Art Modell: "Nonsense" LeBron is more hated

Former Browns owner Art Modell doesn’t think he’s off the hook yet.

“Do I think LeBron James as he leaves Cleveland will become the most
hated man in Cleveland, more hated than Art Modell?” Modell told the News-Herald, showing a love of the third person much like Mr. James.  “Nonsense. Nonsense. I don’t think there’s any
basis for it

James was a free agent; Modell moved an entire team out of town.  At least he didn’t hold a one hour special on ESPN to rub it in, though.

“Too much is being made of it,” Modell said. “He’s going on network television at 9
tonight to announce what he’s going to do. Too many dramatics. I resent
the whole thing being turned into a three-ring circus.”

Still, Modell had one idea to decide the most hated man, once and for all.

“Maybe we can each take 10 foul shots,” Modell said.  “Whoever comes in second would be
the most hated. I’m being sarcastic.”

90 responses to “Art Modell: "Nonsense" LeBron is more hated

  1. The Browns are a religion in Cleveland.
    The Cavs are a hobby.
    Nobody in Cleveland will ever be as hated as Modell.

  2. Save the basketball crap for your spinoff site. We all got enough Lebron B.S. from ESPN.

  3. The only way they could have humiliated Clevelanders MORE would have been to have John Elway come out at the last minute, step in front of Jim Grey and be the one to ask LeBron who he is signing with.

  4. ESPN has sunk to a new low. Putting on that one hour special was worse than watching Geraldo open Al Capone’s vault.

  5. Ssshhhhh!! Pipe down, everyone.
    Art Modell is 85. Let him take this to the grave. LeBron won’t even be 30 before we can all let the cat out of the bag.

  6. Its nice to see Modell has a sense of humor about his status in Cleveland.
    The self-absorbed, lack of class that LeBron James has shown Cleveland and NBA fans,during this free agency period doesn’t necessarily make him the biggest A-hole in all of sports…, but it certainly doesn’t help the argument that he’s not..,

  7. This just in LeBron reportedly buying the Browns with the money the Heat are paying him and moving them to Key West! There NOW he can be the undisputed most hated man in Cleveland!

  8. Any loser that watched that 1 hour “Look at Me Special” starring idiot LeBron needs to walk into traffic. Seriously, who cares about the NBA? ESPN lost what little credibility they had left. I can’t wait for the 6 week perspective when Chris Berman decides to retire…

  9. The Lebron sideshow guarentees that BrINT will demand a 90 minute special on all networks when he retires again…. and again….and again.
    These sports figures sure have an inflated idea of who or what they are.

  10. Hated by Cleveland? Who cares, Cleveland sucks. James is probably thrilled to get out of that crappy town. No one cared about Cleveland until LeBron got there, and everyone will go back to not caring about Cleveland now that he’s gone. Plus, I love Art Modell. He’s the reason I, as a Baltimorean, get to watch Ray Lewis pummel half-backs and Ed Reed return 108 yard picks for TD’s. Hate the player Cleveland, not the game.

  11. I love Art. I do not know why the clowns are still crying about him. You still have the Browns, all the records and history intact and the rock and roll museum, Indians and cavs to cry for Argentina.
    Maybe if you did not hate everyone who leaves, not as many would try to escape. Shaq left Orlando for LA and left LA with a chance at 5 or 6 rings in a row. The NBA rosters get reshuffled a lot. The Cavs should have put a better team around LeBron over the last 7 years, because even with 1 ring he would have likley returned.

  12. hmmm… the Baltimore Cavaliers
    Has a nice ring to it
    I used to feel sorry for Browns fans… having had an opportunity to interact with many of them I no longer do – they’re getting what they deserve.

  13. I hate to agree with Modell, but he’s right … I’ll never forgive that bastard.

  14. As for Cleveland, it reminds me of a line from the waterboy, “Oh no, we suck again!”

  15. Good for you LeBron…anybody who has a pot to pee in leaves Cleveland if they can.
    Only homeless and stupid people stay.
    Now that the Cavs will be playing to an EMPTY arena the Cavs will likely move to Baltimore.
    What does Cleveland have except for stupid UNLOYAL fans…the Indians….the Brownstains…and the flats?
    Answer…THE BIG SHOW…Bwaahaahaahaahaa.

  16. And yet, all they needed to do to win a superbowl is to move to a new city. Ohhh how it must be painful to be a Browns fan.

  17. He can’t win a ring with the sorry cast of charcters he had in Cleveland. Not even Jordan could do that.
    No top player in the NBA won a ring until they had good players around them.
    All that said, who in their right mind would want to play in Cleveland. No offense to the city, but it’s damn cold there and there is nothing to do.
    Let’s see, Cleveland or Miami, NY, Chicago, LA, Portland, Utah, Dallas, Orlando, etc..
    The other places either have a great city life or a beautiful place to live. Cleveland offers nothing. Nothing but heartache and failure.

  18. Gregg: It seems to me James is going to Miami because Florida has no state income tax. Friends in Ohio tell me they pay 7% to the state and many pay a city wage tax. That means teams in any salary capped sport, with low or no state income taxes, have a competitive advantage in signing free agents. Who in their right mind would sign with LA, NY or Boston when states like TN, FL & TX let you keep more of your money? If you grossed $5 million a year and Florida took none of it while New Jersey tried to pass a millionaires’ surtax (vetoed by the govern0r with courage) would you consider going to a team in Jersey?

  19. I feel bad for any player on the Browns who wants out though. Now that LeBron isn’t around who’s friends can they beat up to force a trade?

  20. I love Art, he absolutely rules and if it were my family’s franchise I would’ve done the exact same freakin’ thing he did.
    And stick this in your crack pipe and smoke it cLEAVElanders: Art left the Mistake by the Lake and won a championship. Just think how many The King is going to win now that he’s moved on too!
    Stay classy cLEAVEland.

  21. I hate Modell and I don’t even like Cleveland. However, at least Modell is aware everyone in Ohio hates him. LeBron is just another deluded, self-important, prima donna hoops player without a clue of how much pain he’s caused tooting his own horn — I feel more pity than hate or that guy.

  22. Modell seems quite annoyed that anyone would even think that LeBron could trump himself as Cleveland’s biggest bastard.

  23. I don’t get the whole “Modell-Scapegoat” angle?
    Like the 49ers now Modell tried to get a new stadium built for 10 years or more in Cleveland & he got nothing from the city!
    What would you do as an Owner of an NFL team if you exhausted every possible solution in order to get a stadium built but ran into a brick wall?
    I’ll tell you what you would do….MOVE!
    Thank God the City of Santa Clara stepped up to the plate to keep the 49ers in the Bay Area.

  24. Cleveland didn’t give Art a new stadium. It was a business decision supported by other NFL owners. Plus the league felt so bad that they got a team right away, it worked out for everyone. Baltimore got a team after 12 years from when their team was “taken”. Art gave Cleveland a chance to build a new team with new owners, and that ownership group has done nothing but take Browns fans money season after season with no results.
    Any Cleveland fan who thinks a 25 year old guy should be “hated” for taking an opportunity to play hoops with his friends while living in Miami is just crazy. Lebron owes nothing to Cleveland. He has taken a better job opportunity. This is his job, we all look for better opportunities in the workplace. He made alot of people alot of money, and he did the same.
    Why “O” Why “O” would you ever want to live in Ohio.

  25. why would he want to stay in Cleveland when you want to take a vacation with your family do you say hey lets try Cleveland instead of Miami this year

  26. adamc0nley says:
    July 9, 2010 10:51 AM
    @ Ravenmuscle:
    Yeah, since Baltimore is such a lovely place.
    Get a life.
    Stop watching The Wire, get off your couch, and get out a little. Your ignorance to such a historic, great city just makes you look dumb and unaware. I’m sorry if your stuck in some shitty no-name town, not every city can produce the greatest Olympian of all-time.

  27. If I lived in Cleveland or the Ohio area in general, I would still hate Art Modell way more than the narcissist Lebron “The Queen” James.
    Modell, moved one of the oldest franchises out. The fact that the NFL gave Cleveland a new Browns franchise, somewhat tempers this dastardly act, but it still was messed up!
    And, who really cares about the NBA anyway?
    My NBA team, just lost their star player and I couldn’t care less! Because I quit caring about the NBA, when I turned 12.

  28. I’m a huge Browns fan and I’ll never forget how bad it was to watch football for those years without a team.
    Its a shame, Modell did just as much for the upstart NFL as Ralph Wilson and Mr Rooney. In the end, he’s only really going to be remembered as the guy that snuck the Browns out of town on a cold snowy night like a little biaaaaa..
    Anyways, I’m glad to see the old man can look back and find humor in ripping out hearts and dreams like LeBron did last night.. 16yrs later and no one has forgiven Modell. The Chosen One may want to take up permanent residency outside of Akron, my Northeast Ohio bretheren are pretty rotten people and won’t let him forget.

  29. @Handsofsweed…..
    that’s pretty damn funny. It probably would have caused a riot in Cleveland and the whole city would have been burned down but it would have been great TV.

  30. I always felt bad for Baltimore fans. And, the only good thing that moving the Browns to B-more accomplished was righting the Irsay’s wrong.
    I mean how can any Baltimore fan who remembers the Irsay betrayal mock Cleveland fans?
    No self awareness?

  31. Wow, a blast from the past…almost forgot about this classless loser that sold out to the devil and to baltiwhore
    Don’t worry Art, the people of Cleveland still hate you. You haven’t lost your title yet.

  32. We’re Cleveland and we’re losers.
    Waaaa. I want my mommy.
    Oh wait mommy left too.

  33. Stoner the city actually did offer Modell a new stadium when they were putting together the deal for The Jake and Gund Arena; he turned it down at the time. Reason being even though the stadium was city owned he owned the company that managed the stadium. He said no because he knew his gravy train as stadium mgr would end. Few years later he realized his mistake and went back to the city for a stadium. City said “to late, we’re not doing another tax for a stadium.”
    StonerLab says:
    I don’t get the whole “Modell-Scapegoat” angle?
    Like the 49ers now Modell tried to get a new stadium built for 10 years or more in Cleveland & he got nothing from the city!
    What would you do as an Owner of an NFL team if you exhausted every possible solution in order to get a stadium built but ran into a brick wall?
    I’ll tell you what you would do….MOVE!
    Thank God the City of Santa Clara stepped up to the plate to keep the 49ers in the Bay Area.

  34. Dude, I wouldn’t live in Baltimore or Cleveland!
    But, for Baltimore people to mock Cleveland is hilarious!
    You B-more people need to travel and then you might realize how silly you are to be bragging up your crappy town.
    “Well we have a harbor…and blue crabs.”

  35. dunkingonuts says:
    July 9, 2010 10:12 AM
    ESPN has sunk to a new low. Putting on that one hour special was worse than watching Geraldo open Al Capone’s vault.
    Well, they don’t call it the ENTERTAINMENT and Sports Programming Network for nothing.

  36. Michael Phelps is a tool and I’m from Baltimore. I see him driving everywhere and he has no common courtesy to even those who walk u pto him as a casual fan…
    MP does not represent Bmore well (in my huble opinion)

  37. Baltimore is the biggest trash town out there. People get a hold of yourselves, the best thing about Baltimore is that it has a major freeway to get you out of the Section 8 capital of the world.
    Are you losers still bitter about the Baltimore Colts. Look what that Colts franchise has done since leaving that dump.
    I recently went to Baltimore to see the Inner Harbor, and the best part of the trip was when I found I-95 to get the hell out of there.
    That place is truly a dump.

  38. awkward moment when lebron called his mom and delonte west answered the phone…

  39. Wah Wah Wah Wah…. LeBron left us…. sniff sniff sniff…. he betrayed us…..
    Yeah, Lebron is the diva not ESPN, the Cavs Owner, any whiny ass Clevelanders, or other idiots that think this is some kind of big deal. No one else CARES!! The guy did what he wants get over yourselves.
    If I lived in Cleveland I’d be embarrassed by all the dumbasses making like Lebron just crapped in their gas tanks and stole their puppies on the way out. How about you guys pour some of that “anger” into making a city that doesn’t suck?

  40. Its a shame, Modell did just as much for the upstart NFL as Ralph Wilson and Mr Rooney. In the end, he’s only really going to be remembered as the guy that snuck the Browns out of town on a cold snowy night like a little biaaaaa..
    really?,wheredo you get your news from…MTV,for cryin out loud he begged for years for help with a new stadium,that got him nowhere,but they did manage to build a new stadium for the indians didnt they,he did the furthest thing from sneak out,he came out and said new stadium or i gotta go,no new stadium,he did what he had to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    GO RAVENS!!!,thanks for the team art

  41. Some good posts in here today.
    First of all, you can’t disrespect Baltimore. Actually, I was a HUGE fan of “The Wire” yet again I’ve visited Baltimore several times, never went to score crack but got to see some pretty cool locations. Too bad about LeGone bailing out of Cleveland, but even the senseless and ignorant should’ve seen this coming. The Cavs did nothing to secure their spot in the world for next season (coach/GM gone and so forth) They added no one to help LeGone. So, this doesn’t surpise me a bit. At least the man is motivated to win a championship, which doesn’t say much for the rest of his former team.
    And…….even though I’m from Denver (and loved the Elway reference in a previous post) I hate the Broncos. Always have, always will!!!
    Peace out fellow babies.

  42. Modell is loved in Baltimore so who cares what the scrubs in Cleveland think .Lebron did what everyone in that town would do if they were not to stupid. LEAVE

  43. Cleveland is use to sucking at all sports, this will just set things back to normal. Gotta be the worst city to be a fan in, they get sh!t on constantly.

  44. why were people rioting in the streets in cleveland and burning jerseys??
    it’s free agency. people leave. get over it, cleveland-ites. it’s a business.

  45. “You B-more people need to travel and then you might realize how silly you are to be bragging up your crappy town.”
    I’ve lived in both cities and they both have their strong points. I’m sure you’ve been to both and aren’t just talking out of your ass. Of course, you probably live in some dump anyway…. or maybe you live in some shack in a nice city and think that makes you something.

  46. Sidney Crosby (greatest hockey player in the world) is STILL a proud member of the Pittsburgh Penguins:)

  47. The irony is that cleveland has good fans, unlike Miami fans. Talk about fair weather fans.
    I’ve lived here for 33 years and I have never seen fans this bad, but it will be good to see what the Heat can do in the next few years.

  48. Model got screwed by Cleveland.
    They build Gund arena, they build Jacobs Field, they even build the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame… and Modell was still playing in the most outdated stadium in the NFL.
    I live here in Cleveland.
    They forced him out and Al Lerner helped him move.
    Cleveland has a very distorted perspective of it’s own sports reality.
    LeBron James is just a pure punk.
    He killed his cred as he showed he was not a leader and weak.
    Kings rule.
    Wannabe’s run away and are happy to be second fiddle.

  49. who decided to interview that scumbag about this anyway? what a joke. the next time i hear art modell’s name, it better also include the cause of death.
    oh yeah, modell announced the move to baltiwhore two days before the county-wide stadium referendum in cleveland. which just goes to show that having no idea what the hell you are talking about is not an impediment for posting comments here.
    some people are so far behind in the race, they actually think they’re winning.

  50. Got a good laugh. Seems that Gilbert has dropped the price of LeBron James bobble heads to $17.31, which is the year that Benedict Arnold was born. 🙂

  51. ravensos? Nice try. But, your fantasy doesn’t match reality.
    But, the way, the Ravens suck.

  52. Ok, maybe you can’t see it as an insider so let me tell you that they have a picture of Terrell Owens instead of LeBron James. 🙂

  53. I don’t get the whole “Modell-Scapegoat” angle?
    Like the 49ers now Modell tried to get a new stadium built for 10 years or more in Cleveland & he got nothing from the city!
    What would you do as an Owner of an NFL team if you exhausted every possible solution in order to get a stadium built but ran into a brick wall?
    I’ll tell you what you would do….MOVE!
    Thank God the City of Santa Clara stepped up to the plate to keep the 49ers in the Bay Area.

  54. I’m a Browns fan.
    I don’t like the city of Cleveland.
    I lived in Canton for awhile, and was in Cleveland regularly. It’s not as bad as Cincinnati, but it’s certainly no Chicago. That being said, Baltimore is the single most disgusting city in the US. I have been many places (travel for work) and I have never been to a city as absolutely trashy as Baltimore.
    Modell is a prick who will never be in Canton. When you rip the heart’s out of some of the most loyal fans of one of the oldest franchises, you deserve to be crucified.
    I would really spit on him if I ever saw him.
    Cleveland fans of PFT, do not respond in any way to pink dick (ravensmuscle) anymore. He is actually Art Modell’s Penis.

  55. Its odd how the legacies of Art Modell and Bob Irsay intersect in Baltimore. Does that make Baltimore the most hated city in sports? The Colts were moved out of Baltimore in the dead of night before the state of Maryland could sieze the Colts by decree of eminent domain. The city of Baltimore convinced the state that the Colts ‘belonged’ to Baltimore, so Irsay had no choice but to move quickly before he lost control of his own team. The whole mess was caused by Baltimore refusing to build the Colts a new stadium, which they later did to convince Art Modell to move the Browns ( now Ravens) there. NFL cities are more realistic now about assisting its teams to stay happy and committed. The Colts and Browns weren’t the only teams to move during the 80’s and 90’s – just the most notorious.

  56. Now that they will be showering together, LeBron and his boyfriend Dwayne can finally come out of the closet.

  57. hey ravensmuscle first off i live in va but i am from ohio. when i was a baby my father abandoned me and guess where i found him 22 years later in baltimore where he was from so i attempted to reconnect with him and my family and went to visit your city and i will say i was not impressed . your city is full of trash and low lifes hookers and crack attacks and low life peices of sh$ts like my father. its funny how you guys still cry over the colts when you did the same thing to cleveland and every ravens fan and person i met from baltimore is an ahole just like you . your trashy low life city is full of hookers and strip clubs and section 8 housing. more than ohio and va the best thing like a person said is 95 so you can leave this hell hole. i am not impressed by the ravens or anyone from your city. i hate the redskins but would go to there stadium and town before i would ever go to baltimore.the best thing that could happen to baltimore is for an entire city fire or a flood wipe that sh#t hole off the map then maybe they could build a nice city on top of it. kinda sad that hbo decided to film a show there because of how ghetto and how many criminals and low life trash like you are in the city. you suck and so does baltimore and i laugh everytime you lose to the colts. and i for one would be real proud to have a murdered like ray lewis on my team not you should get mike vick to play for you guys then it would be a true representive of what the city is all about. baltimore you suck

  58. Boy I have to laugh at Batimore fans. Hypocrites to the end. They tell Browns fans that Art Modell was justified in Leaving Cleveland because he didn’t get a new stadium. In the same breath they’ll talk about how Irsay simply moved the Colts for no reason or because he was a drunk. Truth of the matter is Irsay wanted a new stadium “for years” and Baltimore ignored him. If not getting a stadium justified Modell’s move, doesn’t this mean Irsay’s move was also justified??? Now factor in the fact that the Browns were still paking in 70,000+ fans every Sunday while the Colts had the LOWEST attendance in the League. Some one please tell me exactly which owner “HAD” to move? Then they boohoo about not having football for 13 years, but let’s take a closer look at this. Colts attendance was the worse in the league, so I’m thinking all the home games were blacked out. So basicly they were not watching Colt’s football live or on TV. So exactly how did their Sundays change when the Colts left town? These guys are nothing but history revisionest and hypocrites. No wonder the NFL never gave your city another team “They knew how empty the stands would be when times got tough”.
    No wonder the Colts and Bullets left town…… We lost a player, your city lost an entire NBA team.

  59. Modell or Lebron? Pfffffffttttt !!!! The most hated man in Cleveland is Bill Belicheck.

  60. Brownsfan88- If I was your father, I’d leave you too
    Mark Ireland wants to know if your mother was a prostitute

  61. hoban24…….just to shoot down ONE of your ridiculous arguments and 2nd grade line of thinking. Indy directly wooed the Colts away…..Baltimore did NOT ever do such a thing. The package the city put together to get a team originally was targeted for expansion. In fact, the Saints were ready to move the team in ’84 but the city said, no, we are not going to “steal” a team, we will wait for expansion. When Balt got screwed numerous times AND the fact that they had THE best package out there, they would move forward with any team looking to move (just as TN and ST. Louis did). The blame should lie 1) With the moronic city of Cleveland and 2) With the NFL. The NFL was stupid enough to think that these bid packages from the losing cities would just go away…..they did not. Every city with a submission got a team one way or the other. Shows how incompetant the NFL is. If they had expanded by 4 to begin with, they wouldn’t have caused the mess.

  62. democrats are stupid. my father was a lowlife from baltimore kinda like you. my mom is a very good mom who takes care of the ederly. she is not a prostitute unlike your mom who i have paid a couple times for sex . she is really good by the way. we should do a dna test i might be your father but who knows i think there is over 500 guys who could be you dad. and you can eat Sh^t i am tired of ravens muscle always running his mouth about the browns. and you defending the sh%t hole called baltimore is beyond me have you ever been there and see how many losers and lowlifes and section 8 housing is there. go heard pull for your little ravens only homos where purple. and i will continue to cheer everytime the real baltimore team ie the colts beat you.

  63. browns(stain)fans88 – only a true moron Brownstain fan such as yourself would condemn Baltimore.while defending Cleveland (LOL)……at least home prices there are rising and at least they have a true NFL caliber team…and, you might want to go back and get your middle school diploma. Then, you might know the proper usage of where vs wear! LMAO

  64. I knew when I clicked on the link there would be comments about my City(Baltimore).I love my city but hate the Ravens.I do admit that there are a few bright spots here.The Wire is what goes on in every Urban community regardless of the city.Guns in schools,corrupt goverment.The maker was even from Baltimore who had the inside story on what they didn’t want us to see.And Cleveland…lmao.That city is worst involveing crime and gangs.As for Ravens fan here.Most don’t even live in the CITY.But in the suburbs as I can tell.But Ravens fans are assholes so some of you are stateing truth.Now on the subject…Modells Browns have more history and had to leave to win a ring…Lebron will win one in Miami soon.I hat the NBA.

  65. Ray Ray is soft says:
    July 12, 2010 1:34 PM
    find the tallest building,close your eyes,and jump,douchebag

  66. golongboyee said: “hoban24…….jus t to shoot down ONE of your ridiculous arguments and 2nd grade line of thinking. Indy directly wooed the Colts away…..Baltimore did NOT ever do such a thing.”
    Ah, that was cute golongboyee. Nice insults, but next time try to stay on task. Now exactly which one of my arguments where you trying to Shoot down??? I didn’t make one statement about any cities “wooing” anyone’s team (weird). That must have been something you just wanted to get off your chest. My point was about the owners reasons for moving and Baltimore’s hypocricy. Did Irsay, or did Irsay not, ask Baltimore for a new stadium? Did Irsay, or did Irsay not, get said stadium? Did Colts fans or did Colts fans not stop attending home games? The fact that you ignored the topic I raised, and went off on some unrelated tangent, proves my point. Baltimore fans like you don’t want to face your calpability in the Colts leaving town.
    By the By, Modell was offered part of the Gateway project (that built venues for the Cavs and Indians), and HE TURNED IT DOWN. Modell was offered 175 mill to refurbish the old stadium and HE WALKED AWAY FROM IT. Now exactly where in those FACTS did the City of Cleveland ignore Modell. No history revision here.
    I see you want to place the blame every where but your city. How about the blame starting with the (as you put it) “moronic” city of Baltimore. How about if Baltimore would have taken care of it’s buisness withs the Colts first. I know Iknow…..Baltimore is guilt free in every thing.
    Yep, I sure am the typical Browns fan “telling the truth about Modell”.

  67. golongboyee ok so i misspelled something i was typing fast. and you can just go f yourself you can take your white trash town and every section 8 house and stick up your a$$ . you and the town of baltimore are just trash. and hey moron you get highschool diploma not a middle school diploma a$$hole . oh remind me how many times have the ravens beat the colts to go to the superbowl ummmm lets see 0

  68. brownsfans88 – it is really sad you have to use someone ELSES team to try and trash someone! LOL……but given your pathetic town’s team, I guess you have no other choice.
    Bottom line, it took Balt 4 years to take a broken-down pathetic piece of crap team with no cap room to a SB champ with the best defense in the history of the NFL. If I were a Brownstain fan, I guess I would be disgruntled, jealous, and overall pissed as well. It’s ok little boy! LOL

  69. hoban24 – if you knew what you were talking about, you might warrant a response. Let me make it clear, NO, there is NO hypocrisy (might want to learn about spell check moron!)
    When Irsay was looking to move, it was a different landscape, different time. Teams didn’t move back then. When the Browns left, teams were moving left and right. Again, different times, diff situation. Cleveland SHOULD have recognized this, especially given the “open” expansion bids still on the table. Balt fans boycotted games because the product was terrible. One cannot begrudge anyone for that.
    I didn’t ignore your topic, I elaborated on it.
    Just a quick piece of advice, if you going to argue a broad point using a piece of information, you might want to allow somone to rebut using OTHER information. You don’t create the rules moron. But, not surprising considering you are too stupid even to argue a simple point.

  70. I have to tell you golongboyee, I’m a little dizzy after reading all that spin. Before I get back to the topic at hand, 2 things 1) What’s up with all the name calling that you do? Kind of childish don’t you think? 2) Thanks for correcting my spelling. Hang around there will probably be more mistakes in this post.
    Now back to your spin. It’s obvious that you’re going to avoid the topic of Irsay’s request for a stadium and Baltimore ignoring him. Like I said, Modell was offered a stadium and restoration funding for the old stadium and walked away from both with 3 years left on his least. At least we tried to work with the old fool. On the other hand, Irsay got the middle finger from Baltimore (and its fans) but at least he waited until his lease was up. Now which one of those statements is untrue???
    You stated “When Irsay was looking to move, it was a different landscape, different time. Teams didn’t move back then.” Teams didn’t move back then????? Well that’s BS. Al Davis moved the Raiders just 2 years earlier. Wow, you were actually trying to pass that crap off as a legit reason for Irsay to stay in a beat up stadium lined with empty seats??…. hilarious….LOL. Al Davis set the modern day precedence for teams moving from city to city and Irsay followed. Your argument doesn’t hold water.
    The things you so wrongfully hold against Cleveland, are the very reasons the Colts left Baltimore. (Hypocrisy) Bitching and moaning about your team moving to another city for 13 years and then happily taking a team from another (Hypocrisy). Baltimore should be a shamed of its self for doing to Cleveland what was done them, and then dragging Cleveland’s name through the mud. Sleazy……………..
    Different Landscape…….Different time….. LOL!!!!!

  71. golongboyee = total homo LMAO. your a loser and i am tired of you and ravensmuscle always bashing the browns . the ravens you stole from cleveland. but you cry still for the colts. and yet you feel the need to bash my team after doing to us what was done to you. look i been to baltimore i know people from baltimore and i am not impressed. a trashy town full of nothing but sh$t . you guys where so dumb to give all the money the team made to the owner because you were so desperate to steal a team from someone. so you won one superbowl but how many times have you been back since 0 how many times have you beat the colts to go 0 and dont forget you havent always beat the browns since we came back you have lost to us and you will again soon.

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