Quarterbacks going earlier in fantasy drafts

A. Rodgers.jpgThe big picture matters.

As fantasy owners, we spend a lot of time dissecting every position
battle without trying to understand how it all fits together.

Every draft season is
different and you can’t get a feel for value until you know what’s
unique about this year’s draft board. We detail ten big draft trends to know over at the Rotoworld online draft guide, along with all the tiers, rankings, columns, and customizable cheat sheets you’ve come to expect from the award-winning product.  Here’s one trend to get you started.

1. Quarterbacks are going
earlier than ever

Running backs no longer dominate the top of
the draft. Two quarterbacks – Aaron
and Drew
– usually crack the first round, and seven are often off the board by pick 45. One reason for the trend is a perceived gap between the top
seven signal callers and everyone else. (My personal order: Brees, Rodgers, Manning, Brady, Schaub, Romo, Rivers.)

Owners are looking for sure
things instead of riskier running backs and wideouts.

The best
value for quarterbacks — even top-shelf ones — comes after the first two
rounds. That’s because I don’t see a massive gap between the top
quarterbacks like Rodgers and guys like Brady, Rivers, and Schaub, who often fall out of the top 35-40 picks.

Still, the lesson is clear. You no longer can wait
too long if you want an every-week starter at quarterback. 

(Whether you really need an every-week starter at QB — that’s another article.)

16 responses to “Quarterbacks going earlier in fantasy drafts

  1. wait till rounds 9-11 and get matt ryan,he will throw for 27-30 tds and run for 1-3 more,bank on it,another solid sleeper pick this year will be campbell,free advice,take it or leave it,oh and by the by,only ever won 2 championships in my entire 14 year FF playing,so maybe you all should just ignore

  2. It helps when there are more leagues that award some form of points for pass completions and receptions. I’m sure this pisses off all the stud running back theory geeks.

  3. Im in a work league w/ a bunch of casual fans. Last year I picked 10th & Rodgers. Brees. Manning & Brady were off the board. I just threw my hands in the air.

  4. Vince Young is gonna surprise a lot of people this year.
    They’ll be surprised as to how someone could get paid so much and be so horrible.

  5. “wait till rounds 9-11 and get matt ryan,he will throw for 27-30 tds and run for 1-3 more,bank on it,another solid sleeper pick this year will be campbell,free advice,take it or leave it…”
    My advice: get in a league with this idiot if you can, as that’s one less team you have to worry about competing with. Atlanta will continue to take steps back from 2008 and anyone depending on Ryan as anything more than a bye-week fill-in is fresh fish. Bank on it.
    And an Oakland QB? Child please.

  6. How can someone who gets paid to write about football have Matt Schaub rated ahead of Philip Rivers? Look at the stats. The consistency. It’s as if Rosenthal didn’t see how Rivers carried San Diego to a 13-3 record last year. Hes only the highest rated passer in the AFC two years running. Sorry, Brady, Schaub and even Peyton … Rivers is better. The fact Rivers still hasn’t won over people like Rosenthal and Florio shows how little they know about the game.

  7. @BigFatDog
    surely the anticpated losses of VJax for at least 3 (possibly 9) games, along with an over-the-hill LT in place of McNeill affected Rivers’ ranking. Throw in the uncertainty of a rookie RB (even though everyone loves him) and Gates’ continued foot woes and you can understand why Rivers is ranked lower than his recent resume would suggest.
    That said, McNeill could cave, Gates could stay healthy, Matthews could excel and VJax could only miss his suspended games and Rivers could in fact make a run at top fantasy QB. But there’s just too many variables at work to have him ranked higher right now.

  8. Hey Rosenthal,
    How ’bout we restrict the posts to REAL football instead of fantasy BS? There are plenty of outlets on the internet for the dorks to get their information.

  9. Where is BrINT in your draft order?
    Look out, he’s pissed. Chilly’s gonna take a beatin!

  10. PackerJerry says:
    July 7, 2010 7:39 PM
    Great Fantasy Football QB tips: http://tiny. cc/3ot01
    Forget the advice offered there… that chic is SMOKIN!!
    Regarding a QB for the upcoming year.. K-O-L-B. The guy has waaay to many weapons at his disposal, will be starting every game and can be had LATE in the draft. Let everyone go QB early while you clean-up with WR/TE. Obviously, RB’s who are a “one man show” still take priority.

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