Bodden benefited from betting on himself

Although a lot of players whose contracts expired this offseason are finding that free agency in an uncapped year isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, Patriots cornerback Leigh Bodden is one of those who benefited from being a free agent this year.

Bodden, who got $10 million guaranteed to sign with the Patriots in March, says he bet on himself and won when he decided in 2009 to turn down long-term contract offers and sign a one-year deal with New England that would make him a free agent again in 2010.

I’ve been taking a gamble on myself for a long time now, and I just believe in myself, no matter who believes in me,” Bodden told the Boston Globe. “[Taking the one-year deal] was the thing that I felt I needed to do and would put my faith in God and let him handle it.

“Everybody talked about, ‘What if you get hurt?’ I don’t worry about that. I just try to go out there and perform the way I perform and let everything else play out.”

Bodden, who signed with the Patriots in 2009 after he was released by the Lions, figured that he would have a good 2009 in New England and make more money in 2010. The contract he signed to stay with the Patriots validated that decision.

“It feels good that the team wanted me and felt like I was part of the team, and that’s pretty much what I strive for,” Bodden said. “It’s not about the money, but the commitment of the team wanting me to be here. So that was really good to see that the Patriots stepped up and wanted me to be here.”

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  1. And he and his agent played Houston like a fiddle.
    But in hindsight I think Houston may be better off with rookie first rounder Kareem Jackson in their secondary instead of a good but not great – and now overpaid – Bodden.

  2. “I signed with a team which I know has a secondary which sucks and signs anybody with two legs to contracts … like Duane Starks, Shawn Springs …”
    eye roll. limited risk. Pats CBs stink.

  3. Collusion? Bodden colluded with Kraft that if he earned it, he get a long term deal. The Kraft’s don’t pay, the Pats are cheap. Yeah, earning a contract, now that’s radical! ( Meanwhile the best CB in the Universe is not getting paid. Revis Island is broke!) There’s just no Justice!
    Yeah, the cheap Pats only paid they’re own this year! Wilfork, Bodden, Neal, Faulk, TBC and Gostkowski. Brady and Mankins are in the last year of their deal as was all of the above except Gostkowski. (RFA) The UFA’s were reasonable contracts, kinda like Bodden got last year! Holt, D. Lewis, D. Patton and G. Warren.
    Whatever you think of the Patriot model, it works. No sexy signings ie..A. Thomas( who is a big dissapointment. )No Peppers, LT, Karlos Dansby, Brandon Marshall types. Boring, cheap and overall not exiting, but very effective!
    Better to have a happy middle class than a couple of allstars who upset the Team’s payscales. I do believe they’ll pay Brady! Not until Manning sets the Market with the Colts. I think Tom knows it too! They have to keep each other honest because Tom is a player Rep. and can’t seem eager to take a contract the Union may believe is underwhelming…or the collusion word will come up again! Maybe the disconnect word too!

  4. Such is the state of my alma mater’s Atlantic 10 hoops program that the only Duquesne Duke I know still playing in the bigs anywhere is Leigh Bodden in football, several rungs below NCAA DI. Way to go Leigh. Art Rooney Field on The Bluff must seem like a lifetime ago.

  5. Bodden was a solid second tier corner last year. It’ll be interesting to see how well he can do if the Patriots can get some kind of a pass rush going this year. They certainly had none last year so pretty much every play this guy made was on his own or with the help of The (Multi-INT) Sanchize.

  6. He’s a good guy who had an unfortunate injury in Cleveland. Props to him for fighting through it all.

  7. How did this get past the PFT editors?
    There’s a standing rule not to report about players that WANT to play for the Patriots and acknowledge the organization stepping up to the plate and showing appreciation for their performance.
    Michael David Smith is risking getting fired over this story.

  8. an underrated player and a stand up guy…glad to see #23 still with the flyin elvis on his helmet
    “I love rumor, facts can be so misleading…where rumors true or false are often revealing”

  9. Sadly, he’s the best CB on the Patriots team. They were basically forced to give him what he wanted because there were no other options on the team and quite frankly, none in FA.
    In a few years though, the Patriots DBs could be top 5 in the NFL with the way they are investing into them.

  10. I fell in love with the way LB played when he was in Cleveland. I was really excited when he came to the Pats. I wouldn’t say “sadly” POtL…while it’s true that their DBs haven’t been the greatest in a while, I think Bodden could have started on their teams with even a good secondary like 03-04 IMO opposite Law. Man I would have loved to see those two lined up @ RCB (LB) & LCB (TL) in those years. Tyrone Poole was a waste. And when Law went down partway through 04, I would have much rather had a guy like LB still in there than anyone else they had at the time. Someone solid,smart and physical like LB on the opposite side makes having a no tackling gambler like Samuel much easier to cover for and easier to deal with his non physicality at the position.

  11. @ afiresnake
    The Pats defensive passer rating was 81. That placed them 13th. Just behind the Colts and 2 spots better than the Steelers. They were more mediocre than stinking. So that makes your assessment that of an ignoramus.
    The Lions rating was at 107. That made every opposing QB look like a top 5 passer. Now that’s stinking. But the Loins have some hope now that the nitwit is gone.

  12. The Patriot secondary was good last year, but not great. This year, barring injuries, it should be excellent. This guy is good, we have some excellent developing players, and then this year’s first rounder, who should be able to start at nickel at least this year, and maybe more. I have watched the Patriots develop the secondary over the past few years, and it is forming up to be a top three unit soon.
    I am surprised Florio is not screaming for an investigation though, after Bodden has formally admitted to “betting” on himself. Why is he not crying for the league to investigate whether or not this violates the NFL gambling policy? It has as much validity as his statement that BB denied Brady’s injuries last year. Just a simple twist of the man’s language and whala!

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