Ferguson will get $34.8 million guaranteed

The numbers are rolling in for Jets left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson’s new contract, and it looks like a win-win for both sides.

Ferguson gets $34.8 million guaranteed, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.  That total passes Jake Long for the most guaranteed money handed to an offensive lineman.

The deal works out as a six-year, $60 million extension to his rookie contract, so Ferguson is due $73.6 million over the next eight years.  Ferguson is scheduled to be a Jet through 2017.

The totals are massive, but it’s a contract that looks friendly on the surface to the Jets, as well.  We don’t know whether the contract is backloaded, but getting a young Pro Bowl left tackle signed for under $10 million-per-season qualifies as a positive.

This is also a rare deal of this length that could approach completion, considering Ferguson’s talent and the longevity of top left tackles.  The Jets will also likely pay a lot of upfront money before the salary cap comes back into the fold.

23 responses to “Ferguson will get $34.8 million guaranteed

  1. Wow… Florio giving the Jets some credit for signing D’Brick to a solid deal… are there Pigs flying outside right now?

  2. He will get turned without faneca there, watch and learn. DBrick has only been a good left tackle since Faneca came…once he leaves it is all over and he goes back to be being Mediocre at best. Plus, all he really had to do last year was run block, because all they did was run the ball. Sanchez is toast this year,

  3. @ getagrip10:
    Do you just fling poo at the keyboard and see what it will type out? I mean really! So is Mangold gonna suck now too? And let me guess, Callahan had nothing to do with it either?
    Do you even know when Callahan got to NY? My guess is no, since you were to busy hate’n to pay attention to facts!

  4. This would be a sweet deal for the Jets if Ferguson didn’t SUCK!!!!
    Keep on strutting it in the off season. We’ll see how they do when the games start. Jets are setting themselves up for a major FAIL!!!

  5. Keep signing and over paying your players jets. At this pace you won’t be able to field a complete roster.
    You would think a team that has had as many top picks (due to failure over 40 years) would have been better by now? All they got is a fluke visit to the playoff- no Division title – NO Super Bowl bid. Don’t worry, the Jills are keeping the cellar warm for you.

  6. Callahan came after he failed miserbaly at Nebraska, Mangini hired him. Callahan cannot block for Dbrick. Dbrick is not is behind Long and ven Light as far as Left tackles go in AFC East. I guarantee the Jets will look back and end up regretting this deal.

  7. The Jets have never had major salary cap issues.
    The 1 thing Mike T know is how to work the cap

  8. I agree overkil. When you give a decent player All-World money, what do you give the All-World player?

  9. Lol. I tried to abstain all off-season from posting on this side and feeding in to the Jets hate. But it’s ridiculous how some trolls just feel the need to bash anything they do.
    Be sure to check back in November and let Jets fans know how our @$$ tastes.

  10. Of the three major players left looking for a new deal I would bet that Brick would be the most likely to digress after signing a big deal so I am surprised he was the first one they signed, especially with time left on his contract.

  11. Jets can do all this because there is NO CAP this season, and they need to sell seats in their new, ridiculously overpriced, stadium. Maybe the stadium would have come in at a lower cost if they didn’t have to make all of the political, union, and mob payoffs.
    When the cap comes back next year, the Jets will be screwed. They’re setting themselves up for another decade of futility.
    The Pats still own the AFC East. The Jets always have, and always will….. suck.

  12. Uhg… the stupidity surrounding all this Jets hate is astounding! Salary cap hell!?! R U F’n KIDDING ME? T-Balm was always the Tuna’s cap guru. That’s how he made his name in NY and this sport. Does anyone really think this guy does not have the CBA & future cap in mind here?!?
    It’s $10M for 8 years, with $34M guaranteed. Other than the big guarantee money there is nothing “special” going on here.
    All the haters just sound more and more dumb the harder they look to find faults in the Jets plan…

  13. # Ron says: July 7, 2010 3:07 PM
    I smell salary cap hell
    in the future for the Jets
    Then you have a bad sense of smell. If you understood, you would realize that they’re going to be paying a HUGE amount of $$ up front in a year with no salary cap that won’t apply to the salary cap when their is one. It’s actually a very shrewd move as his base salaries that apply towards the cap will probably be less than half of most LT’s on other NFL teams.

  14. 4th best Left Tackle in the AFC East.
    Long, Light and Vollmer all better.
    Lets see what he does without Faneca.
    Mangold must be well happy that the 3rd best lineman on their team got paid before him.

  15. There is a lot of talk in the comments about when the salary cap comes back. With no CBA extending past the uncapped 2010 season, there is no guarantee it will ever be back. This is going to be one of the major sticking points that will likely cost we, the fans, part or all of the 2011 season.

  16. Ferguson will regret this in about four years (I would regret it now), begin clamoring for a new deal, and make this an issue.

  17. Ferguson>Light. let’s be real here. Jets got lucky with ferguson & mangold for sure.

  18. Abe Froeman? The uh, sausage king of Chicago?
    Anyway, I would like to chime in with these observations:
    Matt Light is not better than the guy with the most original name at his position, D’Brickashaw! And I am a die-hard Pats fan.
    But $10 M per is too high to be sustainable for anyone but a QB. If Mangold, Harris, and Butthead – I’m sorry, I meant Revis – get comparable premiums, they had all dang well better be able to play both defense and offense, ’cause the Jests are not going to be able to field 45 NFL players in any scheduled week.
    Say hello to the Raiders East.

  19. Matt Light at $5 million is a hell of a lot better than Dbrick at $10 million. Joey no pickle, they still need to up Revis, Mangold, and Harris. 2 of these guys cannot stay when the cap comes back, or you need to waive Bart Scott, Santonio, and Leonard.

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