Jets hand new contract to D'Brickashaw Ferguson

D. Ferguson.jpgCornerback Darrelle Revis and center Nick Mangold made the most noise of the Jets’ “core four” players that wanted a contract extension this offseason.

Left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson will make the cash.  (Or at least he’ll make it first.)

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets and Ferguson have agreed to terms on a multi-year extension

Bob Glauber of Newsday first wrote last month that Ferguson would be first to get his new deal, a report that was quickly denied all around.  (Always a good sign the report is true.) 

Ferguson made his first Pro Bowl in 2009, playing his best football under vaunted offensive line coach Bill Callahan.  Ferguson had two years left on his rookie contract, but the Jets wanted to lock him up early.

See, A.J.: Not every team remains on hold.

UPDATE: Ferguson got a six-year, $60 million extension tacked on to his rookie deal.

19 responses to “Jets hand new contract to D'Brickashaw Ferguson

  1. Simply put, Ferguson wasn’t outrageous with his demands so he gets something.
    Revis is awesome, and the most valuable player in the league besides Manning, but you can’t be ridiculous. Mangold will be back in line if I had to guess.

  2. I would disown my parents for naming me D’brickashaw….jeez what a horrible name, its almost as bad as Flozell…lol

  3. A good LT is more rare and valuable than a good CB, so it’s appropriate that he get his first. Also he hasn’t been a bigmouth in the media trying to make the team look bad, so he deserves it.

  4. Mike,
    Don’t you recognize rhetoric when you see it?
    Right after he signed Antoine Bethea to a 4-year $28 million extension, AJ Smith “mentor” Bill Polian made a statement that mirrors AJ Smith statements about the CBA putting everything on hold.
    Here’s a preview on what’s coming down the pike in SD: extensions will be coming in August, just not at top-5 left tackle money for a top 10 left tackle nor top-of-the-NFL money for a top 10 WR. Gates will get top-TE money come August.
    So long as McNeill demands top 5 left tackle money and/or VJ demands top-of-the-NFL WR money as restricted free agents, the “uncertainty of the CBA” cloud will loom heavy over them as their agents negotiate with Ed McGuire, the Chargers contract negotiator.
    The rhetoric is thick all around the NFL. You’ve just got to be able to slice through it. 😉

  5. @aec4
    Ferguson didn’t have outrageous demands?
    He got the most guaranteed money for a LT, ever.

  6. @ Zach:
    Unless he blows out a knee and can never play again, how is $10M over the next 8 years outrageous, regardless of guaranteed money?

  7. you only hear about OL when they do something wrong, so im happy to say the Jets signed the one guy who’s name you never hear during the course of a game. great sign, next let’s lock down Mangold
    once these old men retire at OL he’ll be a constant all-pro. the NFL doesnt give out probowl bids to the young OL, and he’s already crashed the party once.

  8. joey-pickles says:
    @ Zach:
    Unless he blows out a knee and can never play again, how is $10M over the next 8 years outrageous, regardless of guaranteed money?
    The extension is six years for $60M. Doesn’t that equate to $10M a year?

  9. I guess contracts can get done under the % rule… Most clubs are just using it as an excuse… Obviously. Hope C.J took note.

  10. “Unless he blows out a knee and can never play again, how is $10M over the next 8 years outrageous, regardless of guaranteed money?”
    I think we’ve benn over this many times, it’s all about the guaranteed money.

  11. Meanwhile on Revis Island……

  12. Think this was a good deal for both sides. Outside of QB, LT is the hardest position to fill and if you dont have a good one, its hard to win in this league. Ferguson was the least annoying out of the Jets 3 with his contract demands so I am happy to see class get rewarded. I would imagine Mangold is next now

  13. $34.8 millon guaranteed is enough to live on should he blow out his knee and never play again.
    Forget the finaly contract number, most contracts are so backloaded that a person is cut before they ever get to the last season or two.

  14. Each of the “core four” on the Jets will get deals, the Jets just saw that their LT was a class act in this situation with two of the other Jets speaking out to the media. Between being a top 5 LT and staying classy, the guy got a new deal. The next priority’s gotta be Mankins cause I think he’s the best player on the offensive line. Revis needs a new deal though, it sucks Asomugha’s grossly overpaid cause that’s the only fuel Revis has to keep on going saying he needs a better offer. I have to imagine David Harris will get an extension before this season too, he plays real well.

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