D'Brickashaw's real deal? One year, $5.3225 million

We knew it.

When reports emerged of a six-year, $60 million extension with an eye-popping $34.8 million in guaranteed money, we knew that there was fluff in the new contract between the Jets and left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson.

We just had no idea how much fluff was there.

We’ve obtained a copy of the contract, and we’ve studied it carefully.  The contract constitutes, as a practical matter, a one-year, $5.3225 million arrangement with no other guaranteed money earned or vested through the end of the 2010 season.

The amount comes from a base salary of $622,500, a signing bonus of $1.6 million due within five days of July 15, 2010, and a roster bonus of $3.1 million due within five days of July 15, 2010.

That’s it.  No other guarantees trigger unless and until Ferguson makes it through the 2010 season displaying adequate skill and, more importantly, not suffering serious injury.

If Ferguson endures a career-ending injury at any point this year (think LeCharles Bentley on the first day of training camp, 2006), Ferguson gets none of the rest of the money.  If Ferguson simply suffers a serious but not career-ending injury at any point this year (think Leon Washington mimicking Joe Theismann against the Raiders in 2009), the Jets likely will terminate the contract and then try to re-sign Ferguson for a lesser amount — or watch him walk away.

And, amazingly, the contract contains no future guarantees based on injury.  None.  Not a penny.

If Ferguson is on the Jets’ 80-man roster on February 15, 2011, Ferguson’s 2011 base salary of $5.615 million becomes guaranteed only for skill.  This means that, if the Jets thereafter decide that Ferguson stinks, they still have to pay him his 2011 base salary.  As a practical matter, the money also is guaranteed for injury after he passes his offseason physical, since he’d be owed his entire base salary if he, for example, tears an ACL while at a minicamp practice.

On that same day, February 15, 2011, Ferguson’s $9.985 million base salary for 2012 becomes guaranteed, but again only for skill. So if he suffers a serious injury in 2011, the Jets can cut him before 2012 and avoid nearly $10 million in additional future expenses.

Finally, Ferguson’s base salary of $7.25 million for 2013 becomes guaranteed — again for skill — if he’s on the 80-man roster on the second day after the start of the waiver system for the 2012 season.  So if he suffers a serious injury in 2012, the Jets can easily avoid that money due in 2013.

Ferguson also has a $3.9 million option bonus, but the Jets have an extended period within which to decide whether to pay it.  The first possible date is the first day of the next league year, which if there’s labor peace will come in early March, 2011.  The last day for exercising the option will be the day after the first regular-season game in the next league year.  So they can cut him as late as September 2011 and avoid that $3.9 million payment.

None of those payments will be made if Ferguson endures a serious injury, or if his skills suddenly evaporate.

While some may brush this off as a cash-flow issue only, since future payments fully guaranteed for injury and skill must be funded immediately, the Jets could have guaranteed the full amount of the future guaranteed base salaries (which total $22.85 million) for injury now and skill later, like the Bears did with defensive end Julius Peppers.  The Jets didn’t, and now Ferguson will bear the risk of that every time he laces up his cleats from now until the end of the 2010 season.

What has Ferguson gained?  His base salary of $3.122 million in 2010 (the terms under his prior deal) has increased to a total payout of $5.3225 million. 

So he picked up $2.2005 million now, with no guarantees moving forward.  Though he’ll be in line for more than $22 million guaranteed if he gets through 2010 (and 2011) unscathed, he already was in line for at least $10 million guaranteed next year, the final year of his rookie deal.

Bottom line?  As usual, the real terms of the contract fall far short of the amount initially reported.

42 responses to “D'Brickashaw's real deal? One year, $5.3225 million

  1. The Jets know what they’re doing. That’s why they are the favorites in the AFC to reach the SuperBowl. The Miami Dolphins on the other hand do NOT know what they’re doing. That’s why they never won anything with Marino, hired Nick Saban, drafted that joker Yatil Green with their first pick, and haven’t done SQUAT

  2. OMFG the horror of having to bear the injury risk, how will Ferguson cope ?
    I mean with only 2.75 mil or so left after taxes and agent fees how will he survive for more than a week or two ?

  3. The Jets have been notorious for hosing their players for years……this team will implode before midseason, guaranteed. Nothing but hot air comes from woody johnson all the way down to rex ryan, the egos on the team will blowup in the lockerroom first and then by their play on the field.

  4. “That’s why they are the favorites in the AFC to reach the SuperBowl.”
    Ha. Ha. Ha.

  5. @ Dayton Dolfan
    Verizon came out with a new LeBron phone that only vibrates because it has no ring.
    J-E-T-S Suck Suck Suck
    D’Brick got D’Screwed.

  6. # NYMets says: July 8, 2010 9:56 PM
    The Jets know what they’re doing. That’s why they are the favorites in the AFC to reach the SuperBowl. The Miami Dolphins on the other hand do NOT know what they’re doing. That’s why they never won anything with Marino, hired Nick Saban, drafted that joker Yatil Green with their first pick, and haven’t done SQUAT
    LOL…Id love to know what planet Jets fans think they are on. Yeah dude…cuz the Jets are SOOOO known for their smart football moves over the years. LMFAO. You say the Dolphins haven’t done squat? What exactly have the Jets accomplished in the last 4 decades genius? (Cue the blabbering Jet fan who thinks because they were let into the playoffs last year with a gift that they are the Super Bowl front runners.) I am going to thoroughly enjoy watching the Jets get destroyed this year. Jets fans are the biggest overzealous douche rags on the planet. Its gonna be fun watching you crawl back under your rocks for another 10 years this season.

  7. I wonder if D’Brickashaw realized this when he signed or if all this is just coming into focus for him now.

  8. this is the reason the jets are the only non-expansion team to not reach the superbowl since the merger for the AFC.
    Its sad really. They put all their eggs in the 2010 basket after this years 8-8 record it will be back to the drawing board.
    This time next season Ryan will be telling everyone the jets will be in the superbowl and then proceed to let revis and mangold go. By that time Sanchez should have thrown his 50th NFL interception.
    The one step forward two step back approach makes me think Buffalo will reach another superbowl before the jets.

  9. So D’Brick makes a lot of money if he doesn’t get hurt but if he does get hurt, he doesn’t get as much?
    If that is the case we should be applauding D’Brick. Afterall, why should a guy make a ton of money if he’s injured? Team player right there, which is why the Jets are winning the SB (along with the insane amount of talent on the roster).

  10. That’s why I visit this site from time to time. Nice breakdown.
    Never heard of Marcus McNeill.

  11. So he can get in a car crash today and still have $10 mil guaranteed from his rookie deal?
    I don’t see a big deal, look for more teams to operate like this.
    If you fell down and broke your hands NBC isn’t going to pay you for not working. Injury clause would be nice, but the kid won’t be suffering if his career ended tomorrow.

  12. Before Tannenbaum was the GM for the Jets, he was the Capologist for the Jets with the reputation for being the best in the business at finding loopholes and working deals so the team financials were never in dire straits.
    This deal proves why he had that reputation. When he was first hired (or promoted depending on your outlook) to be the GM, Jets’ fans question his ability to scout talent. Our opinion of his hiring was “Sure, he can work the cap, but can he find us good players?”
    Tannenbaum has done both for us. He’s gotten the Jets Revis, Harris, Mangold, D’Brick, Greene, Sanchez, etc in the draft and been able to get Rex Ryan to coach with Bart Scott, Kris Jenkins, etc, etc in Free Agency/trades. He’s been amazing at getting talent, yet keeping the Jets from falling into cap hell.
    He is the best GM right now in the NFL.

  13. NYMets,
    HAHA, Who the hell has picked the Jets to win the AFC? Dirty Sanchez managed a 63.0 QB rating last year while throwing just 12 TDs and 20 INTs. They were 7-7 with the best defense in the league when the Bengals and Colts played a combined 1.5 quarters against them and gifted them two wins.
    Yeah, his play can improve, but without a significant improvement from Dirty, the Jets are going to be just another .500 team, as they were last year.
    Also, take last years offense, take out All-Pro G Alan Faneca, insert a rookie, take out your 1,400 yard rusher and insert an unproven second year player. You’re looking at a running game that may have seriously declined, which will create more problems for Mr. Sanchez.

  14. Wow. Great deal for Jets….compare that to the ridiculous $50 million, $28 million guaranteed, Eagles gave Jason Peters for 4 more years when he was in similar situation (2 years from free agency).
    Nice work Jets. Far and away smartest team in Green.

  15. Yes indeed, the Jets management are without peer. They scam one of their key players with a contract barely worth the paper it’s printed on. Even more amusing is the scam they are pulling on the Jets fans. You know, the one about paying thousands of dollars for seats to see “championship contenders”. Just like D’Brick’s contract, a smoke and mirrors illusion. You’re right, NYMets, the Jets know what they’re doing. Except maybe drafting V Gholston at 6th overall. At least Yatil was 15th and busted because of injury, as opposed to just being overrated and crappy.

  16. Let me see if I understand this correctly.
    The Jets sign a good (not great, but Pro Bowl-worthy) left tackle at a price that is more than useful to Jets management.
    And the anti-Jet sucktards take this opportunity to absurdly flex their Chatroom Gangsta! cyber-balls and mock the move.
    Seriously, face facts. This is a stacked team that will compete hard this year. Against your team. Where will you throw? They’ll be better vs. the run this year too.
    And to all of the knee-jerk-negative-comment Dolphin fans who cling to pathetic, ancient stats…sell out a home playoff game one of these days. Then we’ll have a serious discussion with you.

  17. I’m astounded Dbrickishaw & his agent agreed to this contract. All of the injury risk is on the player. It’s a foolish contract for the player, but great for the team.

  18. You all make it seem like D’Brick had no clue what he was signing. He and his agent obviously thought this was the right move, so why are all you idiots telling him it isn’t. Are you all experts now as to what is better for him? Do you all now know the intricacies to their decision making. You all are about as clueless as florio.

  19. Xenu_D_Alien says:
    July 8, 2010 10:35 PM
    “That’s turrible.”
    Just two words, but funny, funny stuff.

  20. Cannot wait to watch the NYJ get swept by Miami again, this year. The only thing the jets are battling for in 2010 is mediocrity.

  21. Dayton — I don’t know personally but when George Michael came out of that rest room he said it was awfully tasty. Especially that egg roll he pulled out of there.

  22. Florio is a hater, plain and simple and this is pure evidence of that. First of all ferguson has the same agent as Tom Brady so he’s no moron. Second yes if he gets injured but this is the same orgainization that has given players up front money and changed contracts for players, like coles and cromartie getting money upfront. It’s not a one year deal you ass clown. Sure if he gets hurt he doesn’t get all his money but honestly who does. He’s happy about it, he gets 22 million his first 2 years. He took a cap friendly deal and he was happy about it. He deserves it but the jets are looking after their ass and they are smart for it. He knows what he’s doing. They will pay the man and remember he’s a good left tackle and he’s being paid like it not over paid right off the back. It’s a conditional deal not a one year deal you moron. Twist the article to show you’re not a moron when you are. You act like he got tricked in the matter. Other players should learn from this. Good for ferguson and smart for the jets the deal is good for both sides. That should be the headline!!

  23. It is still a great deal of money and I hope that he stays healthy and earns it all.

  24. from nymut- in the last 35 years…. really?
    The Dolphins have been to 2 SuperBowls during that time and won many Division Titles.
    It’s the not yets that have been in the cellar. They have nothing to boast about. The laughingstock of the Division. You just look dumb and no one respects the jets.
    Cheap owner and GM too. Can’t give away those PSL. Pathetic

  25. Damn I cant wait for the Thanksgiving game against the Jets…..We owe them we had half our defense hurt our QB had a broken thumb Chris Henry dies a few weeks before…we were not on our game….Well we return our entire defense HOPEFULLY healthy. We added Shipley(Deadly SLot WR) and Gresham(TE with Sick skills whose gonna give David Harris, Bart Scott and their safeties fits then we added Bryant on the outside so while Revis may give Chad the FITS Cromartie is known to get smoked and the Kyle Wilson and Shipley battle will be a nice rook on rook matchup…..ISH is gonna be different in this game…….

  26. “**five_seven** says:
    July 9, 2010 12:33 AM
    And to all of the knee-jerk-negative-c omment Dolphin fans who cling to pathetic, ancient stats…sell out a home playoff game one of these days. Then we’ll have a serious discussion with you.

    Why don’t you get your own fricken stadium first and then we’ll have a serious discussion.

  27. @Some Fans – HAHAHAH
    Where have all those division titles getten you? 0 SB wins in the last 30+ years……ya such a much better team than the Jets
    Not to mention 0 playoff wins in almost 10 years….yup such a better team

  28. NYMets says:
    July 8, 2010 9:56 PM
    The Jets know what they’re doing. That’s why they are the favorites in the AFC to reach the SuperBowl. The Miami Dolphins on the other hand do NOT know what they’re doing. That’s why they never won anything with Marino, hired Nick Saban, drafted that joker Yatil Green with their first pick, and haven’t done SQUAT
    Wow, you sad little fellow. You sure do have a hardon for Marino!!!! How jealous can you get? And the only ones thinking they are the favorites to reach the SuperBowl are stupid jests fans and idiotic talking heads. Nick Saban? How about Pete Carroll? Herm Edwards? Eric Mangina? How far did those coaches get that joke of a team? Talk about joker draft picks? Can you say……..Gholston?
    SAME OL’ JESTS!!!!! It’s in their DNA.

  29. Very good Florio. Nice to see you haven’t lost your lawyerly touch.
    How much do you charge for a contract review?

  30. Jets fans came outta no where acting as if their team is amazing and actually has a chance.( They dont) (It will not happen.) All thier talk about what has other teams done? Jets fans your team won like one superbowl and it was like superbowl III. Sanchez was HORRIBLE last year.
    Que response-
    Well, “he got us to the divisional championship game and threw 4 Tds with only 2 picks.” When a team would rather run the ball on 3rd and 6 rather than passing the ball you should question your QB. Jets offensive play calling is average or below, thier offensive production will be weak this year, defense top 10, running game will get lit up. Sanchez 2010 stats 16 Tds 22 ints 3100 yards.
    Patriots- 11-5
    Dolphins- 9-7
    Bills- 6-10

  31. Florio, “We knew it”.
    Damn it’s hard to be humble when you’re so frigg’n good.
    Actually, good call…we’ll give you that one Florio.

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