Shannon Sharpe calls purple drank a "trend" in the NFL

Former Broncos and Ravens tight end Shannon Sharpe thinks the NFL has a problem with the abuse of prescription cough syrup with codeine, commonly consumed in a mixture known as purple drank.

“Obviously, this is something that needs to be addressed,” Sharpe told Jon Saraceno of USA Today. “There is a trend here.”

Sharpe’s comments come days after former Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell was arrested for possession of codeine syrup. Packers defensive lineman Johnny Jolly and the late Terrence Kiel have previously been charged with codeine possession.

“Once upon a time, this was part of the subculture that was not NFL-related,” said Sharpe, who retired after the 2003 season. “When I played I never heard anybody talk about this stuff. Now you’re seeing more NFL players involved with it.”

A recent ESPN Outside the Lines piece and a USA Today article have explored the link between purple drank and the NFL.

39 responses to “Shannon Sharpe calls purple drank a "trend" in the NFL

  1. A little bit o’ DRANK might just quiet Sharpe down. Eh–probably not.

  2. what does sharpeknow about trends??,isnt he the guy who still cuts a part in to his hair??

  3. he usually sounds like he is choking on horse feed.
    i bet he drinks it too.

  4. I hear it’s huge in the kicker community. Olindo Mare is rarely ever seen without a styrofoam cup.

  5. Having never heard the term before, I would like to go on the record and thank JaMarcus for bringing this to my attention. Not since the ‘Whizzinator’ has something lent itself so effortlessly to any and every football conversation.

  6. # mama tried says: July 7, 2010 9:05 AM
    Sizzurp man, sizzurp!!
    “Mama tried”, but she failed.

  7. “LEAN” or “DRANK” is very popular in the south, especially in houston. Everyone thinks all drank is purple, but the purple taste the best. The yellow is the strongest, and there’s orange and red too. The price tag on it is high, 50$ for 1 oz. it used to be 20$ before it got popular. Promethezine w/ coedine, all you need is a prescription and it’s ALL GOOD.
    and a big red soda.

  8. Does it become a trend just bc Shannon Sharpe fills his mush mouth with sizzerp and bc the NFL’s most lethargic player in league history do it? No

  9. Purple Drank……..Did Chris Johnson name this stuff?
    Geez, the players can’t even name a drink without Ebonics being involved….
    No edumacation I guess…………

  10. Just like prescription pain killers are a problem. The NFL tests for everything else…

  11. The other problem is it’s a way for the players to get ‘high’ that the league can’t test for.
    Codeine is a primary ingredient in many painkillers.

  12. The trend is for us all to attempt to solve our perceived problems by taking some pill or potion. We have done this as a culture for years. If you feel bad about your life, then take one of these, you won’t care how you feel.
    I can picture more than one drug commercial that ends with a winding disclaimer like, “…may cause permanent central nervous system damage, in rare instances dementia and convulsions may result. Consult your physician.” The drug manufacturers are able to sell these substances to us through physicians using TV ads in spite of the obvious dangers.
    We are a society based on the use of chemicals. It makes no difference if the chemical is alcohol, weed, purple drank, levitra, or any of thousands of other substances available to us for a price.

  13. Gee, PurpleNGold, thanks for the pointless lecture on substance abuse in America. I’m going to now go get ripped so I can forget it.
    eff the vikings

  14. All this about “Drank” and “sizzurp” is the funniest sounding stuff I’ve ever read. Actually sounds pretty bad for you, but c’mon, it sounds HILARIOUS. You can’t order a grape pop or orange crush without saying “drank” after the flavor.

  15. I would love to hear Sharpe actually say “purple drank” or even better “sizzurp”, without leaving a pool of spit on the floor!

  16. AllThat says:
    July 7, 2010 9:37 AM
    Purple Drank……..Did Chris Johnson name this stuff?
    Geez, the players can’t even name a drink without Ebonics being involved….
    No edumacation I guess…………
    Thanks for the laugh. Well played….

  17. It’s not a trend! Syrup has been around for ever! No one was talking about it until 36 Mafia & UGK rapped about it. Then the Houston rap scene put it out there. Texandynasty spelled it out perfectly. Now the young generation of players who are from the south that are making into the league, who grew up seeing it, hearing it & tasting it can afford it now and their getting caught. So with that said, pour it on up! Nowmtalknbout?! Holeup! Rest in peace Dj Screw & Pimp C
    Go VIKES!!!

  18. They can afford it now, UGK? Is that what you said? If there was ever a time when they couldn’t afford it, but aspired to be able to, they have already lived a miserable existence. They cannot be salvaged.
    Anyone caught indulging in this crap should be put down immediately.
    Adding the term “purple drank” to the American lexicon is quite a dubious accomplishment.

  19. I would love to see Shannon Sharpe, Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders have a Sizzurp Showdown like Joey Chestnut and Kobayashi. Maybe it would put all 3 of them in a coma…

  20. Calgaryhawk says:
    July 7, 2010 9:59 AM
    The other problem is it’s a way for the players to get ‘high’ that the league can’t test for.
    Codeine is a primary ingredient in many painkillers.
    I thought that at first, too. But I read today that Codeine is on the banned substances list.
    Maybe it just doesn’t stay in your system that long or is easily masked.

  21. Pain killers ,for the most part, have hydrocodon in them, not coedine. pretty much the same effect.

  22. Pretty stupid if you ask me. $20-$50 for an ounce. Here in Cali we buy a full bottle of Patron Tequila 750ml for $50 and get stupid off that. Says a lot about the idiots in the South paying $50 an ounce for some cough syrup. Not the sharpest tools in the shed….ya heard?

  23. I’m surprised by the fact that these guys are paying through the nose for this junk, and it’s not even close to as potent as hydrocodone or oxycodone. Codeine syrup is the stuff that addicts hate to get when shopping for a prescription.
    Look, I struggled for months to overcome an addiction to prescription narcotic pain killers after being prescribed vicodin for a torn ACL. It’s very, very hard to just stop taking these pills if you have been taking them for more than a few weeks at a time. So I’ll bet that the NFL has way more legitimate, injury-related narcotic dependencies than the NFL would ever want the puritans in the public to know.

  24. Tinky Winky wasn’t gay after all. Just mellowed out on Purple Drank all day.

  25. All That need to edjumacate himself, first of all it was made popular by DJ Screw and thew screwed up click in the 90’s here in Houston. He refered to it as purple drank, lean, syrup or sizzurp. Like many have pointed out already it’s ingredients and street prices. Now for one to go out and accuse CJ or any other millionaire football player who 9 times out of 10 have a college degree then maybe you should take a look at yourself first. Step up your game homeboy this is a big boy site. Quit hatin and get to appreciatin…

  26. all ball players and chemicals equal more stoned dopers than a harmonically aligned, rainbow loving dirty footed hippie drug festival. Rich guys spend more money/time on dope than anyone.
    Bonds is dope, so is roger.

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