Twenty teams see Harvey Unga work out

Former BYU running back Harvey Unga, the all-time rushing leader in school history, worked out today in advance of next week’s supplemental draft.

We’re told that 20 teams attended the session in Utah, and that six who didn’t attend requested the video.

Whether attendance and/or interest translates into the investment of a 2011 draft pick prematurely remains to be seen.

Unga measured in at 6.011 feet, and he weighed 244 pounds.  He showed a 35-inch vertical, and a nine-foot, six-inch broad jump.  He benched-pressed 225 pounds 19 times, and he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.62 seconds.  He ran the short shuttle in 4.49 second, with a 1.64-second 10-yard split.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Unga suffered a sprained ankle two weeks ago.  Also, his son, Jackson, was born Sunday in Chicago.

Teams likely won’t be interested in factoring in those real-world complications when the supplemental draft will be conducted on July 15.  If the ankle and/or the baby affected his preparation, it means that someone likely will get Unga at a level lower than what his abilities would suggest.

Either way, his game films likely carry far-more weight than his performance in the Underwear Olympics, One-Man Summer Edition.

14 responses to “Twenty teams see Harvey Unga work out

  1. Watching his highlight reels, the guy is quick for a big back, great feet and I love how he drops his head and drives to finish runs. Somebody will go at least a 3 for him.
    Also, I didn’t see a lot of showboating after his TDs. I like him.

  2. He’ll probably go for a four, and someone will get a steal out of that. If he was actually in the regular draft, he’d probably go in the third, but remember that supplemental guys tend to go lower since they’ll cost you a roster spot immediately but, unlike your other rookies, won’t have any of the benefits of an NFL offseason program.
    Jeremy Jarmon wouldn’t have been a third round pick after all, if he played his senior year at Kentucky (and it was at least as good as his Junior Year).

  3. “EG says:
    July 8, 2010 3:08 PM
    my GOD! “underwear olympics” is still not funny”
    I second that. It’s more played out than Kevin Pollak’s impersonation of William Shatner.

  4. So can we now confirm that Unga and his girlfriend got kicked out of BYU for having premarital sex, which has long been rumored but never confirmed?

  5. His height is 6-foot, 1 and 1/8 inch. You make it look like he’s a hundredth inch over 6 feet.
    The first digit refers to the number of feet, the second and third are the number of inches, and the fourth is the number of eighths of an inch.

  6. Unga will go as a 3rd. 8-10 teams are looking for that power back as a backup. Most teams do not cut their 1-5 round picks anyway so the immediate to 53 is not a problem.
    On a side note: sarah palin will never get it, she never saw it or heard it or tasted it. Plain an simple she is not it.

  7. This guy seems to be a one back type guy. He can catch, run and pass block… not great at any, but very good at all.
    This guy seems like the type of back you could use in a lot of 3 wide sets like NE or Indy run a lot.
    I would say he goes in the 5th round to the Chargers.

  8. possible cabbage (or garbage) who cares about Jeremy Jarmon? besides skins fans and half of them probably have no idea who he is….whats your point?

  9. You guys think you know something/anything about the supplemental draft? Jared Gaither was a premium LT prospect and went late in round 5 supplemental draft to the Ravens… this guy will go round 5 or later if at all… teams do NOT knock themselves over going for a supplemental pick that will not contribute in their rookie year.
    On another note, the kid is presumably why he couldn’t hide his relationship from the BYU staff and probably how they figured out he was having premarital sex with another person.

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