Pete Carroll pushes a new book, too

Typically, the last days of the offseason entail the arrival of new books written by key figures from the most recent Super Bowl-winning team.  It’s one of the primary spoils of climbing to the top of the mountain, assuming that it sells.  Publishers are willing to pay men like Sean Payton and Drew Brees to write (often with the help of, you know, a writer) about their lives or their philosophies or whatever else they choose to fill the pages.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has never won a Super Bowl, and his collection of crystal footballs suddenly show deep cracks.  But that hasn’t stopped him from returning to the NFL with a book of his own.

We’ve received several e-mails from the folks marketing the book, offering a free review copy of Win Forever.

Recalling the words of former Seahawks coach Jim Mora, I’ve told them that I’ll wait for the paperback version, but only if the title is Cheat Forever.

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  1. Wow Carroll wrote a book and it wasn’t titled “Pumped And Jacked!” ?

  2. I’d expect more of a how to book out of him. A good title would be, How to Cheat and then Ditch Your School without Consequences.

  3. Has to get that book out the door now due to the upcoming nosedive with the Seahawks.

  4. How many sheep really follow this guy? We will see how his win forever works now that the field is much more even. Pete stinks like a politician the more I look at him.

  5. I saw a sign advertising his appears at a book store here in LA…
    I can’t imagine that’s going to end well.

  6. I’m waiting for Mora’s book to come out.. “You can’t win without Dirtbags.”

  7. Rouge Program? Nobody cares about how you put on makeup, jimmy_b.
    I’d read this. Pete Carroll is an interesting guy. I saw his 60 minutes interview where they talked about the outreach work he did in south central – in places that most of the self-righteous retards that hate on him for doing things every programs does would wet themselves at.
    I’m a Notre Dame fan by the way, and have had my share of laughs at SC’s misfortune, but treating Carroll like he’s some kind of villain is retarded and childish.

  8. This was a shortened version of the original proposed titles “Win Forever: As Long As You Don’t Count The NFL”, “Win Forever By Cheating” and “Win Forever: Lie Even Longer”.

  9. Since Carroll cheated at USC and cheated on his wife and still managed to be holier than thou, the book should be titled “Peter Is A Peter”.

  10. Pete should grant Florio an interview. Once Saban and Mangini did it, he started kissing their asses like they were dipped in Hine Ward’s sweat.

  11. You all realize your beloved Reggie bush was just as if not more responsible for the mess at USC than Pete Carroll. Anyways who cares? This pretty much happens at every school in our land. This $h!t even happens in high school. It will be interesting to see the response Fter the hawks play the super saints this year, hell I bet florio will even write An article about it.

  12. Carroll has won only one crystal football. That hardly constitutes a collection.

  13. If it’s a real turkey, they may decide to skip paperback and go straight to serializing it in a magazine.

  14. He couldn’t use that title How to Develop a Rouge Program”? because Barry Switzer already used it.

  15. I’m far from a Pete Carroll fan. But seriously, Mike Florio is losing credibility with every unfounded accusation he posts.
    If he has any admiration for any division I coach in the NCAA, then he admires a cheater, assuming that what makes one a cheater is when his players illegally accept money from agents or friends, on their own.
    Reggie Bush is a big boy, and was a big boy at USC. He made a decision to take money. If that makes his coach a cheater, then there are few, if any, who could be considered above reproach in this regard.
    Pete ditching out on SC is a different and separate issue. It’s one that I don’t think too fondly of either. How that equates to him being a cheater, I don’t know. Feelings hurt? Sure. Bitterness from SC fans and students? Sure. But a cheater?
    The way he talks is enough to drive me crazy. The Hollywood shenanigans make me want to barf. But I can’t call a guy a cheater when a player made a decision on his own. Read the findings of the NCAA. The report on the SC issue. How many times do they link anything to Carroll? Anyone want to take a guess?

  16. @derek stephens:
    If you think the NCAA findings are right you are an obvious idiot. PC and his staff should have seen what was going on immediately.
    BTW: He did and they did and just turned their heads.
    He is nothing more than a joke anymore.

  17. Crystal footballS??? No! Carroll has A crystal football.
    ONE title, not multiple ones (and no, the AP gift doesn’t count for sh*t).
    The only schools to have crystal footballS is LSU and FL – Carroll coached neither.

  18. @AllThat:
    no, dummy. I don’t think the NCAA findings are right. Which is why they have no business punishing the school. They’ve got nothing. As badly as they clearly wanted to find something, they couldn’t come up with jack, except what Reggie admitted to. My point is, if that’s all it takes to nail a program, they can all be found guilty.
    But thanks for your two cents though, genius boy.

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