T.O. takes aim at ESPN for his lack of a job

Receiver Terrell Owens previously has spoken about the fact that he can’t find a job (on his $5 million per year terms) by blaming it on perceptions regarding a history of misbehavior.

He addressed the situation again during a Wednesday appearance on 104.5 The Zone in Nashville, and he laid specific blame for the first time at a certain four-letter network in Connecticut.

“A lot of people have listened to a lot of the commentaries throughout a lot of the media outlets, mainly ESPN, that has my character in question as far as things that have happened in the past,” Owens said.  “And I think even though I may do 99 good things right and if I do one thing wrong, ESPN and the people on there is gonna make it out to be the worst thing ever.”

But T.O. later acknowledged — again — that he has done some things in the past that he would do differently now, the closest he’ll ever come to apologizing and/or simply admitting he was wrong.

He declared that he’s “probably in the best shape of my life,” and he said he’s “ready for a call” and “to give a team an opportunity to get to a Super Bowl.”

Owens acknowledged that he has made no visits, but he claims that teams are interested.  He also mentioned that injuries will happen once camps open.

He also reiterated that he’s willing to be a No. 2 wideout, and he continues to insist that was his role in Buffalo last year — even though he had 55 catches for 829 yards while Lee Evans had 44 receptions for 612.

We’re told that, for now, nothing is happening.  One league source predicts that things could get interesting as teams begin to gather for preseason practices.

92 responses to “T.O. takes aim at ESPN for his lack of a job

  1. he’s like rickey henderson. his antics and selfish behavior got above his talent and he is now not wanted by anyone.
    most likely he won’t get a job until a WR is injured in camp and they need someone.

  2. He will go off to the land of the old WRs. The Seattle Chickenhawks.

  3. All 37 year olds with 55 catchs the previous season have character concerns.

  4. ESPN dose have knack for hamming up stories just for ratings… they try not to be bias but you can tell when one of the announcers don’t like a city or a team or a players… example.. watch or listen to Linda Cohn talk about the Mets its like she is frothing at the mouth to talk about her beloved Mets… or that douche Josh Elliot when ever he talks about South Florida sports (Heat,Canes,Marlins,ect) you can hear the hate in his voice like he had a bad night on south beach and will never live it down

  5. Typical prima-donna behavior. “It’s not my fault, it’s those dog gone good reporters at ESPN that have accurately and repeatedly busted me!”
    Like a classic ballerina, ‘first lady’ T.O. attempts to tip toe around the issue—no one invites cancer into their lives, no matter how you package it.
    But…. I never thought of that one.
    On second thought, Me Too ESPN, pay up!

  6. I agree this guy has a long list of mistakes.. Say what u will this guy helped the cowboys for the time he was there.. I went to countless games and all i saw on the sideline was a motivated player that wanted to win .. not much different than Micheal Irvin…
    How many times has this guy been arrested?
    T.O. = Misunderstood

  7. Guy could have been in the Hall of Fame if he had an ounce of class, but instead he made every team he was on worse. Total waste of talent.

  8. If the Chargers are just going to Vincent Jackson rot all year then they should sign TO right now, but not for $5 mill. I think the guy has been humbled in a big way by playing in Buffalo and not having a job this close to training camp.
    But…could you imagine AJ Smith and TO/his agent in the same room trying to negotiate a contract??? Holy crap. That room might just spontaneously combust.

  9. C’mon man! T.O. is still a good receiver and I’m sure some team will take a chance on him. The 3 years the guy was in Dallas he had 34 tds, he set a team record! That’s pretty damn good considering all the great receivers the Cowboys have had. And the Cowboys were FOOLS for getting rid of him for bumm ass Roy Williams!

  10. TO is a special kinda idiot. I can’t wait for his career to be over…hell, maybe it already is.

  11. I am sick and tired of people like Jamie Dukes defending T. O.’s assininity (being an asshole). T. O. you never grew up, you think that just because you behaved yourself in Buffalo that proves you’re not a “jerk”? Look at your handywork in San Francisco, Dallas and Philadelphia, it’s a trail of abomination. Do you honestly think any team would want a sideshow, a freakshow featuring your antics. I have been in bands my whole life and unfortunately I have worked with too many people (mainly frontmen) who are by, of and for themselves and that’s you T.O.. Unfortunately you’re a loud mouth assclown and you ‘re paying for that long trail of stench you left behind!

  12. Roster spots and money don’t grow on trees. He’s 36 and will be 37 by the end of the season. Why sign TO when you get him for 1 or 2 seasons at best at an inflated salary? He isn’t likely to give you better than 50 receptions, 500 yards, 5 tds. Why not just work on actually developing one of your practice squad WRs or someone already on the roster who might be around next year and can contribute elsewhere. TO doesn’t play special teams and that’s one of the best ways to stick in the NFL. TO can talk about character assassination all he wants, but his declining production, age, and salary demands are why he doesn’t have a job.

  13. I don’t know how much he has left in the tank. Granted, the QB situation in Buffalo wasn’t much to his advantage, but he’s still not the T.O. of old. With that said, I still think he’s better than a lot of the receivers in the NFL currently and can contribute to a lot of teams.

  14. He better retract those comments about ESPN or he won’t get to join the other washed out players who had to retire earlier than they would have liked to on ESPN. LOL
    In all seriousness though I bet if ESPN hired him he would quickly change his words. Although, he would be a good hire by NFL Network in terms of TV ratings. This will get interesting.

  15. Gosh damn it, Owens. All you had to do was keep your mouth shut. PLENTY of teams were going to contact you before the season. Carolina, Jacksonville, and yes… even the Redskins.
    Trust me, teams are just being slow about it. Once injuries or draft busts start showing themselves… you’ll be called. Just enjoy the time off. Do some sit-ups in the driveway.
    You will get called! Just don’t go shooting off at the mouth!

  16. Glad to see these kinds of athletes given a cold shoulder. They make their beds, then blame the results on everyone else.
    Please, nobody give this narcissistic blow hard any more attention.

  17. I’m no fan of ESPN, but the only rason TO doesn’t have a job is because of TO.

  18. Terrell Owens is 1000% correct.
    If you have phonies, hacks, and hypocrites like Mike Wilbon and Skip Bayless piling on him when one (Wilbon) is delusional to think that he and McNabb are homeboys because of the “Chicago Thing” and the other (Skip Bayless) always doing everything he can to make people he USED to cover in his previous cities of employment look bad (for example, to this day Skip still tries to pass off Troy Aikman as gay when women “threw themselves at him” because they “threw up” after seeing Skip’s ugly mug) then it is ESPN’s fault.
    Florio won’t bash ESPN for acting like liars and hypocrites because if he does then he can’t get a job if NBC or Sporting News fires him.

  19. Yes it’s never this a-hole’s fault, always someone else who created the problem.
    Poor poor victimized Owens.
    “ready for a call” and “to give a team an opportunity to get to a Super Bowl.”
    Yeah like leading the league in drops again and inserting cancer into a locker room will help a team get to the SB. GFY TO.

  20. I was a fan when he played for Dallas until he ran off – Parcells. TO could not STFU and play ball and now it has bitten him in the a… NFL GMs can be temped by TO if they lose a WR in camp (maybe not a $5 million) but, outside a seaon-ending injury to the WR corp, he would be a progress stopper for younger WR talent.

  21. ESPN is the absolute worst, but TO isn’t far behind. Therefore ESPN covering TO and TO complaining about that coverage seems about right.
    I remember when ESPN was covering the Vick story and they used coverage from TMZ in their segment. Integrity had departed the Bristol offices long before, but this was the final nail in the coffin.
    Every time I accidentally catch Rachel Nichols speaking on television I lose my faith in humanity.
    Jamie Dukes will be working there soon.

  22. TO, whataya mean??? BSPN is slanted???
    I lived 2 minutes from the place and 15 minutes from it now and haven’t watched anything but their race coverage in 5 years. It’s like the Fox news network of sports.

  23. I’ll never forgive T.O. for the 2005 season!
    The Eagles might’ve won a Super Bowl had T.O.’s ego and pride not gotten in the way.
    Btw: T.O. is 36 years old! On what planet does he think he can still fetch $5 million a year?
    Cut the price in half and that over the hill malcontent might find a buyer for his services.
    “Might” being the operative word…

  24. T.O. now stands for Too Old….hahaha sucka he should of seen this coming one day.

  25. I like T.O. I wish Buffalo would give him another shot. The guy didn’t start any crap in the B-lo. In fact, he gave a bunch to the Buffalo community. He let James Hardy shadow him throughout the season.(we will see this year if anything Owens taught him helped)There is a big difference between how the media portrays him and how he really is. T.O.or Terrell either way, he’s a good guy.

  26. NomNoms says:
    July 7, 2010 3:06 PM
    @Bigmikeskinsfan Did you want the Rickey to play until 50? (he tried)
    he’s 51 now and he left baseball 7 years ago. Not really 50.
    and my point still stands. people didnt want to deal with rickey’s attitude any more so they didnt pick him up. he had something left in the tank but it ws everything else that discouraged people from wanting him. Same goes for TO.

  27. Personally, I’d be happy if he permanently walked away from the public stage. He is boring. He’s always been boring. And he has literally destroyed at least 3 locker rooms. Stay gone T. O. I’d have been glad to have never known you in the first place.

  28. T.O. didnt ran Parcells off of Dallas, Tony Romo did with his choking in the playoffs.. simple.

  29. “And the Cowboys were FOOLS for getting rid of him for bumm ass Roy Williams!”
    Excuse me, Einstein, but Williams was already on the roster. They got rid of Owens because his cancer infected the locker and because Miles Austin was ready to take his spot. That’s a decision that all 32 teams would make. 26 year old good guy with more yards than the cancer who will be 37 before this season ends.
    Maybe you heard of Austin and his 1300+ yards and 11 TDs last year at the Pro Bowl? As for you, you’re an ignorant apologist for a guy who is at fault for everything that’s ever happened to him. Go buy your own team and you can pay $5 million for what he’ll do to your team.
    You two would make a lovely couple. Your name isn’t Matt Millen is it?

  30. Sherman is more beloved by the people of the Southern US than TO is in SF, Philly and Dallas.

  31. ESPN blows stories out of proportion no doubt but there are very obvious reasons that TO was the subject of these stories and not some other dude. If he can’t see that he is the reason for his problems then he’s an idiot.
    But in all fairness TO is 37 and only a shadow of his former self on the football field. There are better WR’s in this league that you don’t have to pay as much and that don’t piss everyone off.

  32. in the wise words of TO himself… “if it looks like a rat and smells like a rat, it must be a rat.”
    Right, Terrell????

  33. The only thing I agree with T.O. on, is the negative effect that ESPN has on sports.
    ESPN wants to be the story, not cover the story.
    Example: ESPN has had a vendetta against the NHL ever since the latter went with Versus over ESPN.
    ESPN has marginalized the NHL ever since, while hyping up the NBA. But, like most ESPN hype it is all lies! Consider this:
    The NBA had total revenues of only $800 million more than the NHL in the 2008-2009 season.
    NBA ($3.2 billion)
    NHL ($2.4 billion)
    In contrast, the NFL had total revenue of ($6.5 billion) in 2009 and MLB had total revenue of ($6.6 billion).
    Yet, ESPN would have us all believe that hockey is just a “niche” sport whil the NBA is part of “the Big Three” pro sports.
    Reality: the NBA is not even close to the NFL or MLB and is not that far ahead of the NHL.
    That came as big news to me! Because I had been swayed by the ESPN spin!

  34. As usual, TO opens his yap without thinking.
    Good luck trying to crawl back to ESPN for a job after you retire.

  35. I speak for every Buffalo Bills fan right now: We would take T.O. back in a HEARTBEAT. It’s foolish that he’s unsigned.

  36. TO is the man. I’d sign him right now if I was a GM of any team in the league.

  37. TO is a bittersweet roster spot. Upside vs. locker room cancer. He will never understand it’s a team sport.

  38. The big concern teams have about T.O.’s character is the fact that it’s nearly 40 years old.

  39. Lets see, hes 36 years old, has clearly lost a step, and hes a douchebag. Maybe thats why no team wants to give him $5 million a year. I hate ESPN, but its not their fault the guy ruined the Eagles season that year or alienated everyone on every team hes played for

  40. Sounds like TO will be in a Viking uniform by the end of training camp.

  41. These guys are so predictable when they are in the last year of their contract. Or looking for one.
    They’ll be good boys until they get their next big deal. Then the ink isn’t dry on the paper before the real personality comes back out

  42. Can’t wait to see what franchise is so desperate they feel they need to sign this guy to have a shot.

  43. What really opened my eyes to how sinister ESPN is, was this World Cup business.
    It made me see that ESPN thinks it can sway the tastes of the USA.
    ESPN would make Leni Riefenstahl proud!
    “Propaganda is the encroachment on man’s free will. Nothing more or less.” -Adolph Hitler

  44. Wow—This is a tough one–I really hate T.O. but ESPN is catching up real fast..Everyone of their talking heads are tightly lodged in Lebrons anus..–I’m gonna have to go with T.O. on this one..

  45. @garrettmustgo:
    Very nice post. I must agree, he is just highly competitive & wants to win, just takes it over the edge too often. But, he didn’t do that last season & he stayed out of the limelight, in all places Buffalo, & still had a solid season.
    No arrests, no investigations, just a guy who had a tendency to have the spotlight & love it in his prime. I think this guy, NOW, is a no risk player. Still has good skills to help a team that has young receivers or a lack of talent.
    Would love to see him help bring along MoMass, Robo, & Carlton Mitchell in Cleveland!

  46. TO will end up with the Jets. Jabba the Jet thinks he can bring on all of the whiners and malcontents into one locker room and have total control. TO on the Jets would be cool.
    NE Pats fan

  47. Teams don’t want to pay an overrated 37 year old receiver $5 million a year? I’m shocked.

  48. C’mon, Terrell, do you honestly believe a coach is going to rely on ESPN for personnel decisions? Someone’s been sippin’ the drank, y’all.
    I can just imagine how it must be in the conference room. “Look guys, I know he’s talented, and he’s in great shape, and we need a receiver, but Mike Wilbon of ESPN said …”
    I have no doubt T.O. is in great shape but, unlike Randy Moss, T.O. has WAY too many drops for an athelete of his caliber. Not worth the risk. That’s why he is unemployed.

  49. i`ve said it before here in the comments section that t.o is a good dude. you telling me that no team could use him this season? not a chance. he will be playing this year and will produce solid numbers. i dont get the venom towards him. never been busted, does not drink or smoke, does not beat on ladies….etc. wish he was still in buffalo. go bills!

  50. Robert P. says:
    July 7, 2010 4:29 PM
    I speak for every Buffalo Bills fan right now: We would take T.O. back in a HEARTBEAT. It’s foolish that he’s unsigned.
    yeah, of course you would. but he wont go back there and you should have higher hopes than a guy who drops so many catches!!

  51. Honestly, I never liked T.O after the famous Star incident BUT… He only becomes a cancer after his second year when he gets complacent with his team.
    If I was a team that needed a good number 2 receiver, I would definitely sign T.O to just a 2 year contract.

  52. I would take him on my team. It only takes one team to want him. If V jackson holds out he would fit in San Diego.

  53. RyanT you are correct.
    ESPN also acts like MMA doesn’t exist, but rams horse racing and a spelling be down our throat because they’re carried on ESPN, or thier sister network ABC.
    I think T.O. is a jerk, but also think he can still perform, but not worth $5mil.
    I rememer when ESPN tried to make a story out of TO riding a stationary bike at practice every day of training camp due to his hamstring injury that ESPN were trying to insinuate he was faking. At the same time Steve Smith and Hines Ward were out with pulled hamstrings, but ESPN never told us that.

  54. ESPn has their favorite cities, Boston, New York, Chicago, Dallas and L.A.! The rest all suckmin there opinion. In Football Brady, Peyton, Favre and Romo can do no wrong who while all other are average. Ever listen to ESPN updates.. nothign but basketball and Boston! They tell only what they want and since 95% of people can’t think for themselves and believe them! I am sick of ESPN always saying the Seahags got robbed in Super Bowl. They do not say Burleson did push off, the FG kicker missed 2 fgs, the tight end dropped at leats 4 easy passes, horrible clock management before halftime, and Shawn Alexander was a non factor!

  55. Jason Campbell to TO in Oakland. If not, Cutler in TO sounds interesting as well.

  56. I’d like to see TO replace Mike and Mike on ESPN radio. He’s played in the NFL, and he’s a metrosexual, so it’s killing two birds with one stone. If he wants a cohost, let him have Pacman Jones. Or Lawrence Phillips. “Terrell and Lawrence In The Morning” would rarely be dull.

  57. Hey funi,
    I am a Seattle fan. There were some horrible calls in that Superbowl. That said, it’s not like the Seahawks lost by 1 point. They played crappy & should have punted on those long field goal tries.
    I could have had just as many yards as Sean Alexander since he went down as soon as he was touched after running through huge holes.
    But it was Bobby Ingram not Burleson who pushed off. I’d say that little touch is not called more often than not, but technically he did push off, so I can’t complain.

  58. As a eagles season ticket holder for 26 years now i got to see that whole thing in Philly developed with Owens.It was handled very poorly by EVERYONE-Owens ,his agent Drew,Donovan and last but not least my favorite whipping boy Joe”nickles”Banner and that fraud of a owner Jeffrey Lurie.It was the first time I can recall the NFLPA coming out and advising a player not to sign the deal b/c it was a bad contract.All the big numbers aside it was a 2 year contract with the second year as the last one guaranteed.Owens mistakenly thought he could go out there and play great(which he did by the way) and he could get a better deal or even have some more years guaranteed as clearly a player of that caliber would warrant.Needless to say Banner & Lurie wouldn’t budge and as we all know their team has yet to win a super bowl . The player they ran out of town was easily the best player on the field coming off a broken leg to play in the game and would have been MVP if the birds had won.I am sure Owens will play this year and play well,I know if he would have stayed here in Philly we would have finally got to be SB Champs.Like it or not Owens is a HOF player but i am sure the haters don’t want to hear that

  59. Maybe Childress should go visit him. He seems to attract the head cases. LOL

  60. T.O. has issues and ESPN is shit, one thing has nothing to do with the other.

  61. Ol’ Bubba has worked part time in night clubs for years, and T.O. is what we call “a mouth agitator” He stirs up more trouble with his mouth than most can do with violence.

  62. If he didn’t call Childress a bitch & tell him he can’t speak to him because he is just an offensive coordinator then TO would be a Viking now. TO has brought all this upon himself which is sad because he is a great player. But a major me first person.

  63. Ternell, take a look in the mirror, you are nothing more than a pillowcase of warm pigshit. You aint yo mommas boy, you aint a man, you have behaved like pigshit and you have earned pigshit. You little worm boy are pigshit.

  64. He can’t find a job AND has “terms” of $5 mil per year. Who – that really wants a job – lays out any kind of terms to folks who might be willing to offer one, let alone terms of that exalted level?
    He says teams are “interested” AND he’s waiting for a call. I get a mental image of a GM sitting in some little office being actively interested, but somehow ignorant of how to dial a phone.
    He whines about slams re his “character”, but seems totally unaware that that whiny personality mesmerized by perceived past injustices just might have something to do with his phone not ringing. Some people would just humble themselves and suck it up, others would dump their complaints on hapless friends or relatives, but T.O. whines to The Press – another endearing trait.
    “A lot of people … a lot of … commentaries … a lot of media outlets … blah blah blah ESPN. T.O. galumps through life, blaming everybody but himself for his negative-situation-of-the-moment, burning every bridge, and then when he really needs support, but doesn’t get any, postures wide-eyed innocence – quel surprise!
    He never EVER relates his own actions to the negative situations he finds himself in – after so many similar situations, in so many different places, with so many different people, how is that even POSSIBLE?!!

  65. You’re right Terrell. It’s never your fault. First, it was Jeff Garcia. Then it was Ozzie Newsome. Then McNabb, Tony Romo, and now it’s the media.
    This bum is just lucky that his talent got him this far before his massive ego ran him out of the league.

  66. “BREES has a BUSH says:
    July 7, 2010 2:54 PM
    Coach Lambeau Fields would take him…. ”
    T.O. in Green Bay? Is that what you’re hinting at? Have you fallen and bumped your head or something?

  67. mattgso –
    Coach Lambeau Fields would take him…. ”
    —————– ——————– –
    T.O. in Green Bay? Is that what you’re hinting at? Have you fallen and bumped your head or something?
    This is a movie reference. TO is obviously not going to Green Bay.
    Interested to see where he lands, or if he lands anywhere at all. Is he worth 5 mil a year? Absolutely not. Maybe a a contract worth up to 5 Mil, but purely based on incentives.

  68. I am a dolphin fan and I would take him. But the fact is his stats have been less than impressive the last two years. He is still a physical monster and I would take him as my #2 receiver.

  69. As much as the media was hoping he would be, he wasn’t a cancer at all in Buffalo last year.
    I’ve hated TO all of my life but give the guy a break. The way the media portrays him at this point in his career is ridiculous.

  70. He’s kinda sorta in a way the Allen Iverson of the NFL except with more baggage.

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