Union still not convinced about HGH testing

We noted yesterday that while the NFL was touting a “breakthrough” test for human growth hormone, the players’ union hadn’t commented on it.

Now the union has commented — sort of — and has indicated that it remains unconvinced.

NFL Players Association President Kevin Mawae told the Associated Press that the union is aware of new tests, including a blood test that could detect HGH for up to 14 days. But Mawae reiterated that the union isn’t convinced that there’s a reliable test currently available.

The brief Associated Press article doesn’t offer any direct quotes from Mawae, and it’s not clear whether the union is open to at least learning more about the new test that will be available soon. But the article does suggest that blood-based HGH testing (which the owners want and the players don’t want) is going to be a contentious issue in the league’s ongoing negotiations with the players.

13 responses to “Union still not convinced about HGH testing

  1. Sounds like another one of those idiot tests. Test for something on a specified date that can only detect the substance up to 14-30 days before.

  2. Ofcourse their not ” convinced” …they don’t want half of their players they represent suspended for four games as soon as the testing starts…

  3. NFL needs to test for it or a lot of players will start using it, if they aren’t already.

  4. You bet Mawae is “aware of the test”. He lies awake at night fearing the knock on the door.
    “Gimme a couple weeks to think it over”.

  5. Who cares if they use it? It speeds recovery…which is what we want. Your superstar gets hurts, you don’t want him on the field? I do. They are entertainers, not role models.

  6. Not to be confused with Human Growth Harmony as dispensed by Deepak Chopra. But at least this stuff works and is less expensive.

  7. The day that HGH testing is implemented is the day that Favre retires for good. He wouldn’t want his not-so-secret secret to be front page news for the general public.

  8. The union isn’t convinced? hardly a surprise. They are still unconvinced about whether or not they should wake up tomorrow, lest it give the NFL some unseen advantage in negotiations.

  9. bonafide says:
    July 11, 2010 5:42 PM
    NFL needs to test for it or a lot of players will start using it, if they aren’t already.
    So what? HGH, when used properly, is a substance that slows aging and assists in injury recovery with no more substantial negative side effects than any other prescription drug.
    Have you heard the commercials for any other prescription drugs lately? The listing of the side effects is longer than the sales pitch.
    And it has done nothing but help the NFL. It would help the league keep its marquee names in the game longer (here’s looking at you, #4) and shorten the time they are off the field for injuries.
    Sounds like a win-win to me. Of course, in our puritanical, ignorance driven society, why let a little logic get in the way of some good old fashioned hysteria.

  10. HGH doesn’t just cause your muscles to grow and recover quickly and heal injuries. It also changes your bone structure. If you have bone density problems this can be beneficial under strict supervision of a doctor.
    But if you are 100% healthy male taking HGH, not only will your muscles grow, your bone structure will start changing.
    Those of you saying HGH use has ‘no substantial negative side effects than any other prescription drug’ need to do some research instead of just talking out of your ass.
    You have an internet available to you. Use it:
    Search for:
    high blood pressure
    abnormal bone and cartilage growth
    chronic joint pain and swelling
    Short term use of HGH to correct a hormonal imbalance must still be done under strict supervision of a doctor.
    Taking this stuff on your own for protracted periods when you are 100% healthy just to get an unfair edge on the competition on the playing field is not only epic stupidity of monumental proportions, it’s against the law, and against the rules.
    Years long use of this stuff will noticeably change your bone structure to the point you can’t hide it.
    Do an internet search and study Sylvester Stallone’s face circa 1977, when he was in his early 30’s and his facial bone structure was set. Then compare it to a picture taken in the last year or so. He’s been using HGH since at least 1997. His forehead is now wider and bulging, his eyebrow ridge is much more pronounced, his cheeks bones are spread even wider apart, but it’s not as noticeable because his jaw line and chin are now much, much wider than they used to be.
    We’re not talking about guys taking this stuff to get over injuries. It’s about 100% healthy guys taking it to get an unfair advantage on the playing field, either against teammates competing for the same roster spot or against players on other teams in the games.

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