.
    The Colts are always 12-4, 12-4, 13-3, 14-2, 12-4, 14-2, 13-3, 14-2. In fact their regular season record was better than NE’s the past decade.

  18. The only reason Welker is so good is because BB puts cameras on the sidlelines right? You DOUCHBAGS will never learn! The Patriots got it right. Thanks Miami for a great player.

  19. Im a Jet fan and he is the one receiver that scares me against our D.”
    Correction: It’s “their” D not yours. You are just a computer Madden wannabe that has lost perspective. Grow up . Jests blow chunks.

  20. @ ADX
    I am going to disagree with you a little bit.
    Is Manning the better QB….Yes (Though Brady was better in 2003, 2004, 2007).
    However the gap isn’t as far as one thinks. Much like Brady having a better team helps him, the rule changes favor Manning (Hence Polian pushing for them).
    And we shouldn’t talk about choking in the playoffs when Manning throws a pick 6 in the super bowl.
    Many people bring up the success of Cassell, but they lost 5 games with him at the helm, Brady went 16 and 0 with almost the same team and they killed many teams (Lost in the SB but meh…). Also Cassell is much better than anyone the Colts have had at QB. He could win at least 7 games as the Colts starter.
    As for your receivers, you seem to value deep threats more than possession guys. Most people outside the league value that more (Fantasy etc.).
    3 of the 5 are better than Welker but CERTAINLY not Wayne. Reggie Wayne has shown that he is a product of Manning while Welker was a success in 2006 with a horrible Dolphins team. Marshall and Welker are equal because what they bring to the table, although different, is equally valuable.
    Possession receivers are very valuable to coaches (not that I am one but watch the pressers and Welker is spoken in a brighter light than most).
    So we probably 60% agree.

  21. Mrsteve says:
    July 7, 2010 9:50 AM
    The way he was crying, you would have thought his leg snapped off.
    Coming from a guy who never played a down in his life because his mommy wouldn’t let him….

  22. Wes will never be the same. His injury assures that he will be steps slower and out of sync for quite awhile.
    Sad but true

  23. lol anyone who doesnt think brady is better than manning is a retard…peyton has had the same receivers the same offensive line n the same offensive coordinator his entire career…tom brady had the patriots one half away from the super bowl wit reche caldwell as his #1 receiver…tom brady never coughed up a game winning td for the other team in clutch

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