Franchise tag prevents LeBron-like drama in NFL

Florio and I were asked about our predictions regarding a certain basketball free agent today on Twitter.

Mike guessed that the Chosen One would pick the Cowboys.  I predicted I would be out for dinner during the big show tonight.

Such a ridiculous televised farce would never happen in NFL free agency for a few reasons, primary among them the franchise tag.

Florio looks at the tag a little deeper in PFT Daily.


36 responses to “Franchise tag prevents LeBron-like drama in NFL

  1. Turning yesterday’s written story into today’s video story changes everything.

  2. Do you want to restrict player movement (tag), or do you want a seven year player like LeBron to have an opportunity to pick his own work environment like everyone else?

  3. DRAMA ? DRAMA? The Freaking stuff is a circus!! NBA IS SUCH A JOKE MAN.. Sheesh..Its a Circus, Like the WWE! Pretty soon the will have intro mus..OH WAIT they already have that..

  4. Getting out of Cleveland is what this is all about. Cleveland is the arm pit of the country. Ever since Art Modell was forced to leave by Mayor White and friends….the only thing Cleveland has left is the flats and staph infections. LeBron would have to be insane to stay in that dump.
    Art Modell was the heart and soul of Cleveland and obvioulsy LeBron wants to be close to Art who currently lives full time near Miami.

  5. If they do what they’ve talked about (i.e. you can’t franchise a player two years in a row), we might end up with this very scenario because a player might be franchised one year but he’ll be a big free agent the next.

  6. Daniel Stern has overseen THE nightmare that stalls in the quagmire he turned TheNBA into.
    TG we have Goodell overseeing our storied league. Stern hasnt the balls to enact what Roger has enacted in his penal system. At least RG’s trying to make/keep it clean. Buffoon Stern isnt and doesnt even want to. If not for the clowns at espn, the NBA dies a slower death. ESPN has to promote them with the HUGE NBA contract they have.

  7. Unless the new CBA allows the franchise tag to be applied indefinitely, it will not prevent a similar situation.
    Don’t forget, though, that this situation is a media creation more than anything else. LeBron has a vested interest in making sure that his free-agency has the largest amount of attention possible. It’s already all but assured he is getting the maximum amount of money he can. The media also has an interest in hoopla, it drives viewership, which drives ad revenue.
    The same thing is in play when PFT puts up an article every time Brett Favre sneezes. Because as much as all you people claim to hate the “primadonna media whore”, you click on every goddamn story, and comment to boot.
    Personally, I have accepted Brett as my Lord and Personal Savior, he who will carry me into the promised land, otherwise known by the fabled name of “Dallas”. 64 days until the opener buddy, hope you’re feeling spry and the ankle is in good shape! =)
    Vikings 2010 motto:
    Unfinished Business

  8. I’ve been sensing a general sense of jealousy from this website all week regarding the LeBron Story. YOu guys aren’t used to this much attention being payed to another sport and it bothers you. This is the one story that is bigger than any NFL story. i bet probasketballtalk has more hits than pft this month and you guys aren’t happy about it. Of course, once this story goes away, football will be king again.
    If you want a football angle to this story, how about analyzing whether or not this Mega team in Miami will attract more players to the Fins.

  9. You don’t think espn would do the same thing if someone like Peyton Manning became a free agent? Do you not remember how they handled Brett Favre leaving Green Bay, complete with tracking his airplane on their website a couple years ago? This is the same organization that promotes televised spelling bees and hotdog eating contests, while the NFL is a league that turns the announcement of the upcoming schedule into an hour long special – despite the fact every fan already knows who every team is playing in the upcoming season.
    Trust me, if there is the slightest hint that airing such a special will be profitable, espn will broadcast it.

  10. The franchise tag does not prevent Lebron-like drama in the NFL, just like Lebron, the NFL shits on the city of Cleveland and ashames all that are from it.
    As a human being, you bring virtually nothing to the table. Your comments are inflammatory, unfunny, lacking of any great insight, and PFT would not miss one iota of your contributions if you were to walk down to the Harbor of Baltimore and tie a cinder block to your ankles. For someone who thinks Baltimore is so superior to Cleveland, you spend an awful lot of time degrading us.

  11. Time for James deep six his high school pals and get some professional help. he’s really making a complete fool of himself. by the time the show starts tonight, his decision will have been leaked and the ratings will be a disaster. i’ll find out where he’s going on the late, local news, just like anything else.

  12. LeBron-like drama? He’s still in the minor leagues when it comes to drama. It does not even compare to Favre-drama, which happens every year, and lasts longer, so I call BS on this…this…BS.

  13. LeBron James, is that you?
    I thought your post-hangin’ days were through,
    Sunk-in eyes and full of sighs,
    Tell no lies, you get wise,
    I tell you now we’re gonna pull you through,
    There’s only one thing left that we can do.

  14. Anyone else get tired of all the Florio haters on his own site? The best news is here, that’s why you come to the site. Don’t refresh your screen every 30 seconds looking for something new and then bash every story.

  15. yea, it’s great that the corporate owners in football dictate what players can and can’t do. What’s the beef with this guy seizing an opportunity to raise money for charity in the absolute deadest time in sports. It’s basically what drives the biggest hits on PFT every March when everyone’s waiting for 12:01 when the league year starts to see where the UFA’s are going.
    Good for James, and good for the NBA, which has a real credibility issue with the referee gambling fiasco and game 7 Finals farce last month. It’s called keeping your sport on the front burner, which the NFL mastered in the 90’s due to the same kind of frenzy surrounding their free agent period every year. Also, the NBA has a “franchise” tag….if an extra $30 million isn’t a “franchise” tag, I don’t know what is. Just like the NFL franchise tag, it’s up to that other team to overcome a stacked deck in favor of the home team.

  16. Franchise tag prevents LeBron-like drama in NFL but it doesnt stop the drama here on PFT!

  17. pretty sure the fact that sheer numbers (among MANY other factors) have something to do with why lebron is such a massive commodity. NFL rosters carry 53 men, while NBA rosters carry 12.

    Unless the new CBA allows the franchise tag to be applied indefinitely, it will not prevent a similar situation.
    In the absence of a new CBA, the old rules apply. In other words there would still be a draft – and a franchise tag.

  19. edgy
    I’m not even remotely close to having any idea what you’re trying to say. I made a self-deprecating joke about Cleveland and you responded by thinly-veiled references to Big Ben’s rape story. I’m at a loss.
    Did you actually read any of the story or did you just have an idea of what you were going to babble about and rush straight to the bottom of the page?

  20. I believe until 12:01 this morning, no free agent could sign. unlike the NFL, where free agency starts and signings can begin immediately. I don’t believe you can do that in the NBA. Free agency starts and you have about a week before people can sign.

  21. LeBron James, you’re my friend
    You say how and I’ll say when
    Come and meet me down the street
    Take a seat, it’s my treat
    You may not ever get this chance again
    That empty feeling’s just about to end

  22. say what you want about the NBA / LeBron james but i never see Florio saying a peep when ‘favre watch’ starts.
    who cares what james does. he is entitled to do ti if people will watch.
    best thing the nfl could do is have favre come on @ 9pm est and say he is making his announcement if he is going to play @ 915pm est lol

  23. Finally, I was waiting to see if Lebron a BASKETBALL player would make news on this site!!!
    All that is missing is someone talking how the vikings choked and lost the big game to the Super Bowl Champions, lol. Oh wait my bad.

  24. Stern wants to bring attention to his product, which is pretty piss poor.
    Remember how the DRAFT drew higher audiences than the playoff games that were running the same night?
    B-ball is falling further and further behind… poor Bird, Magic and Jordan (et al.) – look how they turned the league around, with GREAT PLAY…and look how it’s being run into the ground by these child millionaires…

  25. steely devil hab
    You nailed it. It’s all hype, the sport is so shallow and thoughtless that it’s hard to stomach watching the pro game. I used to be a diehard Browns, Cavs, and Indians fan, and now when the NFL season ended all I could bring myself to watch is hockey.

  26. @ steely devil hab I couldnt of said it betta myself..
    Plus all you NBA Fans..The teams have 12 guys 5 of which make decent money NFL has 52. 20-25 make decent money..Im not sure you can really compare money here.. NBA is so bogus though, It seems predictable, Its a Joke, And everyone is seein this circus they call NBAe.

  27. edgy,
    You must work for David Stern!
    This fool “edgy” doesn’t like it when the truth is revealed about how pathetic the NBA really is!
    BSPN always tells us that the NHL is a “niche” sport. Hell, i used to believe it because why would BSPN lie?
    Well, the NBA only has total revnue of $800 million more for the 2008-2009 season! And average attendace for the two sports is nearly equal!
    So, what is the line between a popular sport and a “niche” sport? $800 million sounds like alot of money, but consider this:
    The NFL ($6.5 billion), and MLB ($6.6 billion) are a helluva lot farther away from the NBA than the NBA is from the NHL.
    So, why is the NBA always lumped in with the two far more popular sports?
    Now, “edgy” will reply with some financial analysis supposedly from Forbes giving what each team is worth, but that is not the issue!
    The issue is that the NBA is sliding down to the NHL’s level. And, the NFL and MLB are in a different stratosphere altogether!

  28. *Total League Revenue for 2009 Season
    1. MLB ($6.6 billion)
    2. NFL ($6.5 billion)
    3. NBA ($3.2 billion)
    4. NHL ($2.4 billion)
    *Source NBC Sports “Is Baseball Dead? Don’t Believe the Myth.”
    Now, a caveat: the NFL is the richest sport. NFL teams are worth far more than MLB, NBA or NHL teams. And, MLB teams plays 10 times more games than NFL teams do!
    So, even though baseball looks like it made a smidge more money than the NFL, that also incldues minor league revenue. So NFL is still king!

  29. The NBA can’t hold the NFL’s jock!
    The NFL makes over twice what the NBA does ($6.5 billion vs $3.2 billion), despite only playing 16 games per team vs the NBA’s 82 games per team.
    Hell, the NBA can’t even hold MLB’s jock!
    But, don’t take my word for it: According to the Harris and Gallup polls the NFL is the favorite sport of 32% of all adult Americans. MLB is a distant second at 16%. NCAA Football is third at 12%. NASCAR is fourth at 10%. NBA is a lousy 5th at 6%.
    If only men were asked the NFL would be even higher up. Women like basketball more because it is a girls sport.

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