Marcus McNeill enjoyed the Ferguson contract very much, thank you

M. McNeill.jpgD’Brickashaw Ferguson’s got paid on Wednesday, but other left tackles around the league also had reason to smile.

Foremost among them: Chargers left tackle Marcus McNeill, who currently refuses to sign his restricted free agent tender in hopes of a long-term deal.

We’d argue Ferguson deserves more than McNeill, although they are in the same ballpark.  While the Jets left tackle’s career appears to be peaking, McNeill’s best play came as a rookie and he’s had more injury issues.  McNeill has been up and down since, but is coming off a solid 2009 campaign.

And make no mistake, McNeill’s camp watched Ferguson’s signing Wednesday with great interest.  McNeill’s agent Alvin Keels tweeted this shortly after the deal was announced:

6 years/$60 million/$35 million guaranteed for
D’Brickashaw Ferguson with 2 years left on his. Another premium deal
for a Left Tackle
,” Keels wrote.

The not-so-subtle implication: McNeill deserves a premium deal.  Ferguson’s contract won’t make that any easier for the Chargers to hand, even if they were inclined to do so.

13 responses to “Marcus McNeill enjoyed the Ferguson contract very much, thank you

  1. Premium deal for a premium left tackle.
    Not sure McNeill’s going to the HoF.
    They could probably put Flozell in there for a year and draft someone in 2011.

  2. I’m ok with the Dolts willing to alienate two of their best players. The rest of their players better be paying attention and across the league, as well. The Chargers will low-ball you and don’t even take a bend-not-break approach. AJ Smith is power-trippin’.

  3. “McNeill’s best play came as a rookie and he’s had more injury issues. McNeill has been up and down since, but is coming off a solid 2009 campaign.”
    So one has been consistnat and improved every year. while one had 1 great year, then been inconsistant and injured ever since.
    How is that in the same ball park???

  4. Joe Thomas is superior to both of these guys put together so I’m going to hate to see his extension…

  5. Yeah, I’m a Jets fan who at that draft felt the Jets should have waited and drafted Mcneil much later but, Brick was the local kid….
    But, Mcneil had health issues at draft time… If I’m a Charger fan at this point, I think I pass on giving Mcneil huge money…. Even for someone healthy like Brick it’s scary and a LOT of money…
    That said, good luck dealing with Alvin Keels.
    Also, I’m thinking the Chargers should have drafted a LT in the past draft knowing all this.

  6. MM is not a “premier” LT, and shouldn’t get the same contract.
    Injury issues and TERRIBLE run blocking.
    He protects good in pass plays, but as we move towards a more balanced offense with RM at RB that is a little less important.
    And has ANYONE commenting on this watched games where MM was out injured? Not a real difference there.
    Now I like MM more than I don’t, but he is NOT worth a $50m investment from this team. Case closed.

  7. I couldn’t agree with Empire Jones more. McNeil is not one of the top 5 LTs in the league, although based on his rookie year, he could elevate his game into that group. Nonetheless, he is yet to do that on a consistent basis and you still have to EARN your money based on your performance, not POTENTIAL. Hell, I’m POTENTIALLY awesome.

  8. You can tell Florio didn’t write this because there’s no mention of Donald Penn in order to take a shot at the Bucs.

  9. good left tackles are rare if mcneill is healthy then you have to give him a new deal l or risk having phillip rivers a sitting duck back there ,common sense move lineman and qbs should be your highest paid players

  10. AJ should just pay him whatever he wants.
    VJ, too. While we’re at it, let’s give Merriman, Floyd, and Gates whatever they’re asking, too.
    Or just release them all.
    That would be the “right” thing to do, according to our esteemed PFT editor.

  11. MM has regressed his play since his rookie year. Last year was somewhat of a bounce back only because he played so poorly in 08. In 08 he came in about 30 pounds oversweight and injured. Brick is a better player, period. MM has POTENTIAL to be the best LT in the league but he has to get his weight, back and neck under control.

  12. I’d give Marcus McNeill a long term deal before I even entertained the idea of giving Vincent Jackson a long term deal. In my opinion QB’s like Phillip Rivers can turn “no name” WR’s into studs very quickly (see: Manning w/ Garcon and Collie, Brees w/ his cast of characters, and Brady winning SB w/ mediocre no name WRs)
    AJ Smith has said all along….Antonio Gates is in line to get an extension before either McNeill or Jackson and they haven’t even begun negotiations with Gates yet.

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