Cris Carter questions Sidney Rice's offseason work habits

In 2009, Vikings receiver Sidney Rice had a breakout season that he attributed in part to his offseason workouts with former Vikings receiver Cris Carter. But Carter said today that he’s frustrated that Rice isn’t continuing those workouts this summer.

Speaking to Chip Scoggins of the Star Tribune, Carter said he’s not sure why Rice isn’t attending the intense summer workouts that Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald is hosting in Minnesota.

“I don’t know,” Carter said. “You have to ask him. I don’t know what it’s like to have one good year and then disappear.  I don’t know what it’s like.  That’s on him.  I really don’t know. . . .  If I had that kind of impact on him he should have been here today.”

Carter bristled when asked if he’s mad at Rice for not working out with him.

“I don’t look mad do I?” Carter said.  “I don’t get mad about kids coming or not coming. . . . But Sidney is not here so I guarantee he’s not getting no better today.”

48 responses to “Cris Carter questions Sidney Rice's offseason work habits

  1. DAMN! keep it real Cris! LOL
    Rice head blowin up???? Dont get complacent..its a what have you done for me lately league….
    Just ask LT or Stephen Alexander……

  2. When you lose a home NFC championship game after a 15-1 season, I could understand why Carter might think of himself as a mentor to other Vikings, such choke artists are in relatively short supply.
    But Rice has already proven himself as an emerging choke artist with his mere 4 catches in the NFC championship game. I can see why he might feel like he doesn’t need any advice from Carter, its not like either one of them is on the verge of getting in the HOF.

  3. I’ll never listen to anything Chris Carter says. All he does is catch touchdowns.

  4. Did anyone tell Carter that Rice has been working out all offseason and has put on 10 lbs. of muscle?? It was reported back in late May/early June in either a minicamp or OTA. Big story in the Star Tribune about it.
    Carter likes to hear Carter talk.

  5. But Sidney is not here so I guarantee he’s not getting no better today.”
    does that mean he’s getting better?

  6. Say Chris drop that ego and realize that people can train without you breathing down their necks. Why not emasculate Trent Dilfer for riding Ray-Ray’s coat tails (or handcuffs) to the NFL Championship. Dont Hate on Sidney for training in Florida with Percy Harvin and others!

  7. JimmySmith…….thats 4 more catches than the ENTIRE Green Bay Packers caught in the NFC Championship game.

  8. Please no more comments from this pathetic blowhard. He was a piece of crap with the Eagles. He was a piece of crap as a Viking. He has zero rings. He’s one of those great beneficiaries of the modern NFL rulebook. But for the pass-happy rules of the post-90s NFL, Carter would be an also-ran. But he does have the hallmarks of the modern HoF receiver: rampant cocaine use, the obligatory appeal for all Jesus has done for him (heaven helps those who promote themselves) and a world-class mouth. He may well go into the Hall of Fame with Don Coryell next summer. What a disgrace! Coryell’s legacy is more than solid and deserves recognition in Canton, but he also unfortunately made possible the scourge of the prima donna. Get this guy off my TV! Hail!

  9. He doesn’t need practice. None of the Vikings do. They learned it from the “master.”

  10. I wish Carter would go back to doing coke. He seemed like a much more likeable person then.

  11. CC is totally a blowhard, but he does have a point. sydney did attribute a lot of his success last year to working with fitz and CC at the camp and, last i read, he said he was going to report to the camp again this year. absolutely love sydney’s game and really want to see him continue to improve which makes me agree with CC that he should be working out with the best…ie fitz, CC and that other rice that i hear was going to be at the camp and was also….pretty good.

  12. tradebait9:
    The Packers weren’t in the NFC Championship game. The Queens were, until JUDAS tossed another year-wasting interception.

  13. Star wideouts pack on some muscle: The efforts of Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin this offseason were apparent at the first day of minicamp.
    Jun. 12–Wide receivers Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin have spent the offseason working out individually in Florida, and the results were obvious on the first day of the Vikings’ three-day minicamp Friday.
    Rice said he’s gained about eight pounds in muscle while Harvin has gained 10 to 12 pounds. Both look noticeably stronger in the upper body.
    “Just working out, doing a little more lifting than last year,” Rice said. “I always go into training camp around 210 to 215. I’m going to try and do the same thing this year.”
    Harvin said he weighs 205 pounds right now but ideally will start the season at 200. He said it’s been easier to add muscle mass this offseason because he didn’t have to prepare for the NFL combine and pre-draft workouts like last year.
    “He looks good,” Coach Brad Childress said. “He’s thick. I think he came to us at 188 pounds last year. It looks like he wintered very well in Gainesville.”
    Rice, coming off his first Pro Bowl season, is training at a facility in Miami and will work out in the Twin Cities with Cardinals All-Pro receiver Larry Fitzgerald this summer.
    “I wouldn’t say it’s more pressure, but my expectations are still the same,” Rice said. “I want to still compete at a high level and do what I can to help this team win a championship.”

  14. there another viking not named Brett Favre? amazing….Cris Carter was mr consistent so we will see how Rice turns out, my guess, not well.

  15. I won’t defend his ego, but, to say that Chris Carter was the lucky beneficiary of the pass-happy rules of ther post 90s NFL is ludicrous. He was a tremendously well conditioned receiver with arguably the best hands to ever play the game. You must have been watching something other than football those Sunday afternoons when he caught over 1000 passes and scored 130 touchdowns. Dumbass

  16. Based on what I’ve seen and heard lately, Carter needs to spend his spare time worrying about his son and not Sydney Rice. At least Rice made it to the NFL, Carter’s kid can’t make it past the second semester at ohio st.

  17. Cris Carter, all he did was catch Touchdown passes. Now all he does is run his mouth.

  18. Didn’t Cris Carter leave the Vikings after getting their ass kicked by the Gaints in the NFC Championship game the year before and join the Dolphins?
    He’s saying Rice should step up after getting so close to a ring and yet Cartr just quit when he got just as close in his career.

  19. Carter’s little more than a blow-hard who talks simply to hear himself talk.
    Does anybody ever watch speeches that Carter gives to these kids? It’s hilarious because nobody really listens to him (most are doodling or looking down or trying like mad to stay awake), not because they aren’t willing to hear something productive, but because Carter certainly isn’t the best medium to send a message thru. He’s angry and loud and arrogant and when he was young, he was EXACTLY like these slug kids are today. He went thru his rough patches and learned from them.
    People need to realize that most people have to go thru an experience – good or bad, and possibly many, many times to understand; they can’t simply hear an idiot preach and then take it as gospel.

  20. Nam Huynh says:
    Didn’t Cris Carter leave the Vikings after getting their ass kicked by the Gaints in the NFC Championship game the year before
    Depends on how you define “getting their ass kicked”? 41-0 was the final score, one of my favorite Viking games to watch.

  21. He wants players to be better than they want their self to be. I give him props…if more older players were like that then some of the younger players would be better off on and off the field.

  22. Jermichael Finley was a smart man and attended the camp this week and you can basically pencil him in as the best NFC tight end this year.

  23. Carter said. “You have to ask him. I don’t know what it’s like to have one good year and then disappear.
    So Sidney is gone? I don’t get it. I guess you have to kiss Cris Carter’s ass to be a good wideout. I love how Cris Carter and Keyshawn Johnson rip on players for being distractions and doing bad things on and off the field. Those 2 are the poster children for being cry baby bitches and I’m sure somehow they are responsible for the phrase “conduct detrimental to the team”. Coming from a lifelong Vikings’ fan, Carter can you just SHUT THE F**K UP FOR ONCE?!!!

  24. Carter sort of has a point. I’d like to see Rice back at that camp because it is intense WR training and some of the league elites are there. But the Strib article also points out that Sid obviously has been working this offseason.
    Really I’m not worried about Harvin and Rice. If they stay healthy, we have a tremendous WR core. Berrian is no slouch at #3 WR either.

  25. NEWFLASH: You aren’t all that Chris. He dissed you because you’re a self serving tool. He’s already seen your type once— it was enough.
    He’ll be just fine without you.

  26. “But Sidney is not here so I guarantee he’s not getting no better today.”
    Gurantee you ain’t getting no smarter today either.

  27. Is this the same Cris Carter who a week ago lectured rookies on how to make the transition from college to the NFL when he himself failed miserably at the transition? It seems like the thing that makes sense now of days is to take a guy who failed/messed up on a specific topic and have him lecture people not to make the same mistake he/she did. I would think that someone who made a smooth transition from college to the NFL despite all the temptations would be giving a lecture like that, but i guess thats just me. Cris Carter couldnt play his senior year of college for illegally hiring an agent and then didnt reach his full potential in Philly because he couldnt control himself around alcohol and coke. And this guy is giving lectures to guys who have for the most part done a better job keeping it together until this point in an age where someone is trying to get you doing something wrong every minute.
    How he conducted his Interview with DHB was pretty ridiculous also. Clown and crack up in a kids face because he got drafted a lot higher than you thought he should. Like he asked to be drafted by the Raiders.
    Hes going to live until hes atleast 85 years old and never stop stating his opinion, i know it. Its my luck.

  28. JimmySmith, did all of those Packer wide receiver receptions in Glendale last January help the team get out of the wild card round?

  29. Chris Carter better worry about his son getting back into Ohio State than Sidney Rice! Hey Chris have a beer!!

  30. Doesn’t charity startat home. Cris Carter has a son who flunked out of college after 1 semester. Give me a break, and at this juncture in his career the only balls he was worried about in the offseason were 8 balls. Go sit down and STFU.

  31. I guess Rice if fine being a #3. Harvin will come back ready to act like a true playmaker and I have a good feeling about BB coming back this year to have a big season. That is OK Rice, don’t sweat it you will be a fine #3 for the purple.

  32. Wasn’t Chris Carter a druggie with a cocaine problem who was cut by the Eagles?
    And only the viklings would sign him.
    Now he thinks it is his place to tell today’s NFL players how to play (not some hired coach).
    This quote was very funny
    “I don’t know,” Carter said. “You have to ask him. I don’t know what it’s like to have one good year.”
    Was ther ever such a thing as a memorable Chris Carter game?
    99.5% of the American people would tell you no there isn’t.
    He is the kind weirdo guy that players don’t want to see hanging around the locker room because he has nothing positive to talk about.
    Just keep hanging around the viklings locker room Carter. Keep telling everyone you almost might have been somebody decades ago. You are sure not going to make any friends.

  33. Chris Carter talking about worth ethic? How about he teaches his son some work ethic. Guy could not get the job done in the classroom and left Ohio State. Carter needs to Get his stuff at home straight and then maybe he can talk, but until then know your roll buster.

  34. Mayde CC should find the facts before shooting his mouth off. S.Rice has a messed up hip and is trying to get it healed by season opener. Not everything is as it seems. (Agent reported it on twitter)

  35. Damn some of you packerbackers are morons. Please stfu and stop making us look like dipshits.

  36. It appears that Jimmy Smith and Bob Nelson constantly comb the Vikings stories under the auspices of being true Packer fans. We can always count on their opinions, whether we want them or not.
    For being Non-Viking fans, they spend alot of time on the Viking stories. Hmmmm..
    Perhaps they are “closet Viking fans.” Perhaps they are in the “closet” on other issues.

  37. look, these are the vikings … they follow the lead of their head coach and diva QB … just show up for the regular season, have a great regular season, then fold in the playoffs … that’s what they do … and they have no rings to prove it!!!

  38. After putting in a scintillating 3 receptions for 24 yards and no TDs in the NFC Championship game against the Giants, this piece of crap had the following analysis: “We made a lot of mistakes and played bad football,” Carter said. “I’ve done every thing I’ve had to do to win a championship.” Except perform in manner that might win a championship. What a hosebag! Hail!

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