Wednesday morning one-liners

Brian Brohm, starting QB candidate for the Bills: “I feel like I’m ready to take charge out there.”

Your definitive guide
to Patriots bars
, no matter where you live.

Miami’s trade for Brandon Marshall finished first in this top
20 moves of the AFC East offseason

Take a look at the ’68 Jets through the prism of the “Magic Bean.”

With injuries at the top, the competition
at cornerback in Baltimore
will be key to watch during training

Don’t expect most of the Bengals rookie deals until the team is closer to a

Browns WR Mohamed Massaquoi promoted the Got Milk? campaign in Cleveland.  (Sorry, we don’t got any better Browns links during the sssslow season.)

Steelers LB Larry Foote answered questions from fans on the team’s website.

A key battle to watch in Houston during camp will take place on the defensive line: Earl Mitchell vs. Amobi Okoye.

The Colts will hold a FanFest today in Terre Haute.

Paul Kuharsky chooses Jaguars DT Tyson Alualu as the highest
impact rookie
in the AFC South. 

Titans CB Tye Hill has some catching up to do.

Broncos second-round pick T Zach Beadles prides
himself on his football IQ

The Chiefs’ website’s rookie spotlight shines on undrafted DL Jeffrey Fitzgerald.

Congrats to Vitturio Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle for starting the Plaxico Burress-to-Oakland bandwagon, which we suspect will pick up steam eventually.

Charles Davis of NFL Network says Antonio Gates is the second
best tight end in the league
.  (Davis finishes lower on our NFL
Network analyst rankings.)

Get your single-game Cowboys tickets starting this Saturday.

Giants S Deon Grant says his new team is not a team full of guys doing things individually.

Is Andy Reid’s coaching legacy on the line in 2010?

Redskins RB Willie Parker embraces training camp competitions; this won’t be his first.

The Bears would love to have a sixth offensive lineman with more versatility than Kevin Schaffer.

Lions CB Jonathan Wade has lined
up as a starter
for most of the offseason, which isn’t a great sign
for the team’s defense.

Unless Donald Driver gets hurt, it will be tough for Packers WR James Jones to reach his 1,000-yard receiving goal this season.

Vikings defensive end Jared Allen would show
up and drink water
for $30 million.  [Editor’s note:  We also have a feeling that he’d publicly — and repeatedly — engage in the process of ridding the body of excess water for that kind of money, too.]

Can former Falcons coach Dan Reeves get
in the Hall of Fame

Third-year Panthers DE enjoyed a great start to his inaugural football camp and family day in Beddingfield.

In his new book, Saints QB Drew Brees wonders whether
he could have saved
his mom.

Reggie Brown’s role in the Bucs receiving corps may be as a bridge player to get them by.

Sixth-round Cardinals pick Jorrick Calvin has a
steep learning curve
after missing his senior season in college.

Matt Maiocco of Comcast Bay Area ranks the veterans most
due a contract extension
in San Francisco.

Rams S O.J. Atogwe believes the structure of his deal benefits both him and the Rams.  (We’d argue it benefits the Rams more.)

Mike Sando of ESPN looks at whether Matt Hasselbeck can carry a weak supporting cast.

8 responses to “Wednesday morning one-liners

  1. “Redskins RB Willie Parker embraces training camp competitions; this won’t be his first.”
    Yeah, but it’s probably his last…

  2. I think Charles Davis missed the boat on best TEs:
    Here’s a glance at Davis’ list; check out the video for more:
    1. Tony Gonzalez (Falcons)
    2. Antonio Gates (Chargers)
    3. Jason Witten (Cowboys)
    4. Dallas Clark (Colts)
    T-5. Vernon Davis (49ers)
    T-5. Jermichael Finley (Packers)
    I’ll go with Gonzalez and Gates as 1, 2, and even Witten and Clark as 3rd and 4th, but Vernon Davis and Finley should be replaced with Zach Miller, Owen Daniels and/or Anthony Fasano; two of which are threatening to become the future #1 and #2 TEs in the league.

  3. Why does everyone keep insisting the Raiders will go after every malcontent, criminal in the NFL? They haven’t gone out of their way to sign guys like that for YEARS. Get over it.. as much as everyone wants to say the Raiders have a criminal element, there are many more teams in the NFL that presently have rosters full of criminals than the Raiders do.

  4. Browns WR Mohamed Massaquoi promoted the Got Milk? campaign in Cleveland. (Sorry, we don’t got any better Browns links during the sssslow season.)

  5. If Plax can still play, i would be all for him coming to the Raiders. I think he really got the shaft by the league. He shoots himself in the leg, and then get’s tossed out with yesterday’s garbage. Meanwhile Ray Lewis stabs and kills a guy, pays the family $2 mil to go away and he becomes the poster boy for the NFL. I just don’t get it.

  6. Marv Levy and Bud Grant are living proof that Dan Reeves deserves to be in the HOF. He was an 0 fer but so were those two.

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