Jeremiah Masoli opts against supplemental draft

Former Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli widely was expected to enter the NFL’s supplemental draft.

He won’t be.

John Taylor of CFT has the details.  And since it’s on CFT, it means that Masoli will still have a little CF in his life.

6 responses to “Jeremiah Masoli opts against supplemental draft

  1. There’s a lot of room in the NFL for a 5’10” 235 lbs QB who can’t throw a lick and is thug trash.

  2. This is Ryan Perriloux (minus the prototypical size and actual throwing ability) all over again.

  3. Why is this guy even mentioned? There are a lot of guys that aree ten times better than him that never get a sniff in the NFL.

  4. he tore up usc and was fun to watch. in one game he showed more potential than sanchez did in his entire college “career”

  5. Masoli is garbage. He wouldn’t even make a practice squad roster in the NFL.

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