Gone fishin' (for a few hours)

GoneFishing.jpgWith less than two weeks to go until training camps begin to open throughout the league, Rosenthal and I are taking advantage of a deep bench to get in some fishing today.

He’s at his parents’ house in Martha’s Vineyard (it remains to be seen whether they deem him old enough to use his own pole) and I’m heading back to the Buckhannon River.

Last Sunday, I pulled a dozen bass out of the hole, including the beauty pictured to the right.

This week, I probably won’t get a bite.

In the interim, enjoy the football stylings of Silva and MDS.  (I also may fire up the Sprint mobile hot spot for a story or two, if/when the fish aren’t biting, and Rosenthal could be making an appearance after he scoops a goldfish or two out of the bowl, which likely will be the closest he comes to actually catching a fish today.)

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  1. Nice. Good sized Bass for that neck of the woods.
    You should go fishing in Florida or Texas if you want big Bass.

  2. And here come all the d-bags that point out that this is ProFootballTalk.com and not TMZ, or whatever reason they give that shows they have plenty of spare time to type in pointed comments.
    I’m taking the day off too. Peace.

  3. “it remains to be seen whether they deem him old enough to use his own pole”
    Well, I’m sure if he’s not old enough to use his own, he can use your pole, Mike.

  4. “it remains to be seen whether they deem him old enough to use his own pole”
    What’s the over/under on the amount of penis jokes?

  5. Since Rosenthal’s wife hasn’t deemed him old enough to use his own pole yet, I really doubt the old folks will consider it.

  6. @robert ethen … lol if Florio has a 19 1/2 inch hand… I KNOW he would have chose a different line of work!!!! BIG 19 1/2 inch Mike Florio HawgN’em OUT!!!!

  7. @dldove77 … I suggest EVERYONE squeeze the POISON out @ least 3 times a day!
    Just think of the money it would have saved: Roethlisberger, LT & Brandon Underwood … just to name a few!!!

  8. Florio:
    I just sent you a photo of a 20-pound king salmon caught in the Klamath River Thursday night. If you want to do some real stream fishing, come West.

  9. You guys should go on vacation more often… MDS & Silva rock!!!
    Just Saying.
    Have fun Florio & Gregg! 🙂

  10. That photo is the worse example of photography I have ever seen.
    How the hell took that picture? Florio, Florio Jr? or Greg?
    Look at thickness of the rod, compared to the Bass? Is that your hand in the top right hand corner.
    This is a joke right. That fish has to be 5 inches long?
    Even “Survivor Man” would throw that back, and eat the bait to survive his 7th day.

  11. Poor little defenseless creature.
    “I’m just going out for a bite to eat dear, back in a flash. Love you. You too, kids!”.

  12. Speaking of fish –
    I heard from a guy who heard from a guy that Dolphins LB Channing Crowder was out for the season –
    Just run with it – I’m sure its good!

  13. Agreed, when you’re REALLY ready to do some serious fishing…. come out West and have some fun.
    http://w ww.johndayriverfishi ng.com/index.htm

    Cool. I’m heading up to Ashland this weekend. When I have time to get further into Oregon I’ll check you out.

  14. “He’s at his parents’ house in Martha’s Vineyard.” ON Martha’s Vineyard.. it’s an island not the name of a town.
    And if you really want to do some serious fishing then hit his family up for the place in the middle of September and compete in the Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby. Those minnows you are pulling from that lake are bait for striped bass or blues.

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