Chris Johnson talks big, aims high

Titans running back Chris Johnson needs to come out of his shell.  He’s way too humble, too understated about his skills and abilities.

Take, for instance, Johnson’s opinions regarding the identity of the best running back in the NFL.  “No way possible there should be a debate about who’s the best running back in the NFL,” Johnson told Matt Crossman of Sporting News in the latest issue of the magazine.

Johnson also wants to be the new face of the league.  “It’s like Obama,” Johnson told Crossman.  “Obama was the first black president.  I could be the first black face of the NFL.”

Johnson, who rushed for more than 2,000 yards in only his second NFL season, has another goal for 2010.  He wants to run for 2,500 yards, which would obliterate the current single-season record, set by Eric Dickerson more than a quarter-century ago.

And Johnson continues to be motivated by the fact that he was the fourth running back selected in the 2008 draft, behind Darren McFadden, Felix Jones, and Rashard Mendenhall.  As Crossman points out, Johnson has more rushing yards than the trio, combined.

So is it any wonder that, of Johnson’s many tattoos, his favorite one is an image of his own face?

We don’t fault him for it.  Vanity and confidence suit Johnson well.  But we wonder how he’ll deal with failure, if/when he doesn’t reach his goals.

Or if Jim Brown pays him a visit to talk a little bit about the history of the league.

56 responses to “Chris Johnson talks big, aims high

  1. Vick is the first black face of the NFL.
    Fitting since him and Pres. Obama blame others for their problems and look to be huge failures when they could have been something special.

  2. Well he certainly won’t ever be the voice of the league. That is until he learns to speak the English language.

  3. Yo Chris,
    First, compile seasons, as in plural, of putting together 2k rushing seasons.
    YOU HAD ONE>>>>>>ONE…….great year……SINGULAR…….I guess when you fall miserably flat in the future, it will be the blocking, offensive scheme, etc????
    Nothing personal, but you are just a nasty, ugly thing…….the gold teeth really don’t help either.
    Sorry, the league feels just fine with Manning, Peterson, and Brady.
    Chris, the guys above smile, and we aren’t blinded with the mountain of gold.

  4. LMAO. 2500? the last 200 of his 2000 last year were done in GARBAGE time.
    This guy doesn’t hold a candle to MJD as a teammate or player or person.

  5. A tattoo of himself?? Really?!? He might never be the face of the NFL but he’s definitely the douche bag of the NFL.

  6. Walter Payton, Reggie White, Jerry Rice Emmitt Smith, Dieon Sanders. Just to name a few. I don’t think the NFL is lacking a so called ‘black face’ (johnson’s words)… I don’t care about color I want great football.

  7. First black face of the NFL….hmmm.
    they don’t teach much history at East Carolina. Does he think he’s the first relevant African-American player in the leauge?
    Jim Brown, Gale Sayers, Walter Payton, Warren Moon, Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Marshall Faulk, Donovan McNabb….etc, etc,
    His statment is ridiculous. The above guys all had sustained excellence for years. Chris could but it’s just one year and he has no idea or perspective about what came before him.

  8. He loves him some him, sho-nuff. He’s got an ego as big as Obama and LeBron James, maybe bigger.

  9. He wants to be the first black face of the NFL huh? the grill and general thug demeanor certainly is a great way to start.
    Come watch a National Felon League game this sunday! this message brought to you by Chris johnson and his entourage of fellow thugs who get paid to do drugs, kill people and rape women and get away with it!

  10. Acers, he has had two good seasons, you know, the only two he has played?
    Pay the man. Smart to get his money now in case he does end up being injured, he’s not going to suck though.

  11. “So is it any wonder that, of Johnson’s many tattoos, his favorite one is an image of his own face?”
    Coincidentally, my favorite of my many tattoos is also of Chris Johnson’s face. No homo.

  12. I’m sure the NFL wants a Lil’ Wayne look-alike who has gold teeth, 5 billion tattoos, the IQ of a hamster, and can’t speak the English language to be the “first black face of the NFL” …..but, I’m sure the NFL has done just fine with “faces of the NFL” with guys like Jim Brown, Gale Sayers, Walter Payton, Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith….somehow this idiot thinks after one good season he has leapfrogged over these LEGENDS of the game and that these guys weren’t the “face” of the league during their eras? Unbelievable. Where the hell would Chris Johnson be if he didn’t have one spec of athletic ability? Wow.

  13. “the first black face of the nfl”?
    this guy’s IQ is proportional to his 40 time.
    super talented, but sounds like a moron.

  14. Ravenmaniac….I guess that’s why the Rats tried to rip his ankle out of his socket.Like you don’t have an egomaniac on the Ravens.

  15. Oh my…
    Face of the NFL?
    If somebody represents something, that somebody should be smart and at least should be able to speak the English language properly.
    He also should have a certain level of eloquence and should be good looking and charming, as well have a good portion of charisma…
    CJ fails… He fails at every above mentioned aspect of being a face of something.
    No wait, he could be the face of “From Ghetto to Star to Ghetto, in just 10 years” starting on FOX, this fall.
    Just kidding, but wait, this isn’t too unrealistic…

  16. 3000. Do I hear 3000 yards? Just get rid of the damn Qb. All of those wasted downs THROWING the ball, wtf?

  17. Ravenmaniac says:
    July 9, 2010 12:16 AM
    Just when I thought I couldnt hate anyone more than big ben……
    I agree completely, ‘cept you meant to say Ray ‘Killer’ Lewis, didn’t you…

  18. I walked away from the NBA because of the thugs and scumbags.
    The NFL is really testing my patience.

  19. so when it suits your agenda, then you’re cool with Jim Brown talking, eh Florio?

  20. Great athlete. Not a smart man.
    MJD is actually a good contrast, robigd. Great athlete, smart and articulate, and a solid teammate.

  21. The more this clown speaks the more I think he is a douchebag. No way you are going to be the face of the league, D-Bag.

  22. I want money. Me me me, and I and more me. See me run fast and take the cash. Me me me!
    This guy is no team player and I don’t hear his team mates supporting him.
    He’ll never win a TEAM title.

  23. no way does this guy reallyhave a tattoo of his own face on his body,that is the funniest thing i think i have ever read,best part of the article,thank you

  24. Yeah, Johnson should wear more silly hats and throw more women out of windows, just like Brown
    Seriously, a lot of NFL players have big egos, as do many people who excel in their fields. People who complain about it should grow up and go back to their $15 an hour jobs.

  25. Chris,
    Come on dog…Just play the game…From 1 black man to another there is no way in hell the NFL is gonna annoint you as the face of the NFL…and here is why:
    1.You have dreads and the NFL doesn’t really like dreads. They put up with it but they would never make a dude with dreads the face of the league. The behind the scenes perception is a “THUG” WE KNOW thats not always the case but that is the perception…..
    2.A player who is the face of the league must be able to speak clearly and communicate. He needs to be able to interact with all levels of the NFL and external marketing vendors and companies. You just dont fit that description. Its not a knock against you. You are 1 hell of a player but there is a certain LOOK and honestly you dont have it…

  26. i don’t want to wish bad things on ny human being but i hope this guy has a very average season

  27. So what was Jim Brown, Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Walter Payton, and a whole bunch of others?????
    This dude has been hitting The Purple Drank with Jamarcus Russell.

  28. chris johnson will go back to being a good, not great running back after this year. We have seen it countless times at all the skill positions, a player has a phenomenal year until there is tape on the dude. Just ask Manning, Brady, Moss, Peterson, etc. etc. etc…..defenses will game plan to stop him.

  29. Why isn’t anyone mentioning LT as one of the great faces of NFL….? I think CJ can assire to those hieghts, just remember to check the hooker’s ID card for age…

  30. LOL…some brutal stuff here…
    jwill007 said it best…
    man, there are some ‘qualities’ to that “face” and CJ just doesn’t have it. Honestly I think Pacman Jones has a better shot at it! Yeah, he’s crackhead fast but the confidence is definitely up there. Repeat the numbers…hit some targets consistently and let’s see where we are next year this time!
    first things first…GO BACK TO WORK! Heck, I want a big raise too, but I’m not gonna stop going to work every day cause the boss won’t give it to me!
    The sense of entitlement some of these players have is ridiculous!

  31. At least he’s speaking English in this quotes. I normally can’t understand him. Yes, he did have one great year, but he’s the real deal and will have another huge year. Did I mention I have the first pick in my FF league?

  32. Would love to see him traded to a team without Tennessee’s massive O-line. That’d shut him up pretty quick

  33. Johnson is a great running back but when I watch the Titans play it doesn’t seem like opposing defenses load the box for him the way they do for AP. And the fact that the Titans offense doesn’t score a whole lot of points makes me wonder a bit.

  34. Johnson was the 5th running back taken in 2008 so he should be even angrier. Amazing how PFT gets so many simple facts worng. You left out Jonathon Stewart as the 2nd running back taken that year.

  35. I miss the classiness of guys like Walter Payton, who let their play speak for them. I think Walter was black, not sure, since CJ said he’s going to be the first black face. Maybe CJ meant he was going to be the first black farce. No, that can’t be right either because JaMarcus beats him out there. Maybe he meant “first black arse”. No, TJ, TO, Moss and others beat him to that.
    It’s really hard to tell what CJ is saying, because, well, you just don’t know what he’s saying.

  36. # texansMike says: July 9, 2010 3:44 AM
    marketting = LOSER
    Not being able to spell “marketing”= BIGGER LOSER!!! Thanks for the laugh!

  37. comparing himself to Obama is the worst thing he could do, especially since Obama is half white…….
    I could get 1500 behind the Tenn. line,,,this guy is so over rated its scary.

  38. Myron Rolle, Rhodes scholar and rookie Titans safety, should help tutor Johnson in, well, pretty much everything. Only I think Rolle’s head might explode when he hears what Johnson does to English.

  39. You people are complete idiots. While the face of the NFL thing is undeserved, this guy rushed for 2000+ yards in his SECOND year. He compiled the most yards from scrimmage by a non quarterback in his SECOND year. It took NFL greats and hall of famers their entire careers to do what he has done in two years. Stop hating on him because he is right, and he will be a Hall of Famer.

  40. If I were black I would be ashamed to have this retard as the face of anything NFL. Maybe the face of why Reading is Fundamental

  41. You people are complete idiots. While the face of the NFL thing is undeserved, this guy rushed for 2000+ yards in his SECOND year. He compiled the most yards from scrimmage by a non quarterback in his SECOND year. It took NFL greats and hall of famers their entire careers to do what he has done in two years. Stop hating on him because he is right, and he will be a Hall of Famer.
    Yeah, if he buys a ticket! Let’s see if this dude can do it again, and again – or just be good and consistent over a good period of time. If he does, fine, but tell me of a guy who has TWO 2,000 yard seasons.
    All will be taken care of in time. You don’t get in the HOF for one good year – just ask Terrell Davis.
    In the meantime I strongly suggest that this dude get an English tutor.

  42. What an idiot, he has no knowledge about the history of the NFL and he’s is beyond confident, he’s just an arrogant goof.
    Besides, Steven Jackson is the best back in the league, he plays on an awful team, with no other offensive threats and still manages 1000yd seasons without a competent offensive line or a quarterback.

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