Carlton Mitchell agrees to terms with Browns

South Florida Carlton Mitchell has a better chance than most sixth-round wide receivers to make an immediate impact.  That’s because of his talent, and because the Browns are woefully thin at the position.

Mitchell agreed to terms on Wednesday on a four-year contract, according the Dayton Daily News.  Projected as a possible second- or third-round pick, Mitchell slipped on draft day due to concerns about his hands and route running.

At 6’3, 215 pounds with great speed, he’s someone to watch for down the line.

16 responses to “Carlton Mitchell agrees to terms with Browns

  1. Guy #1: Great! My browns are working toward having no hold outs. Two down!
    Guy #2: But they were only 6th round picks. Both of them.
    Guy #1: You ****ing killjoy.

  2. Dude is a legend, great move by the Browns to get him signed he has a chance to thrive in Cleveland. FRESH PRINCE goin bring it!

  3. Face facts…Lydell Mitchell could make the Browns and he’s 63 years old.
    I guess signing a 6th rounder is a front page headline in Art Modell country. Maybe all the Dawgs on the “flats” are turning cartwheels.
    This signing should mean that the stadium should be HALF full for the openor instead of empty.

  4. Dude is a legend he will thrive in Cleveland and become a draft day steal. A poor man’s Plaxico without the baggage and attitude.

  5. That female agent of his is an idiot and likely the reason for the fall. That probably had more to do with it than anything! lol

  6. Yeah, I slipped on draft day because of concerns about my hands and route running too. We all did.

  7. Ravenmuscle, mom’s calling, she says you have to get off that computer in the basement NOW and cut the grass.

  8. Raven Muscle it’s ok buddy, the next team Modell moves to another city and just changes the name, i promise i’ll root for them too.
    And let me guess, you probably started cheering for the ravens right about January 28th, 01 right!?

  9. Ravenmucus says:
    “on the ‘flats’…”
    Jackass…you have never been to Cleveland, or you wouldn’t have been stupid enough to write that.
    Nevermind. You actually ARE stupid enough to spew anything.
    My bad.

  10. Jake, you couldn’t find a ratbird shirt outside of baltiwhore until then either. I lived in MD, and you saw either redskins or steelers jerseys, not ratbirds.

  11. I OWN the Glory Days Grill and anyone that ever challenged me regretted it big time.

  12. @Ravenmuscle
    Really dude, you can’t spell opener? Thats maybe Grade 4 spelling, but hey you are a Ravens fan after all, so it makes sense.

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