Shiancoe makes push to see Westbrook in purple

After posting a couple of tweets over the past few days regarding the fact that he’s working out with free-agent running back Brian Westbrook, Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe made his first public pitch for his team to offer a contract to the former Eagles former do-it-all weapon.

“We work out five days a week, and I know he [definitely] has it in him,”
Shiancoe said Friday in a chat on, per Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.  “He’s indicated to me this is the first time he’s been
able to workout at 100 percent without having to worry about previous
injuries.  He’s working hard, and it looks like he’s in camp shape.  His
route running would [definitely] help our offense.”

But there are reasons for Westbrook’s ongoing availability.  Presumably, he wants more money than anyone has been willing to offer.  Also, he has a knee that folks in Philly think won’t make it through a full season, and his struggles with concussions last year make it harder for any team to trust that he’ll be available on a consistent basis.

We think teams like the Redskins and Broncos expressed interest in Westbrook during offseason workouts in order to light a fire under the running backs already in the fold.  It remains to be seen whether anyone takes a shot at a guy who arguably has taken too many shots to too many body parts over the course of his NFL career.

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  1. Welcome to VST, Visanthe Shiancoe talk. I’m your host, Mike Florio. And now, the rest of the non-story…….

  2. So right now at RB the Vikings have Peterson, Gerhart, Reynaud, Moats, Young, and Johnson…ENOUGH.

  3. If he’s able to pass a physical, he would be an asset to teams like the vikings, packers, chargers etc., teams that could use a change of pace rb who is an excellent pass catcher and blocker. Someone will get a steal with Westie, again if he passes a physical. He is considerably better than LT at this stage. Westie hasn’t lost any speed etc., his problems are just the injuries whereas LT doesn’t have the speed and has never been known as a power back.

  4. DarthGable says:
    July 10, 2010 10:46 PM
    He’s no Chester Taylor.
    No lie. Chester had great skills for third down. Westbrook is not what he was, he took a lot more hits in his career I think. Chester spent more time as a backup, and that’s a good thing. He’s going to be good for the Bears.
    BW, the concussions, that’s a long shot.

  5. I’d love to see him have a shot at a Super Bowl season in what would likely be his last in the league. But guys like this are really flirting with long term disaster from the multiple concussions. Any doctor may clear him now, but more and more we’re finding out that players with a similar history can develop chronic and serious brain issues later in life, long after they’ve been ‘cleared’ to return to the field. I almost think the guy should hang it up. He’s had a nice career.

  6. If he can pass a physical and be able to perform great! Even better if he can help improve AP to hang on to the ball and add leadership into the locker room.

  7. When are the Vikes going to sign Lamont Jordan and Dominic Rhodes so they can have 8 medicore RB’s on their roster?

  8. Real Vikings fans — Ian Johnson hasn’t done a thing in Minnesota yet. If they brought in Westbrook, Johnson would almost certainly be released. Moats is no guarantee, eithe. Peterson, Gerhart, and Westbrook? I can live with that.

  9. its interesting…. if its money that keeps him unemployed this year its westbrooks loss… if he really wants to play he should consider lower his expectations financially. but im sure any contract given him would have an injury clause to protect a teams interest.

  10. I think he would be a great fit. He still has the moves to scramble all the way down the field after a short throw. I think he would be a great fit. The thing you have to consider, one more concussion and he is out for good.

  11. Since concussions, knee problems, and advanced age are all desired traits in a “change of pace” back.

  12. Thats right “Go Pack” go get your ass handed to you again and again. I see Karen Rogers leading you to a fourth place finish.

  13. Westbrook has a very limited time to win a Superbowl so I will assume that he has no interest in playing all season just to see his dream go up in smoke by a QB that throws untimely INT’s and a fellow running back who fumbles in the big games.
    Not to mention a coach that can’t stop counting at 11.

  14. “He’s working hard, and it looks like he’s in camp shape”
    So what? Who needs to be in camp shape? Camp is overrated, everybody knows that. Viking fans prefer their players to be more like themselves….out-of-shape, arrogant, huge superiority complexes, and delusional. How else could you survive in a place that gives you Jesse Ventura and Stuart Smalley? Oh I know….you can call Packer fans fat! That helps the locals feel better about themselves, somewhat like cat-fighting high-school girls, (as though Minnesota and Wisconsin weren’t nearly identical in every way imaginable.)

  15. hey, can you blame Shiancoe for wanting a RB that can actually hold on to the ball? now the vikes just need a QB that can make make it to training camp so he will not end every season with a stupid interception.

  16. I can’t believe no one has sat this guy(Westbrook) down and said “It’s time to hang it up”
    The NFL shouldn’t even allow people who have had multiple concussions to suit up anymore. They’re always talking about safety and the need to learn more about brain injuries, yet here’s this situation in which a guy who was knocked the F out a few times last season being encouraged to come back and play. Whether a team takes a chance on him is obviously unknown, but I have the feeling that they’re taking a ‘wait and see’ approach until someone goes down in camp.
    Don’t be stupid, Brian. You have nothing left to prove

  17. OK nards, I will throw you a nugget of true football for I am more knowledgeable than Yoda. If Westbrook had ANYTHING to add to the Vikings Chilly would have scooped him up by now. Chilly knows what we don’t so let’s drop this Westbrook nonsense. Excuse me while I get back to my church service now jerkoffs…
    bluestree-Did the misses walk a lil funny after her Pervinoscopy???

  18. How many RB’s do you need?
    Moats and Young will fight for the backup spot, with Gerhart getting carries at both HB and FB.
    With the possibility of carrying 4 QBs and a fistful of DBs, I doubt they bring in another RB to the roster.

  19. Ambrose says: (as though Minnesota and Wisconsin weren’t nearly identical in every way imaginable.)
    Keep telling yourself that Ambrosy Palm…. if it keeps you from closing the garage door with the car on….

  20. With the multiple concussions I fail to see any team at the moment giving him a shot. An injury or two during camp or maybe a porous start by a RB early in the season might be the best shot for Westbrook. Plus I do believe the Vikings depth chart for RB goes:
    1. Adrian Peterson, 2. Toby Gerhart, 3. Albert Young. Vikings fans should be pleased with that list.

  21. The Packer fans prayer…
    Lord, I suck.
    I am a total idiot.
    Thanks for loving me in spite of myself.
    Please lift me up and let me dwell in Your presence.
    Thank You that I am in good company, as some of those disciples sure seemed to suffer from similar dumb-ness that I do.

  22. pervy harvin says:
    July 11, 2010 10:37 AM
    “Excuse me while I get back to my church service and jerkoff…”
    Excerpt from the new Mitch Album book “Sundays With Pervy”.

  23. LOL@the “Karen Rogers” line. That’s funny. I don’t care who you are.
    Vikings without Favre? They’ll still be a tough team but not good enough to get to the NFC Championship game.
    I hope the old man comes back, just because it makes the NFL even better.

  24. @ bluestree
    Try to edit your responses of unnecessary material before attempting
    to impress us with your insight. The evidence that you are a
    nincompoop will still be available to readers, but they will be able
    to access it ever so much more rapidly. If cluelessness were crude
    oil, your scalp would be crawling with caribou.

  25. @ bluestree-May you choke on the queasy, convulsing nausea of your own trite, foolish opinions. You are weary, stale, flat and unprofitable. You are grimy, squalid, nasty and profane. You are foul and disgusting. You’re a fool, an ignoramus.A football wanna be blogger.a Packer doucher .Monkeys look down on you. Even sheep won’t have sex with you. Have a great day!

  26. # pervy harvin says: July 11, 2010 11:26 AM
    Ambrose says: (as though Minnesota and Wisconsin weren’t nearly identical in every way imaginable.)
    ——————– ——————– ———-
    Keep telling yourself that Ambrose…. if it keeps you from closing the garage door with the car on….
    I was born and raised in Minnesota and know it better than most, and I continue to go back to see friends and family several times per year. My preference for residence is Wisconsin (and I could live anywhere), and not only because the people are real and don’t care what others from elsewhere think. It is primarily because of the arrogant douchebags like yourself living in Minnesota that seem to think they are from Denver or Seattle or some other “exotic” locale, but they aren’t. Minnesota is a mirror image of just about anywhere else in the upper Midwest. They just THINK they are above it all. And the only reason you lash out with your idiotic, juvenile, and uninspired insults (boring as sin,) is because (wait for it…this is a FOOTBALL site,) your pro football team cannot come close to measuring up against the Packers and your are so jealous it makes you ill. You cannot stop ranting about irrelevant subjects because that is all the ammunition you have….like a little kid. You and the other members of your mutual admiration society are pathetic losers and the only way you an accept yourself is to send out anonymous insults. Get a life.

  27. @ Ambrosy Palm-Do you really expect your delusional and incoherent ramblings to be
    read? Everyone plonked you long ago. Do you fantasize that your
    tantrums and conniption fits could possibly be worth the $0.000000001
    worth of electricity used to send them? Your life is one big
    W.O.M.B.A.T. and your future doesn’t look promising either. We need to
    trace your bloodline and terminate all siblings and cousins in order
    to cleanse humanity of your polluted genes. The good news is that no
    normal human would ever mate with you, so we won’t have to go into the
    sewers in search of your git. Say hi to the misses…

  28. “Westbrook has a very limited time to win a Superbowl so I will assume that he has no interest in playing all season just to see his dream go up in smoke by a QB that throws untimely INT’s and a fellow running back who fumbles in the big games. ”
    I guess he won’t be coming to GB then either.

  29. pervy harvin says: July 11, 2010 2:56 PM
    Do you really expect your delusional and incoherent ramblings to be read?
    Do you mean as they were by you? Yes. You are a sucker for attention and self-promotion…anonymously of course. In real life, you have painted a picture for us of who you are, very clearly; an uneducated closet queen that that has stumbled on a football blog while searching for purple accessories. You sir are irrelevant except in your own mind. Any defense of yourself will prove my point.

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