Agent says Harvey Unga "absolutely" will get drafted

Some in league circles believe that Thursday’s supplemental draft will progress through all seven rounds without former BYU running back Harvey Unga being selected.

His agent displays slightly more optimism.

Absolutely, he will get drafted somewhere,” Eric Metz told Jay Drew of the Salt Lake Tribune.  “It is just a matter of where,
and what team.  I think more than what round, you just hope it is a good

“You don’t want him going to the wrong team, where it is not going to fit
well,” said Metz, who learned about Unga from another client, former BYU quarterback Max Hall.  “So, we have been really encouraged that 26 teams have contacted us
and have done extensive research on him.  He has met with
some General Managers, some player personnel directors face to face.  Everybody says the same thing about the film. . . .  But I guess we will know
a lot more a week from now.”

Metz wouldn’t identify the round in which Unga will be drafted.  “Nobody has a crystal ball in this,” Metz said.  “Nobody can predict the
future, and as you see, he is a great young man who has handled a
difficult situation very well.  So I think that bodes well for how he
will handle any adversity he suffers in his pro career.”

Unga, the all-time leading rusher in BYU history, left school with a year of eligibility remaining due to an honor code violation that most college kids with the ability to commit would commit.  Every night.

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  1. Would an agent say anything else?
    He’s trying to create a competition for his services, thus upping the round in which a team might put in a supplemental draft pick in for him, while upping Unga’s contract, and the agents payday.

  2. I wonder if Mormons even have to wear their magic underwear for football. I’d imagine it restricts movement.

  3. If all the other schools applied those rules, the teams would all be filled out with math majors, male cheerleaders and Tim Tebow…..

  4. His honor code “violation” was having premarital sex and getting his girlfriend pregnant. Seriously.

  5. Of course his agent is saying this. If his agent were to come out and say he had no chance of being drafted my response would be “it’s time to get a new agent”.
    One question. If a player makes himself available for a supplimental draft and is not taken, can he then sign with any team? If so, wouldn’t it be better for Unga not to be drafted so he can then sign with this unknown team that is the ‘right fit’?

  6. I don’t understand way people KEEP bagging on the honor code and the religion. Having attended BYU, I would agree many aspects of the honor code are ridiculous. The fact of the matter is he agreed to live by it while attending college there. He could have played at other schools, but he didn’t.
    There are many schools in the nation with similar honor codes, GET OVER IT!

  7. No character concerns with this kid. He is so mature his teammates call him Unga Harvey.

  8. Didn’t the guy get booted for banging his girlfriend? Obviously he knew the rules, but c’mon, find me one college kid who wouldn’t do it.
    Also, Mormons are silly. Magic underwear, etc.

  9. He became a father last week, so he AND his girlfriend got the boot from BYU. Hope he goes in the 5th or 6th round and gets a decent signing bonus to jumpstart his new family life.

  10. @ Charisma
    The only real religion is the Church of the Giant Spaghetti Monster, all others are false and you know it.

  11. Two things here. I hope Harvey gets drafted in the earlier rounds. He has the tools to do well as a RB. The other thing is that Unga CHOSE to live the honor code. It wasn’t forced on him. It wasn’t something he didn’t know about. He also was not booted from the school. He went to the school on his own to tell them he broke the rule. (What?! An athlete taking responsibility without the cops or a judge making him?! Another reason this guy should be drafted. Stand up guy.
    So according to most of the posters on here, college kids are nothing more than animals. They have no self control or standards. Hell, its amazing that every college athlete doesn’t end up raping, stealing, and abusing everything and anything. I mean, they have no control right? How dare a person pretend to stand up for something that they believe in. As a Mormon, I am well aware of “reality” as people put it. I just hope that when my daughter goes to college in the “reality” she isn’t opening her legs to anything that walks by. I am guessing it cool for the rest of the posters on her. I mean they wouldn’t be here if their moms hadn’t just spread ’em and said…its just reality of things…

  12. @ Colts18
    Not all of us. I would guess that relative to other religions and others, Mormons are about average in the ratio of Out of Touch to In Touch.

  13. @ itsmillertime
    Your arrogance is astounding, and your talent for drama is unsurpassed.

  14. God forbid this discussion could possibly be about Harvey Unga the player.
    Seriously, if you guys want to bash religions, there are forums for that…go there. Don’t bring all that crap, it just makes all of you seem small, ignorant, and hateful. If you don’t have a problem being perceived that way…then I don’t have anything left to say to you.
    Florio, I’m also disappointed in you. Not only do you keep bringing up the reason why he was booted, but you also edited the last paragraph recently aiming for a cheap laugh…you’re egging these morons on…keep spreading hatred if that’s all you care about.
    Now, Harvey Unga the player, good luck, I hope you get drafted by a team that needs you, and who will use you properly. Congrats on the birth of your newborn son!

  15. Florio, do you have to flame the trolls on your site that hate everything???
    I am waiting for your next story criticizing fat people. If only you could flame the troll rage about the economy, liberty, socialism, etc. You know, things that actually matter in life today.
    Apparently, talking about a college running back has to turn into criticizing a private school for having an honor code? If it was drugs or theft or violence that he was kicked out for, would your trolls be ignorantly slandering Mormons for their “magic underwear?”
    Grow up people.

  16. # snake11s says:
    Again, has anyone in the supplemental draft had an NFL impact?
    You might want to back WAY off on that statement. The supplemental draft brought the NFL a TON of USFL talent like Steve Young, Reggie White, Herschel Walker, etc. Several HOF players came out of the ’80s supplement draft.

  17. it’s stain resistant
    it gives me super powers
    magic underwear
    great style and comfort
    no chastity belt for me
    secret space age cloth
    my boys have a nest
    a superhero stronghold
    we will rule the world

  18. Jamal Williams was taken in the supplemental draft by the Chargers. He was a monster for the Bolts.

  19. sixfootsunday says:
    July 10, 2010 3:54 PM
    I don’t understand way people KEEP bagging on the honor code and the religion. Having attended BYU, I would agree many aspects of the honor code are ridiculous. The fact of the matter is he agreed to live by it while attending college there. He could have played at other schools, but he didn’t.
    There are many schools in the nation with similar honor codes, GET OVER IT!
    Yeah, and they’re all jokes

  20. PurpleNGold you are a classless idiot!
    Grow up or wait till Florio starts

  21. I think Unga showed significant honor is going to the school and owning up to his “indiscretion”. The fact that he is still with the girlfriend, they kept the baby, and there are no indications that he is going to bail illustrate that his ethical code is far more well developed than any simple code that one adheres to blindly. There are plenty of laws both religious and civil that people “agree” to but ignore every day. Speeding limits? How about the Book of Levticus? Seriously, if you think Unga is not an “honorable” individual then your moral compass is way off.

  22. Harvey Unga is a real good football player. But it is tough to get drafted in the supplemental draft. Teams do not embellish relinquishing high draft picks in the following years’ draft for a player in July. Many times the NFL teams do not have a thorough enough evaluation on the player. Take for example 6’9″/340 Left OT Jared Gaither from Maryland who came into the supplemental draft in July 12 2007. With his upside and potential as a hard to find left tackle, he could have been a top 50 prospect in the 2008 draft. Instead he went to the Ravens in the 5th round of this draft and started immediately for the retired Jonathan Ogden. The Ravens only sacrificed a 5th rounder in the 2008 draft of which in past draft history only 33% of 5th rounders make it in the NFL. It was a great option for the Ravens. Unga and DT Josh Brent from Illinois also entered the supplemental draft. 2 players defintely to evaluate on this week.

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