Cris Carter, Michael Irvin provide tough love to Dwayne Bowe

Former NFL receiver Cris Carter had some strong words for Vikings wideout Sidney Rice, who opted not to show up for summer workouts with Larry Fitzgerald and others.

Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe showed up at the sessions for the first time — but he might wish he had joined Sidney Rice in anyplace but the presence of Carter and Hall of Famer Michael Irvin.

Per Chip Scoggins of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Carter and Irvin supplied some “tough love” for Bowe, whom one league source recently described to us as “the single biggest dumbass in the NFL.”

Can you imagine your first day coming back to 14 100s?” Bowe, who had taken 12 days off, said.  “Man, it was like college again.  I’ve never done this intensive
competing, conditioning and technique in one day. . . .

“You can tell [the potential impact] by the production that Sidney
Rice had last year,” Bowe added.  “I know he had Brett Favre but still. I
talked to him a week ago and he told me they competed and it made him
[better] and he went to the Pro Bowl.  Now I think it’s my turn to take

It sounds like the Chiefs had a hand in arranging the tongue-wagging from Bowe, and the tongue-lashing from Carter and Irvin.

“[S]ome people in Kansas City as far as their administration kind of knew I
was going to be here,” Carter said.  “We kind of let them know that I would be here for
[receiver Dwayne] Bowe.”

A first-round pick out of LSU, Bowe had two strong years in 2007 and 2008.  His production tailed off in 2009, with 47 receptions for 589 yards.  He also created an offseason ruckus with his ill-advised comments to ESPN regarding the practice of “importing” something other than matches.  Long matches.

30 responses to “Cris Carter, Michael Irvin provide tough love to Dwayne Bowe

  1. I’d like to see Carter and the Hall of Fame Father of the Year try their act with Riddick Bowe.

  2. To me it would make more sense if Carter saved the tough love for his son who, if he were able to stay enrolled in a college long enough in order to get to the league, would easily be the biggest dumbass.
    Seriously your son is a dumpster fire and you’re worried about Sidney rice and Dwayne bowe?
    Great logic.

  3. I dont understand this story at all. Where is the tough love and this “tongue lashing” and why are we talking about Sidney Rice? Did you read this to make sure it made sense to an average right to left reading person before you posted?

  4. Probably a waste of time because most young people [especially ones with pockets lined with cash] won’t listen to somebody who is more experienced than they are.
    And yeah, Irvin partied with best of them, but he never sold his team out like Bowe.
    And ask any Cowboy and they’ll tell you Irvin was the hardest worker on that team.

  5. You must be pretty bad off to be in a position to warrant counseling from those two knuckleheads.

  6. Hmmmm. If Carter and Irvin are only providing “tough love” to Bowe in regards to how to be a better receiver, then by all means bravo.
    But, if they are providing so called “tough love” in regards to how to live his everyday life, then I think it would be wise to find two different figures.

  7. “Bowe, whom one league source recently described to us as ‘the single biggest dumbass in the NFL.’ ”
    Hmmm. With all the dumbasses in the NFL these days, I’d be hard pressed to identify the biggest.

  8. bigrig says:
    “And ask any Cowboy and they’ll tell you Irvin was the hardest worker on that team.”

    Yeah.. because he was on COKE!

  9. Nobi says:
    July 8, 2010 4:14 PM
    “…..Did you read this to make sure it made sense to an average right to left reading person before you posted?”
    I read left to right. Anyone else?

  10. @Whatdiga
    Good one. But Irvin wasn’t the only Cowboy on coke so that blows [pun intended] your argument.
    Far be it from me to defend Irvin’s behavior, but a lot of these wr divas could learn how to get a ring or three from 88.

  11. I’m with you Nobi! What the hell are they talking about?? Another dumb ass story in an otherwise boring news cycle!!

  12. …not to sound as though i value the import of of english composition – but what the HELL was THAT all about – i didn’t understand that story…

  13. Can we get a list of all the receivers at that camp? That would make for an interesting post.
    How about a post of where every player is working out at and who they are working out with?
    Also, where is the tough love in this story?
    Sorry, don’t mean to tell you how to do your job, just suggestions.

  14. Staff Sarge has it right, Carter should try spending some time with his own drop out

  15. The only thing he’ll learn from these two is how to snort coke and solicit prostitutes.

  16. Isn’t being the “single biggest dumbass in the NFL” a time honored tradftion for all LSU football players who make it into the NFL?

  17. Because I wasted my time to read this, I will waste more time to say- what the hell did I just read?

  18. Bowe is the Scarecrow of the NFL, looking for a brain. Guy has tons of physical talent. What a waste.

  19. @Nobi
    Thank you. I thought I was declining into some sort of mental abyss when I read this story.
    My six year old daughter writes stories that make more sense than this.

  20. How crappy must he feel?
    Two of the biggest horses asses in the history of mankind are down on you.
    What a couple of pots calling the kettle.

  21. Noble advice from two drug addicts who don’t seem to have a moral compass or a person telling them to shut up. I hate Michael Irvin and Chris Carter, and I hope they have a severe fall from grace.

  22. didn’t Vince Young score a 6 on the Wonderlic??
    Bowe’s at least third behind Young and Jamarcus Russell

  23. Cris Carter is a piece of crap! After putting in a scintillating 3 receptions for 24 yards and no TDs in the NFC Championship game against the Giants, this piece of crap had the following analysis: “We made a lot of mistakes and played bad football,” Carter said. “I’ve done every thing I’ve had to do to win a championship.” Except perform in manner that might win a championship.
    The next year he realized that he really had done all he could do and left the Vikings. He returned for a feeble half year with the Dolphins before finally shutting it down. No rings, no class. The news about his son only confirms that he is doing all he can in the Hall of Fame Father of the Year category to follow his training partner and fellow cokehead low-life into the Hall. But, sadly, no rings. What a piece of crap! Hail!

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