Ed Reed may want new contract, could miss part of regular season

E. Reed.jpgFor a while, we didn’t know whether Ed Reed would play this year.  Now he’s making noise about getting a new contract.

Light noise.

“I’m not making it a big deal,” Reed said on The Norris and Davis Show, via Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun.
“[But] I think it needs to be taken care of.”

That’s rather surprising to hear considering Reed has three years left on a contract that averages more than $6.5 million-per-season through 2012.  Still, Reed seems to understand his leverage problems if he’s not fully committed to playing much longer.

“I’m not going to ask the Ravens about anything if I’m not going to play
any much longer,” he said. “I appreciate the opportunity that the
Ravens have given me. I’m not about to ask them for anything if I’m not
going to be playing. My focus is to get myself back. I’m coming back for
at least for one more year.”

Perhaps just as noteworthy, Reed admitted that his recovery from hip surgery could force him to miss part of the regular season. 

“I believe with the hip, it could be a realistic thing where it could be
October, November and December. We don’t know,” Reed said.

Reed is an all-time great, but that quote above is why he shouldn’t hold his breath about getting any extra money anytime soon.

25 responses to “Ed Reed may want new contract, could miss part of regular season

  1. Interesting point.., three years left on his current contract paying over $6 million a year…, he’s willing to play for, at least.., one more year.., which may or may not include injury recovery time that wouldn’t allow him to actually play until late season. Yes…, I say its time to back the Brinks truck up to the Reed house.., since he’s got such leverage over the team.

  2. So he’s saying he only plans to play one or two more years max, he’s already set to make $6-7 mil per year but he thinks the Ravens should pay him more? WTF planet does this guy live on?
    Reed is a HOFer but maybe all those collisions have given him brain damage.

  3. Ravens fans would much rather have an Ed Reed wanting a longer-term extension than no Ed Reed at all… think about it

  4. Love Ed Reed. One of the best ever to play his position. But no way the Ravens extend him or give him more money until they know what kind of shape he is in. Now we know why the Ravens signed Hamlin. This is why Oz is still one of the best in the business.

  5. And so we have yet another reason that the Secondary is a big question mark.
    Week 2 in Cincinnati keeps looking better and better!

  6. Reed could be a Darren Sharper where he plays into his late thirties. If you listen to the interview on 1057thefan.com the interview sounds much more optimistic than this article suggests. Reed says it is definitely realistic for him to be back against the jets week 1 and he says he wants to stop Rex from talking all this trash by showing up with a big game. So make no mistake about it, if Reed isn’t back for week 1 it won’t be because of a lack of effort, I am definitely not counting him out.

  7. It’s going to be something for the Superbowl favorites to prove the pundits right with that secondary. Good luck.

  8. Respect Ed Reed but his reasoning sounds like grounds for a pay-cut, not a pay-raise.

  9. To hear someone talk about restructuring their deal when they are injured is mind boggling.
    Reed? What are you doing?

  10. Stay out til game 6 if will be fun when Palmer and company light that A– up with no Reed….But Palmer and company did light them up WITH ED….He has been the thorn back there making plays….hmmmmmm maybe game 2 we get the W…..LOL

  11. Ed Reed is one of my favorite NFL players, but his comment baffles me. Considering how much he is making and his health, an extension and/or more money is about the last thing he should be looking for. And that’s without taking into account the fact a lot of extensions are not getting done because teams don’t know what the new cap will be until the next CBA is agrred upon.

  12. 31 year old, just had his hip reconstructed, he’s at 35%, yet gimme a new contract!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is what fans hate.

  13. See how Ed Reed plays this year. If he maintains a high level give him an extension and let him retire a Raven.

  14. The Ravens will absolutely not give this guy a new contract, and rightfully so. He is injured and no one including himself knows how many more years he will play. So what does he want? $25 million guaranteed? How much? the Ravens are pretty much going to continue to pay him for the next 3 years and both parties know they will not cut him no matter what. He may miss part of the season and he somehow thinks he should get a new contract? Come on

  15. Belichick would start wacking off if he became available. Bill friggen loves the guy.

  16. Ravensos,
    Not a steeler fan, but that #43 is something special.
    How about this…. Ed at 35% is better than MOST safeties out there!

  17. Ed Reed is greatness but he is signed for three years already and is seriously banged up…shut up and play

  18. This is precisely why these idiots should not talk to the press.
    He’s got 3 years left on his current deal and is making noise about a new contract…… but says”I’m coming back for at least for one more year.”
    He’s agent must be very happy!

  19. I bet the Ravens are wishing they actually addressed that corner position through the draft or even free agency or a trade right about now.
    Flacco damn well better have that offense scoring 24 a game, minimum. Or they will beat no team that actually has an offense.
    I’m already assuming they start the season 0-2. The Ravens won’t be able to handle Rex Ryan’s revenge game-plan against the organization who passed him over for the head coach position for a guy who has never even been a coordinator.
    And the Ravens, as history has shown, have trouble stopping the Bengals offense. And even if the Ravens are close in a game against the Bengals, the official will not hesitate to take matters into their own hands with dubious calls.
    Ravens start 0-2. Mark my words.

  20. I’m confused. Probably not as much as Reed but, I would think he has little chance to be as good as he was – ever. Raise???
    Hip injuries are one of the toughest to come back from, just ask Bo Jackson. DB’s put so much strain on their hips.

  21. As a Steelers fan i will feel real bad if he doesnt play in week 4 . Nothing is better than beating the Ravens . But without Reed the excuses will start before the game even starts . Yes we use Troy as an excuse , but its valid . He is the best all around safety in the game .

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