Rocky McInstosh on Haynesworth: "A lot of guys are tired with the shenanigans"

R. McIntosh.jpgDan Steinberg of the Washington Post’s DC Sports Bog deserves some sort of award.

Every day, a new football personality plays whack-a-Haynesworth.  And every day, Steinberg faithfully records the quotes, adding some clever spin to keep the whole exercise from growing repetitive or tiresome.

At PFT, we have no such qualms about growing repetitive or tiresome. 

Today’s anti-Albert comments come courtesy of Redskins linebacker Rocky McIntosh on the LaVar and Dukes Show.  McIntosh referred to Haynesworth as “The one that hasn’t been around” and then was asked if the team will welcome Haynesworth back.

“It all depends on [Haynesworth’s] performance,” McIntosh said. “If he does good, I
think everything will go by smoothly. But if things don’t turn out, I
guess there’s gonna be some turmoil in there, because a lot of guys are
tired with the shenanigans that he brings along.”

It’s a great point that we haven’t heard mentioned often.  No one will give a crap about Haynesworth’s offseason transgressions if the defensive tackle plays like he’s capable of playing.  Even the media.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to pass along all this rare teammate-on-teammate crime when we see it.

19 responses to “Rocky McInstosh on Haynesworth: "A lot of guys are tired with the shenanigans"

  1. Just keep them coming guys. It’s going to continue to be boring for a few more weeks.

  2. They need to jump his fat ass when he shows up! Anyways whats the deal with the Vincent Jackson trade? Redskins, Seahawks or staying with Chargers?

  3. Fat Albert may as well take his money and retire now. Anyone who would have him is a moron. He’s never been on the field enough to justify his outrageous salary. Nor is he worth the damage he’ll do in the locker room at any price.

  4. I do like the tone taking by many of his teammates. From McIntosh to Carter to, most persuasively, Fletcher, the Redskins’ defenders are showing class and professionalism. The only exception is Hall who apparently spends too much of his offseason RSVPing to Vick parties.
    Show up and play, or shut up and stay away! Let the fat man run sprints, hit blocking sleds and cover kicks continuously for a month. He will breach his contract, play effectively or retire. Just don’t give him the release or trade he wants. Simple: play or retire. Hail!

  5. Somebody declared Shenanigans? I have to run home and get my broom!
    (someone has to know that one…)

  6. Let’s see… as a Titan, Albert Haynsworthless stomps on the face of a downed opponent (who’s helmet had come off) and he spit in a teammate’s face. What a classy guy! He also had several off-field incidents involving reckless driving. The Redskins were idiots to give him $100 mil. Not to mention his overall on-field production has only been so-so (certainly not worth what the ‘Skins are paying). I’m glad his teammates are calling him out (unfortunately, it’s obvious Albert doesn’t give a crap what they think). He’s a jackass who represents what is wrong with too many professional athletes…along with Big Ben, Mike Vick, JaMarcus Russell, and many others.

  7. klungemonger says:
    July 8, 2010 4:58 PM
    Somebody declared Shenanigans? I have to run home and get my broom!
    (someone has to know that one…)

  8. Shenanigans! They better nip this in the bud before he causes a kafuffle. Heaven knows where that might lead, may be even fisticuffs.

  9. meow listen here.
    I can’t wait, another 5 years, and the Skins will be in the running for Lebron…….

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