Hall of Fame recognizes Chris Berman with Rozelle Award

ESPN’s Chris Berman will be honored with this year’s Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award from the Pro Football Hall of Fame, recognizing “exceptional contributions” to television in pro football.

I embraced pro football a long time ago,” Berman said in the Hall of Fame’s announcement. “I’m honored and humbled beyond belief, that pro football in turn, has embraced me.”

Berman will receive the award on Friday, August 6 at the Enshrinees Dinner. The next day, the Class of 2010 (Russ Grimm, Rickey Jackson, Dick LeBeau, Floyd Little, John Randle, Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith) will be inducted.

Past recipients of the Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award include Ed Sabol, Pat Summerall, Frank Gifford, Jack Buck, Dick Enberg, John Madden, Myron Cope, Lesley Visser and Dan Dierdorf.

The 2010 season will be Berman’s 25th as host of Sunday NFL Countdown.

54 responses to “Hall of Fame recognizes Chris Berman with Rozelle Award

  1. just what this fat blowhard needs, outside recognition. the only thing more expansive than his waistline is his ego.

  2. You guys are hours late with this story. And, with all the time that you had as a result, how come you didn’t think up any good jabs to take on Sundy NFL Countown, or ESPN in general? I already heard about the story and was instead hoping for some slam time when I clicked on the link.

  3. Speech:
    Thank you so much for giving me the Pete “Kiss From a” Rozelle Award. It’s an honor to join a prestigious group of honorees such as Pat “500 Days of” Summerall and Myron Cope “A Cabana”.

  4. I like Chris Berman! Matter of fact anyone that doesn’t like Chris automatically goes to I love Mike Vick status! Chris is everything American!

  5. Berman’s act wore thin about 15 years ago. If you keep him on the side of the screen and have him direct traffic, he’s okay.
    Anything more and he starts to become the story. He can’t help himself. It’s who he is.
    And don’t let him anywhere near a baseball booth.

  6. That video where hes trying to get that woman to come over and drink a glass of wine is the creepiest thing ive ever seen/heard.
    P.S. Mel Gibson is incredible.

  7. You don’t put Air Coryell in but this jerk. Well, thank you. “Pain Killer addiction required for admission” … somewhere, Sean Payton is smiling.

  8. I like Berman but ol’ boy has gotten a little thick.. Didn’t I see him in a Weight Watchers commercial awhile back? He’s really not a great spokesman right now for anything other then Chipolte, Pizza Hut, Coca-Cola, Snickers, McDonalds and any brand of butter or cookie product..

  9. If you were to make a list of the recipients and have a poll of who didn’t fit in it, I would bet that his name would be at the top and by a wide margin. My God, I know that they have run out of more talented people so I’m guessing that this has something to do with Goodell and ESPN.

  10. wow nittany. grudge much? Berman brings so much to the table, and if you would get past your phobia of people larger than you, then maybe you would realize that. Without Berman, Sunday Night Football would seriously be a joke.

  11. With all the talk of “embracing”, Commissioner Roger Goodell has delegated the task of presenting the award to the corpulant, heavily perspiring broadcaster to an executive assistant. The presenter will be determined once all straws have been drawn fairly.

  12. Dan Deirdorf? He’s still wiping his chin from the 90’s fluff job he did every game for the cowboys

  13. Cosell at the end was unbearably bad….and I liked him a lot. Summeral a shell of his old self. I have no problem with this as a lifetime achievement award but Berman seems a caricature of himself.
    When an athlete can’t perform, he’s done. When an announcer loses skills, they hang on.

  14. He was once original and entertaining.
    And then the Body Snatchers left a pod in his back yard!

  15. While I can only take Berman in small doses now, there was a day when he was far different from every talking head out there. And for that you have to give him credit – he reported and entertained.
    That being said, how the hell did Lesley Visser get this award??

  16. If only British Petroleum could cap and harness all the gas escaping into the envirnoment from Berman. Ugh!

  17. I know I ripped announcers losing their fast ball when they get up there in years but Dick Enberg (I had to look it up; he’s 75) still has the chops.

  18. Berman is the WORST nowadays! I don’t care if that puts me into Mike Vick status with Exit Zero above. The guy can’t reference anything after 1978 and it’s getting severely played out. He doesn’t even offer insight into the actual game, he just goes “WHOOOP!” when someone breaks a long gainer. BFD!!! I could do that!
    He’s more schtick than substance, and the schtick sucks nowadays.
    I wonder if he was inducted for his ‘I thought I was off-air’ f-bomb tirade during a commercial break a while back that shows the kind of guy he really is… perhaps it was for the “Leather Pants” story… Hmmm… This guy is a back scratch away from Marv Albert creepiness.

  19. dont understand why everyone is hating on Chris Berman. id rather watch him than read the posts of the people who never met the guy, obviously dont know how to change the channel and never contributed anything to the NFL beyond being a viewer in their mothers basement, or the trailer you live in. Its not his fault hes better than you and has been on TV for 25+ years.

  20. Berman will not accept the award unless the presenter is a young blonde wearing all leather.

  21. Berman used to be entertaining and original, and he does deserve a little recognition, but I have to agree with Bigrig. His act has worn thin, and it’s about time for him to move on. He can no longer rescue ESPN’s bias pathetic coverage of the NFL.

  22. Chris Berman is so played out that it’s not even funny to talk about how played out he is anymore. He’s kind of like CSI Miami. A bunch of idiots still like him, and he’s going to keep coming on TV and sucking until everyone forgets he’s there. And by the time he’s gone, no one will care.

  23. Chris(The fastest 3 minutes in football) Berman deservedly so… he gets it done…What no Brent Musburger on that list!?…The N.F.L Today show was the best in his day behind the desk…

    Based on your grammar you must be a neighbor of ours in the trailer park.
    Hey, announcers are high paid operatives, not unlike players, and they are judged on what they do today.
    Berman is only bearable on football…or baseball…but he was atrocious in the U.S. Open. And the deferential treatment the other announcers give him, it’s like he’s the man behind the curtain in the “Wizard Of Oz.” That’s the part that’s really annoying.
    He’s now his own persona. He’s not an announcer. He’s Mount Rushmore with a microphone.

  25. Afterwards he will expostulate and reminisce on his career, downstairs in the ROTUNDA.

  26. So if Berman gets the award can they make him retire?
    Lesley Visser? wtf?
    Jack Buck was terrible. In the locker room after the Cowboys lost in the Super Bowl he asked Landry “Well Coach, what went wrong?” Pithy.

  27. To paraphrase Groucho-
    “Any award that went to Dan Dierdorf and Chris Berman is not one I want to be a part of”

  28. Maybe this will finally provide enough hot air to explode his already massively inflated head.

  29. This is a joke right? Berman has become such a worthless parody of himself, way worse than Madden was at his lowest. It’s so painful to watch him read a list of names and have to come up with these awful puns because that’s his schtick and that’s what he has to do. It’s one thing when you’re a younger broadcaster doing something different, but when you’ve become the establishment pig and your schtick has become the very definition of formulaic, you just suck.

  30. “I was interviewing George Halas and I asked him who is the greatest running back he ever saw. He said, ‘That would be Red Grange.’ And I asked him if Grange was playing today, how many yards do you think he’d gain. And he said, ‘About 750, maybe 800 yards.’ And I said, ‘Well, 800 yards is just okay.’ He sat up in his chair and he said, ‘Son, you must remember one thing. Red Grange is 75 years old.'”
    – Chris Berman on ESPN Classic’s SportsCentury series.

  31. I feel uncomfortable using someone as esteemed as Frank Deford and a useless blowhard like Berman in the same sentence.

  32. How can anyone give an award to that belligerent piece of crap?
    He…May…Go…All…The…Way – what a buffoon. I laugh in pity for him every time I heard him say that.

  33. The NFL Network is head an shoulders above ESPNs NFL Crew.. Berman is just lame at this point, Tom Jackson jsut grunts (And I lost all respect when he called Keyshawn retarded on air), Emmitt Smith (Finally gone), Chris Carter is lamer than Keyshawn and just a wierd dude, Keyshawn is terrible and was not good enough as a player to warrant his exposure, Steve Young’s concussions have apparently impacted his speech patterns, Merril Hoge is a creepy narssicist (sic), and Mike Shlereth should not be reviewing games, oh yeah Mort and Schefter are both unnecessary…
    Trent Dilfer’s aight..and Mike Ditka is much like Tom Jackson and just grunts and reverts back to examples from 1985, the one year his teams was dominant (cause’ of Buddy Ryan)

  34. Swami has been hittin’ the cheese salami, better start sucking those weight loss lollipops!

  35. So being around for a long time is reason now to get into the HOF or receive an award? Berman sucks. Even a retarded child could offer greater intellect on the subject of football, or anything for that matter.

  36. Chris’s new line on Jeremy Green after the elementary school practice…..
    “he’s huffing and snorting and could go all the way”
    Go Chris! Go to jail Jeremy you worthless jerk!

  37. So being a total jerk, making annoying high-pitched sounds, and picking the Eagles to win the super bowl every year gets you a HOF award?

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