C.J. Spiller "not going to rush" to sign contract before camp

Bills rookie running back C.J. Spiller says he’s not in a hurry to get his contract signed, even if that means he won’t be there on the first day of training camp.

“I let my agent handle all of that,” Spiller told Clifton Brown of Sporting News. “We’re not going to rush. We’re going to make sure we cross our T’s and dot our I’s, however long the process takes. I just have to be patient.”

Spiller says that if he does hold out, his veteran teammates won’t begrudge the decision.

“I can’t get antsy about the situation,” Spiller said. “I’ve talked to a lot of veteran guys. My teammates aren’t concerned about me holding out. They know that I want to be there, but at the end of the day it’s a business. You have to do what’s best for your family. It was good to get that support from veteran guys already — before negotiations have heated up.”

So if Spiller thinks the contract offer he gets from the Bills isn’t what’s best for his family, he’s ready to hold out until the offer he gets is what’s best for his family.

Maybe those comments will make the Bills rush to give Spiller the offer he wants.

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  1. Spiller’s lucky that he has come along while there is still negotiating for rookie’s.
    His comments speak even louder to the need to put a rookie pay scale in place.
    The man has never carried or caught a ball in the NFL.

  2. Oh Christ. The Bills couldnt even sign Maybin on time last year. Yea the same Maybin that rode the bench 90% of the year. Now we have a guy that may actually make a difference this year but the bills are known for being cheap……. Seeya around week 4-5 CJ.
    F Ralph Wilson.

  3. Ya because the multi-million dollar contract they offer that isn’t the one he hoped for won’t be good for his family. I mean comon, his family’s gotta eat.

  4. Ok so this is my first post and i just wanted to say i hope the NFL gets a rookie pay scale going. Nothing annoys me more about the players than guys who have done NOTHING holding out. Whats ever happened to earning your keep. I do like spiller and hope he does well.

  5. On my lunch break, I am going to go tell my boss that $22.00 an hour is not whats best for family.

  6. the NFL needs to do something about rookie contracts. SPILLER hasnt even played a down in the nfl yet and he is gonna make more than fred JACKSON is making and F-JAX rush for 1,000 yards last year.

  7. Those Veterans should have told him that it isn’t the teammates who he should be worried about. Holding out may seem like a good idea to other overpaid football players, but the people who actually pay your salary (the fans) can’t stand it when players get greedy at the expense of training and production.
    Maybe I missed one or two, but I thought that no first rounders had signed yet. It’s not a big deal right now, but if Spiller likes this site and reads the comments; he should know that the fans are the ones who don’t appreciate the holdouts.
    He was the first runningback selected, he’s going to get a great offer, don’t get greedy and the people will love you for it. The real money comes after you get an extension because your value to the team has been proven with a couple productive seasons.
    Jamarcus Russel is a lingering joke in the NFL community because he was overpaid and couldn’t meet expectations. Spiller should take an offer that is consistent with last years 1st overall runningback and be happy.

  8. The new CBA better include a rookie pay scale…..this chit is so old! It only makes sense that a player should have to show what he can do on the field with other pros before he is paid the big bucks.

  9. How stupid is this guy, of course vets don’t want you there, less competition you dumba$$. Stay home as much as you want lol. The current 3rd string RB is probably your biggest supporter, hahaha.

  10. I’m not saying I agree with Spiller’s comments, but look at it from the end of the player.
    I might hold out for a few weeks if I don’t have any prospects for making this kind of money past age 28 or 29.
    Something to think about.

  11. See Brady Quinn about what happens when you hold out crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s. Players need to realize who is in control when it comes to their contracts. It isn’t their agents. THE PLAYER is in control. Tell your agent that if I am not in by the start of camp “WATERBOY! YOU’RE FIRED!!!” I guarantee a deal will get done.

  12. Hold the F up. This site tore Tyson Alualu a new one for his statements, but they went kid gloves on Spiller. Why?

  13. bills9951 says:
    “bills are known for being cheap……. Seeya around week 4-5 CJ.”
    11th in payroll last year–way to check your facts.

  14. In the past, I’ve thought rookies holding out was a bad idea for all of the reasons mentioned above. However, there are other issues to consider from the players’ perspective…1) the NFL career of a running back is MUCH shorter than players at other positions (especially if they’re running behind a crappy line, have a mediocre quarterback, and average to below average receivers- like the Bills do). 2) there are several examples of players who seriously out- performed their rookie contracts (Chris Johnson & DeSean Jackson come to mind). 3) with so much uncertainty (and so little progress) in labor talks between the owners and players union, i’d want to get as much money as possible while I could. 4) a rookie holdout by a runningback isn’t the same as a quarterback or receiver holding out. Traditionally, runningbacks have a much easier time transitioning to the NFL than other skill positions. All that being said, I don’t think Spiller has much leverage…the Bills have Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch.

  15. A rookie pay scale with a max three year contract is the answer, with the money previously given to rookies earmarked for veterans, perhaps a limted number of salary cap exceptions allowed for medium-salaried 7+ year veterans.
    Rookies: Prove yourself and you will get paid, three years down the road.
    A rookie scale with the current long-term contracts makes no sense. Guys have to get theirs now becauase they won’t get to any second contract.

  16. Which all makes sense since Spiller came out of college with a reputation of a guy who jukes and jives, backtracks, strings it out and tries to turn the corner. Rather than a guy who rushes head first into the line.

  17. Benrapistberger and the rest of u haters:
    yeah he shld just take whatever the bills throw in his face cash wise right?? shoot,i only make 70 G a year so he shld be happy with that since i am able 2 feed my family and be happy right? only makes sense i suppose!! IDIOTS!!!

  18. Spiller seems prefectly reasonable in wanting to get paid as much as possible.
    Reality is that he doesn’t play for a very good team. He is one missed block away from getting knocked out for the season. He’ll shortly be putting his career in the hands of a new coaching staff and a group of guys that could be on another team’s second string.
    If you’re a RB and you get injured during your first contract, good luck getting an extension worth your talent (see Ronnie Brown). And if you don’t get injured, you’re already “old” by the time your first deal is up.
    The wisest thing Spiller can do financially is to get as much as he can right now. That may not be popular with the fans, but the NFL isn’t fair, and he’s got to get paid while he can.

  19. So, after he cleans up with his signing bonus, and contract, is he going to begin calling himself “Cash Janitor”?

  20. The Bills have like… a top 10 payroll. CJ Spiller will get paid but I’m really getting sick of this rookie pay scale. Someone please put these rookies in check, please!

  21. With the first pick in the 2011 draft, the Bills select…
    With the first pick in the 2012 draft, the Bills select…
    With the first pick in the 2013 draft, the Bills select…

  22. if you think nfl players are going to make 200,000 dollars a year playing the most popular sport in america you have another thing comming,a rookie scale is no guarantee to happen it may but its not a guarantee to happen

  23. if you think nfl players are going to make 200,000 dollars a year playing the most popular sport in america you have another thing comming,a rookie scale is no guarantee to happen it may but its not a guarantee to happen

  24. if you think nfl players are going to make 200,000 dollars a year playing the most popular sport in america you have another thing comming,a rookie scale is no guarantee to happen it may but its not a guarantee to happen

  25. @aligreene,
    There’s this new thing called punctuation. Look into it. Not to mention spelling, sanity, etc..

  26. @aligreene,
    in addition to punctuation, you may want to come to some sort of “point” or “coherent thought” in your post.
    Especially if you hit send three times.
    Especially if you hit send three times.
    Especially if you hit send three times.

  27. I read an article in a season preview magazine once that was opposed to a rookie pay scale. I don’t remember which one (I usually end up with all of them,) but it made a hell of a lot of sense. It actually made me thinktheir shouldn’t be a rookie pay scale.
    That was last year, and I can’t remember for the life of me what its point was so back to getting these rookies in check.

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