Lions cut Daniel Bullocks as purge of Millen picks continues

Another Matt Millen draft pick is on his way out of Detroit.

The Lions have released safety Daniel Bullocks, who was selected by Millen, then the team’s president, in the second round of the 2006 draft.

As the Detroit News points out, Bullocks was the only Millen pick in any draft from 2002 to 2006 who remained on the roster. That’s a five-year stretch of futility made all the more striking when you consider that the Lions were picking in the Top 10 every year.

The Detroit News story has a misleading headline, however, as Bullocks was not the last Millen pick on the roster. Millen ran the Lions’ war room in every draft from 2001 through 2008, and some of his other picks are still with the Lions.

Bullocks started 15 games in 2008 but missed all of 2009.

31 responses to “Lions cut Daniel Bullocks as purge of Millen picks continues

  1. The story was not misleading. He was the last pick from 2002-2006 on the roster just like they said.
    They didnt say anything about 2007-2008 players.

  2. Hey Citizen…
    As much as I hate the ‘ol “LOL” thing, after I read your comment, that’s exactly what I did!
    Friggin’ funny dude…

  3. Funny that you are the only one that misled anything regarding this article. The headline is that they cut Bullocks.

  4. Citizen Strange says:
    July 8, 2010 7:42 PM
    Did they sign the Sex Pistols?
    Hey, I’m at a loss with that one……anyone care to explain what that means?
    I want in on the joke!!!

  5. Nice, good he needed to go he was a bum sure he was injured but when he did play didn’t show much either, now all we have to is cut Kevin Smith, Jeff Backus, Dominic Raiola, Nick Harris, Cliff Avril, Landon Cohen, and Jared Devries, and a few other no namers, and Millen Drafted or Free agent pick ups will all be gone and out of the league and the worthless Drafts and Free agency by Matt “I Did this on Purpose” Millen

  6. Millen = Worst exec. ever in professional sports! Can’t think of another exec that did a worst job. Then gets hired as analyst by a network! Whoever hired him should be fired!

  7. I was hoping that Bullocks could get healthy and take over as the guy across from Delmas. Oh well… another failed Millen pick.
    Let’s hope that Ko Simpson can nail down that job or else it looks like 2011 will be the search for a decent safety.

  8. Bullocks? I thought that said “Buttocks.” Daniel Buttocks in the Lion’s den. Matt Millen couldn’t even get it right in Sunday School.
    And, by the way, BOLLOCKS to you Citizen Strange!

  9. Backus and Raiola are the only good Millen picks. Everything else he did turned to sh**. So he was 2-∞

  10. We haven’t seen purges like this since the days of Stalin..
    see ya’ in Siberia…Bullocks we hardly knew thee’

  11. that Calvin Johnson kid seems to be pretty good, no?
    # dewalt2990 says: July 8, 2010 9:31 PM
    Backus and Raiola are the only good Millen picks. Everything else he did turned to sh**. So he was 2-∞

  12. the point being he sucked… so he was 3 for 50+
    maybe that’s a bit more accurate. this guy has really shaved some years off my life from yelling at the TV/Ford Field. Thanks again, Matt!

  13. Raiola is an decent Millen pick not great, Backus stinks, Johnson is the only player Millen got right and he only did that because he would have been fired that day or lynched if he picked anybody else. If I ever saw Matt Millen in public I would go punch him and spit on him regardless of the consequence for the years of torture he put Lions fans through.

  14. ICEWALKER — You’re killin’ me. If you missed that joke, I’d hate to hear your record collection! Anyway, Google the Sex Pistols. Their one proper studio release is the legendary LP ‘Never Mind the *BULLOCKS*, Here’s the Sex Pistols’. Now you’re in. Now, go buy that CD!

  15. Kingmj
    Matt Millen is a very large man. He would beat you like a redheaded stepchild who stole something.
    Millen isn’t the one bumbling on the field.
    He also almost turned them around. Everyone forgets how they were 8-3 then totally collapsed. Who cares anyhow.
    The Vikings haven’t won a SuperBowl yet either.

  16. I love Matt Millen! He was AWESOME, and I wish he was still in Detroit. I’d like to have seen him stay there for another 10 years. Then again, that’s because I’m a Vikings fan.

  17. Ladies and gentleman, I do believe for the first time in recorded history we’ve found the first person to pose a defense of the Matt Millen era.
    Congratulations, Mrsteve – for boldly treading ground previously undisturbed!
    Kidding aside, I think yours is the first…we’ll call it “not anti-Millen” comment I’ve ever seen on the internet. Well played.

  18. Sex Pistols are terrible.
    You guy’s need The Replacements in your life.
    Start with “Tim,” and go backwards.
    Thank me later.

  19. ” Everyone forgets how they were 8-3″
    I remember that, that was the year the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor…….

  20. MrSteve
    The Lions never won more than 7 games in a season in Matt Millens tenure. 2007 they started 6-2 but finished 1-7, then went 0-16 the next year. SO yeah, he was real close to turning the corner.

  21. That whole family is garbage…
    Josh Bullocks was utter trash in N.O.
    Sadly enough both are better and richer than I ever was/will be.

  22. @Mrsteve
    “He almost turned them around.” Uh, do what? He “turned” them alright. He “turned” them into a national joke. I still maintain that he must have had pictures of William Clay Ford with a goat to be able to keep a job while being so obviously inept at that job.

  23. Great funny comments. I suspect Mrsteve is yanking everyone’s chain. Still don’t stop people.
    And if you don’t like the Sex Pistols then you are certainly milquetoast.

  24. sharkattack — I’m a Mpls native. The Replacements were great! Faves: ‘Bastards of Young’ and ‘Answering Machine’… But I still love the Bullocks album, as well.

  25. oh that’s right
    In 2007, the Lions began the season with a promising 6–2 record
    then collapsed

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