Brian Westbrook continues to prepare for 2010 season

We’re not sure where Brian Westbrook will play in 2010, only that he’s getting ready to do so.

Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe has written the last two days that he’s working out with Brian Westbrook, and Darnell Dockett.  Westbrook played for Brad Childress in Philadelphia, but no connections should be made there.  The three players don’t share an agent.

When we last heard about Westbrook, NFL Network’s Steve Wyche said the running back had more options than just Washington and St. Louis.  (Westbrook also visited the Broncos, but they have reportedly lost interest.)

Like many over-30 players, Westbrook doesn’t appear to be in any rush to go to training camp on the first day.

15 responses to “Brian Westbrook continues to prepare for 2010 season

  1. While I wish Westy the best of luck, I hope that he considers his health and decides to hang up his cleats.
    The lack of interest should tell Westy that it is time to retire.
    That being said I wish he was still healthy and still a Philadelphia Eagle.

  2. One look at the Chris Henry brain tests should tell Westbrook to hang up the cleats. How many concussions has this guy had over the years????

  3. Great point, Flvikesfan. You’d think the author of the piece would have thought of it, too?
    Maybe you should write for PFT?

  4. One has to wonder how necessary training camp is for older players, considering that training camp is where a lot of season ending injuries happen. I’m sure that they need a little time to shake the rust off, but I would think that there would be time for that once the preseason schedule starts and the rookies and bubble players get the playing time, trying to impress the coaches. The veterans can get in shape during practices. For example, how many times have we heard about a player holding out through training camp, and even the preseason, and then reporting just before the season opener?
    It may take him one game to get his game legs back, but its not that big a deal.

  5. Westbrook was good in his day but one more concussion and he’ll be as dumb as Childress, difference being Childress isn’t a football player, nor a coach for that matter.

  6. I don’t know who Westbrook is kidding. He’s no Brett Favre – he needs to get his a$$ into somebody’s program and get ready to play.
    He’s a player of diminishing skills coming off of concussions. If he wants to take advantage of the PRIVILEGE of playing in the NFL, he should at least respect the organization that will take a chance on his broken down behind.
    Apparently those concussion symptoms persist – he’s confusing himself with Ladanian Tomlinson – oh wait – he’s attending offseason workouts. SMH

  7. Its crazy to me to think that Brian Westbrook doesn’t have a job after all those years I watched him tear teams apart for the Eagles. I guess everybody’s career has to end, sucks to see this guy possibly leave the NFL…

  8. He is holding out for more money?
    Be nice to know what the sticking points are.

  9. What good is having loads of great playing day memories when you won’t be able to remember where you put your house keys?
    Brian, hang ’em up so that you’ll have those memories to tell your grandchildren one day.

  10. Westbrook will only be needed for about six (6) plays a game, 3rd down to be specific-Vikings here I come!

  11. Flvikesfan, Westbrook has only had 2 concussions in his NFL career and they came within about 3-4 weeks apart which leads me to believe that maybe he hadn’t fully recovered from his 1st one. Some of you make it sound like he’s had concussion problems throughout his career.

  12. if this guy does come back and play, the vikings will regret not signing him big time.

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