Joe Haden expects to sign before Browns camp starts

The agent for Cleveland Browns rookie cornerback Joe Haden says the seventh overall pick in the draft expects to be signed and ready to go before training camp starts.

“We’ve been in contact with the Browns and expect to begin negotiating next week,” agent Malik Shareef told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Our main objective is to get Joe in camp on time so he can perform to the best of his abilities. A holdout would not be in anyone’s best interests.”

The Browns have indicated that they plan to work Haden in slowly in training camp, but realistically, it would be a disappointment if Haden doesn’t earn a spot in the starting lineup.

Haden is expected to compete with Sheldon Brown for a starting job in training camp. Eric Wright will be the Browns’ other starting cornerback.

21 responses to “Joe Haden expects to sign before Browns camp starts

  1. Really? A player expects to be signed before the season starts? Now THIS is news.

  2. He’d better get his money while he can before he gets his staph infection at Berea.
    Just another wasted draft pick for a fan base that hangs out at The Glory Days Grill… poisoning central.

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  4. Ravensmuscle,
    How does it feel to know people you have never met, want you to die?
    All because you can’t find anything better to do with your time than petitioning for a man who doesn’t know you exist, to get in the hall of fame?
    I mean really dude, get a life. Being a fan doesn’t mean hating other teams; it means rooting for your team through thick and thin.
    Browns fans know the meaning of that, even if we can be absolute dicks. (no offense to any other Ravens fan, as I certainly don’t mean it about the entire fan-base.)
    Just be happy for your team. They are good. Enjoy it.
    But then again I guess you will be back to middle school this year, and won’t have time for your juvenile post.

  5. Purple dick (Ravenmuscle) trying to get people fired up again. Go wear that purple and call yourself a man, loser.

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  7. # winslow says: July 7, 2010 8:13 PM
    Let’s hope for Jake Delhomme’s sake that Haden can play guard.
    The Browns have one of the best offensive lines in all of the NFL, so… try again.

  8. Ravenmuscle, Art Model will never see the inside of The Hall of Fame without a ticket.

  9. Ravenmuscle, say hi to your daddy for me…and give him a smack on the ass. He’ll know what i mean;)

  10. Ravenmuscle
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    Love your think I’m kidding?

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  12. Hoping Haden competes and wins a starting job….7th overall pick….dude needs to be a player from day one….no excuses.
    Ravenmuscle….come on man….you are dumber than Florio.

  13. one more thing….just kidding about Florio…he is way smarter than Ravenmuscle (not hard btw)…it was my first post and had to do it….more to come

  14. the Browns are on the way up . a 500 record this year is not out of the question . i bleed orange & brown . they will upset some people this year just like the end of last year . go ahead and take them for granted .Haden will learn from Sheldon Brown . Brown will move to free safety before the year is up and Haden will be starting next to Eric Wright .

  15. Thanks Ravenmuscle, NOW when in Bitchamore we all know where to go to pull a Dine and Dash, or from a football point of view, Eat and Beat! BTW, you’re a Dick Head, probably your real name.

  16. GAYvenmuscle must have some serious issues. If you are going to be a complete homer and rip on your teams rivals, at least do it with some originality. Its not us Brown’s fans fault your uniform was inspired by the love child of Grimmace and Barney. We don’t act like idiots bringing up Ray Lewis’ mishaps from his night club shootings. By the way, thank you for taking Donte Stallworth…enjoy his 16 receptions per year. If I were you, I would be on my knees praying that Ed Reed doesn’t have to retire cause of his neck…but then again, you probably are already on your knees. Do us all a favor and try and chase rush hour traffic on I-70! What a tool.

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