UFL still wants JaMarcus

If unwanted (except by the cops) quarterback JaMarcus Russell is looking for a hug right about now, there’s a football team in Nebraska still willing to give him one.

We’ve confirmed via two UFL sources that the Omaha Nighthawks remain interested in adding Russell to their roster for 2010.  As one source explained it, the league’s interest in Russell possibly has increased in the wake of the arrest for possession of a controlled substance; if, after all, the UFL is going to gain ground as a possible developmental league, it needs to attract players who hope to develop their skills for the highest level of the sport.

For more on the subject, we give you a couple of minutes from this week’s batch of PFTV.


15 responses to “UFL still wants JaMarcus

  1. Just when it seemed things had gotten as bad as possible, Russell gets an offer to play winter ball up in Nebraska.

  2. Is it true the Nebraska team is trying to lure him with promises to replace the Gatoraid with “Purple Drank”?

  3. If the Omaha Nighthawks really want JaMarcus Russell, I hope that they are prepared to pay full value for him. By that, I mean a moldy, half-eaten tuna salad sandwich that still has at least a little bit of wilted lettuce on it.

  4. and i was hoping the norfolk ufl expansion team would sign Russell,Vick and Burress and name the team the Norfolk Thug-o-nauts

  5. @giantsfan79 …………………………………………………………………………….. that would be awsome especially since there is nothing thug about any of those players there just idiots lmao.. there about as thugged out as lil wayne in some skinny jeans and a tight v-neck shirt

  6. “…and that ends the quarter, with the game tied. And now, for a few words from our sponsor (wait for it…)

  7. Does the UFL really think that a lethargic, doped up loser will automatically become a winner in their pathetic league?
    Besides if J-Russ goes and plays for the CFL he can legally obtain his beloved purple drank.
    Maybe not in the quantities that got him busted by the cops though…

  8. dat boy gonna be sippin that lean up in the UFL…he are washed up….uknowimsayin………what a chode this guy is, wonder how al davis feels giving him all this money. When i heard heard jamarcus robitussell was arrested, I was SURE that it was pot….(prob in his system, too) I just never thought hed be sippin that sizzzyrup

  9. W.W.J.D., what would jamarcus do????
    bracelets are on sale right now…..you can get them on nfl.com under the biggest lean drankin worthless overpaid busts ever section

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